Peep Show - Khurram Lawrence Street Portrait Photography

Street Struck: Photographer Captured Expressive & Perfectly Timed Street Photographs

MPH always strive to find and present the splendid work of artists from different genre and in our pursuit of presenting something different this time, we searched for street photography, which involves capturing everyday life events happening in their natural zone and depicting the emotions involved in them.

In our endeavor of searching budding talent in this field we came across the work of Khuram Lawrence a U.A.E based photographer, and to showcase his work on MPH we contacted him. Khuram showed magnanimous gesture toward our request and provided us with his magnificent photographs to feature on MPH. We are very grateful to him for enlightening us with all sorts of information about himself and his work.

About Photographer

~ Khuram Lawrence

Portrait - Street Photography by Khuram Lawrence
Khuram is a U.A.E. based photographer and he is passionate about Street Photography, Candid Street Portraiture, Documentary-style People Photography, and to specially mention he loves photographing stray cats which were also a long-running project of him.

His current gear is a Canon EOS 600D T3i entry-level DSLR camera, equipped with a Canon EF 50mm F1.8 II lens.

Khuram used to do all his post-processing work on RawTherapee for processing RAW files, and GIMP – GNU Image Manipulation Program.

Showcasing some of the Street Photographs by Khuram

01. Peep Show

The beauty of women is the most adorned and admired asset of them, by men. After a long hectic schedule of work and responsibility in a secluded street, this man is having a leisure time by having a hideous sneak peek at the beauty of a model displayed in an advertisement hoarding. No blame to this man after all beautiful women have a history to attract great emperors and also was a reason for war too, remember Helen of Troy “the face which launched a thousand ships”. The photographer at perfect time and place clicked this beauty struck guy in his camera to give evidence that men are always head over heels in front of alluring aura of a woman.
Peep Show - Khuram Lawrence Street Portrait Photography

02. Typing, Typecasting

Streets of any city give a whole glimpse of the lifestyle of people residing there. In one look you get a brilliant slideshow of the vast array of “this and that” happening on these lanes and alleys. This picture captured the striking contradiction of different cultures and religions of this world in one click. It depicts the defying thoughts of two culture beautifully, where one side of the picture is showing independent women with a right to choose her attire and one showed women clad in Burkha’s who might be independent in every aspect but their feet are still tied with thin chain of religion that restricts their choice of apparel.
Typing Typecasting - Khuram Lawrence Street Portrait Photography

03. Daddy Won’t Budge

A common act that is exhibited by parents on lanes of a market is, to drag their kids out of the fascinating shops. This random shot clicked by the photographer on a busy street here displayed the failed attempt of a father to resist his child from getting attracted to the glittering items of a shop and willful act of his kid to persuade his father to visit that zone of wonder.
Daddy Won't Budge - Khuram Lawrence Street Portrait Photography

04. Cardboard Overload

Life provides umpteen number of opportunities to learn and grow every day and the whole concept of life and living can be intercepted by a glimpse of this unpremeditated snap, that shows an imbalanced cycle that was encumbered by card-boards. The picture effortlessly depicts that equilibrium in every aspect of life is very essential. In a situation of an overburden of one aspect, the balance of life gets affected.
Cardboard Overload - Khuram Lawrence Street Portrait Photography

05. Buddies

Friendship is the most desirable and precious fortune of one’s life and this photograph which was clicked randomly on a busy market area marvelously captured the friendly gesture of two buddies who were lost in their own world. This picture beautifully expresses how much fun it can be to wander purposelessly anywhere when you have a pal by your side to accompany you.
Buddies - Khuram Lawrence Street Portrait Photography

06. Boyhood

This is what childhood is all about when you have no worries and stress and you are like a free bird with no aim to chase and no rules to follow. This perfect shot by the photographer framed one such kiddo act of a boy who was lost in his rotational play with a pole. It showed that a child doesn’t need a perfect place or a perfect toy to play but they can play with almost anything.
Boyhood - Khuram Lawrence Street Portrait Photography

07. Dumpster-side Fruit Seller

This portrayal of a fruit seller and his small shop in a secluded corner of a market with dumpster nearby shows that poverty leaves a person with no choice and for a poor guy like him appropriateness of place of work does not matter when it comes to earning money for fulfilling the need of his family. It shows how the need to make money by selling his fruits made this fruit seller to ignore easily the presence of trashcan by his side.
Dumpster side Fruit Seller - Khuram Lawrence Street Portrait Photography

08. Hooks and Hangers

You cannot imagine a market without the presence of hailing voices of hawkers who attracts you and convince you for buying their stuff. This boy carrying loads of clothes for sale is having a break time from displaying his items and making people buy them. In this free time, he managed to get ready (with the entire cleanup) to present himself in front of his next customer.
Hooks and Hangers - Khuram Lawrence Street Portrait Photography

