Become A Contributor

Hey thanks for taking the time to take a glimpse of this session we really appreciate that. Let’s get straight to the point on how you can contribute to our site.

Here are the guidelines to become the contributor:

A) For Writer and Storytellers

By submitting an article or your experience related to photography. Precisely we would love to see an article related to portrait photography, but you can also submit articles on other genre keeping photography in mind. Send us the title of your topic and an excerpt of the article to see if it’s good enough for our site.

Hint: Camera & Equipment Reviews, tips, tutorials, DIYs, Post processing techniques, documentaries etc.


  1. All the article submitted to us should be of 500+ words below than that won’t get accepted.
  2. Article should be original i.e not being copied or reformed  from anywhere else and should be solely written from your prior experience and should not be published elsewhere, we will check each submitted article manually.
  3. There should be minimum grammatical error especially for non native English writers.
  4. We will need a short bio of your to introduce you to  our readers along with your photo. You are allowed not to use more than 2 links, links can be used to refer to your site or any other site which you think correlate your article but do not include any affiliate link.
  5. You need to provide us few photograph taken by you or stock image of minimum size of min 800px wide, photo not taken by you or of low quality will not get accepted.
  6. Article should be saved on word document (doc) file and send us to with Subject line Guest Article for MPH.

Article after reviewing if found interesting enough will go live within 3 to 4 days.We will promote the post on our social account and would expect same from you!

B) For Photographer:

We love to showcase talented photographer on our site. If you want to get Featured or interviewed read the below requirement.


  1. You need to send a link of your gallery page where you have showcased your past work if we find it good enough we will revert back to you and then after you have to follow the next step.
  2. We will need 8-10 of your best photos that can contain your watermark we won’t mind as long as it does not hurt the quality of the photo along  with a short bio. Mail us with a subject line Featured on MPH.
  3. This is for artist who like to get interviewed just mail us with a subject line Photographer for MPH.

We will do our best to provide the required exposure to your work :)

c) Suggestion

We also welcome any like-minded to give any unbiased review to our site or any topic you want us to cover on our site as we always want to make this a better place. Contact us by either using the contact page or email us at

Why should you contribute to our site:

Well, we are building and audience who loves and truly admire great photography. For photographer it means more exposure i.e. more client, for a writer it means more traffic to their site which means more subscriber to their site.

So be a part of this great community!!