Artistic Self Portrait Photography by Lídia Vives

I’m Lídia from Lleida (Catalonia) living in Barcelona. Currently studying Fine Arts, I learned photography by myself watching Photoshop tutorials on YouTube. I totally prefer portrait, especially selfies: When you work with someone you have to do understand your idea and still never see as you see…It’s that subjective point that can not be compromised.

When you’re working with models it is also their job, and they want to do their part, nothing is uniquely yours. With the self it works better because I have no need to explain anything to anyone, everything is very dynamic, a lot of improvisation and will always be in accordance with the absurd ideas that occur to me. No one can speak better than me, that’s for sure.

I also find it very therapeutic, teaching you to act, to move, to know, to express… to me it has helped. I often feel the urge to explain myself but words escape me, so I turn to images.

I find it wonderful the idea that, with a single shot to become someone else, to travel to places you’ve never been, make me live impossible situations is to turn imagination into picture.

Camera & Equipment Lídia uses:

I have a Nikon D90, which isn’t still a professional camera, but to me it ‘s worth it! Two goals: 18-55mm and 35mm. I would like another one, but I can survive. Until recently retouched my photos with a netbook, and I always say that I left the eye and patience. The screen was terrible and was not properly calibrated, so I thought taking pictures in a way, until I bought the MacBook Pro and saw that they were extremely saturated.

Her Inspiration:

I find my inspiration on music, travels, painting… inspiration is everywhere, you just have to take a look.

Here are few glimpses of her stunning past work that will surely give you an idea how super talented she is when it comes to self portrait:




Self portrait photography by Lídia Vives 4

Self portrait photography by Lídia Vives 5

If you really enjoyed viewing her work then you can visit her Facebook fan page to get the latest updates like Pull My Strings upcoming EP “Lighthouse” designed by her and many more… and if you want to buy some of her amazing work then feel free to visit her stock print gallery.

Her Facebook Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/lidiavivesphotography
Stock Print Gallery: http://society6.com/lidiavivesphotography


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