09. Laborer’s Paradise

A small halt from a long day of work is vital to rejuvenate your mind and body and when you have a peaceful mind everything becomes perfect. This laborer is having a cup of tea which is a very ordinary thing in everyone’s daily routine but the thing that makes it more than ordinary is his peaceful look and mind that makes the place special with seagulls to complete the frame perfectly.
Laborer's Paradise - Khuram Lawrence Street Portrait Photography

10. Out To Play

Colors add beauty to life and the mixture of vibrant colors with each complementing other added aura to this shot. The perfect timing of photographer captured simultaneously many things that perfectly relate to each other. The swagger of the guy is best described by the quote “Out to play” which was written on the T-shirt of a kid passing by his side.
Out To Play - Khuram Lawrence Street Portrait Photography

11. Reach

Sometimes our eyes can be deceptive as what we see can be a mere illusion created by things placed together. This smart click has succeeded in creating one such magnificent illusion where the first glimpse at the picture gives an idea that the mannequin is alive and is attempting to attract a man lost in window shopping, with her charm and to make him look at her.
Reach - Khuram Lawrence Street Portrait Photography

12. Aaaaaaa!

Hunger turns a cub into a hunting lion. It is very hard to keep aside the demand of a hunger wrenched stomach and when you have delicious food in front of you it becomes impossibly irresistible to control yourself. Synchronization of the hungry expression of this advertisement boy with the real food in front of the poster is conveying the same message that no matter what “Hunger Rules Everywhere”.
Aaaaaaa! - Khuram Lawrence Street Portrait Photography

13. Mono No Aware

When you are alone inside and your days are blue than it doesn’t really matter whether you sit in a secluded place or you are surrounded by the crowd you will still feel solitary, and this portrayal of an isolated man illustrates well that how one can feel loneliness amidst a vast gathering of people. These feelings of being alone are hard to abolish until you try to revive your joy.
Mono No Aware - Khuram Lawrence Street Portrait Photography

14. Pinky Promise

The thing that differentiates human beings from other species is their feelings and their expression of love for each other. No big things are required to show your affection but only tiny gestures of care fill life with happiness and these two men are captured while sharing one such emotion of support and care toward each other and it shows that they share a pious bond that is held by their interlaced fingers.
Pinky Promise - Khuram Lawrence Street Portrait Photography

15. Back Crack

It is usually said that taking responsibility for something is not an easy task and this man is setting a live example of it. He as a responsible person went out of his home to buy all the household stuff and managed to do so, but with a backache as a return gift. His moment of agony was well showcased in the picture with shopping bags beside him speaking of his bad day story.
Back Crack - Khuram Lawrence Street Portrait Photography

16. Extreme Facial

Great minds at work can be seen in every corner of this world and you do not have to search for them. This can be an ordinary picture for some but it shows the innovative act of the restaurant guy who is not just pouring hot water over cylinder because he is insane but is doing so to check the amount of gas available in the respective cylinder for running his restaurant.
Extreme Facial - Khuram Lawrence Street Portrait Photography

17. Waiting For Maghrib

With the dusky atmosphere and only a few minutes to go for sunset these ferrymen left their work and bring their ferries to shore. These ferrymen are waiting for the Maghrib prayer call to converse with the eternal high power that will bless them with peace of mind and soothe their soul but till that time they are killing the time by relaxing.
Waiting for Maghrib - Khuram Lawrence Street Portrait Photography

18. What The.. Gimme That Damn iPhone

This parade girl is filled with so much of zeal and is so drenched in her celebration that she became a reason for astonishment for the passerby women. A splendid mixture of emotions is displayed by these two women where one is on cloud nine with a broad smile, while the other one is so bewildered by the enthusiasm of the parade girl that only her amazing eyes are enough to reveal her height of wonderment.
Gimme That Damn iPhone - Khuram Lawrence Street Portrait Photography

19. Gloriole

The cleaner was indulged in his work of keeping the streets and pavements clean as it requires really immense efforts to keep something well-kempt. The little things surrounding this man have made him look so extraordinary on his ordinary day. With the street lights at play and water splash reflecting it, this guy surely has a reason to smile after seeing this photograph.
Gloriole - Khuram Lawrence Street Portrait Photography

20. The Yellows

There is no end to the curiosity of a child and this kid is showing one such eagerness to explore the world. He left the fun of his bicycle ride in order to satisfy his curiosity to peep into the trash boxes and seek their possibility of becoming his next toy for play. These boxes can be a waste for someone but here for this boy, they are a reason for joy.
The Yellows - Khuram Lawrence Street Portrait Photography

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MPH wholeheartedly wishes for him a lot many blessings and opportunities to showcase his talent and wish him success in each and every endeavor. We hope that he will keep on progressing in the field and will continuously be an inspiration for people who love photography.


  • Adriana

    “Typing, Typecasting” depicts 2 completely different philosophies of the modern world. Thanks for sharing. Have a lovely weekend. Adriana.

    • Prad

      Thanks Patrick for your comment.

      You are right. Khuram is a photographer who translated different emotions and colors of streets so nicely into those photographs. We always attempt to discover and showcase such great artists.

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