Ata Mohammad Adnan photography featured

Intriguing Street photography by Ata Mohammad Adnan

Ata Mohammad Adnan photography
Ata Mohammad Adnan is a street photographer who loves to explore his photography skills by photographing people around his hometown and all the places he traveled with his beloved camera. With the help of his camera, he captures their strong emotions such as their happiness, sadness, and even their lifestyle.

Continue reading below to know more about Adnan and his perception about his photography.

About Adnan:

Hello, I am Adnan, 25, from the city of Chittagong in Bangladesh. I am a doctor by profession and a photographer out of passion.

Things he enjoys about Street photography:

The people and how interact with each other, and also how light plays its part on the streets.

Living in a Place where life seemed too difficult, Did it Helped?

Yes and No. I think there are more stories on the streets here, waiting to be told. But then again, the last thing I want is to make the people on the street feel exploited that I’m using their photographs to earn fame.

According to him for a good photograph what is more important concept or technical aspects:

I’m not a trained photographer so technicalities come second to the story or the concept behind the photograph.

His Favorite series so far:

I am not sure if I have a ‘favorite’ series as such, but I like how I completed the ‘100 strangers’ project which featured people from a lot of nations and religions.

Being a Doctor How he finds time for photography:

I believe if you have passion for something, you will find a way to pursue it. I try to carry my camera everywhere.

His Future expectation for his photography Career:

I’d really like to work on a couple of solid bodies of work to present them to the audience in the next couple of years. One of my major disappointments has been the fact that I haven’t found something truly special in terms of a single body of work.

Photographer he truly admires and sees as an alter ego:

I have said this time and again, but I’ll say it again, my favorite photographer and photography Godfather has been Nayeem Kalam. Apart from him. I’m a fan of James Nachtway, Steve McCurry, Maciej Dackowicz, Abir Abdullah, and M.R Hasan.

Here are few glimpses of his amazing past work for your weekly dose of inspiration!

To see more awesome work of Adnan you can visit his Flickr photostream and for getting the latest updates like his Facebook page.

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