Wendy Sama Photography

MPH Portrait Spotlight – September (2015) Showcase

Hello viewers. MyPortraitHub is always looking for talented artists who are capturing awe-inspiring portrait photographs. We are back with some new portrait artists who are sharing their favorite portrait photographs with us and some interesting facts about behind the scenes of those portraits. We also appreciate all the emails and featured requests we have received from all those wonderful artists.


Wendy Sama Photography

Photographer: Wendy Sama | Facebook Fanpage | Flickr Page

Another is from my second part of my photography project ‘Introspection
So it concerns the other ‘I’ inside, and the secret place where things living. In this picture it is about feeling his other side which appear in a quietly way. It is about love, softness and specially, letting go.

I used a camera Olympus OMD E-M1 with a 25mm panasonic Leica.
I used the natural light in a beautiful apartment in Paris. And after, like I used to do, I play with colors, and draw directly on the photography, with My Wacom tablet on Photoshop CS6.

Dress: Fabiano Desplat

02.Ekaterina Aleksandrova

Paige Baralijaa Photography
Photographer: Paige Baralija

This is one of my favorite portraits I took of the amazing model Ekaterina Aleksandrova. Since my photography style is said to be floral yet the expressions of my models are still rather emotive, I chose this photograph because I think this portrait represents my photography style very well. The background is mostly something that is always associated with happiness while the expressions mostly present melancholy.

I used my Canon EOS 60D and my 50 mm 1.4 lens for this portrait. I also had an assistant (Michel Fink) holding the reflector for me so that I could have her face brightened up a bit. As far as post processing is concerned I used color desaturation, curves and I dodged and burned her face to create the look I had intended.


Elisa Imperi Photography

Photographer: Elisa Imperi | Facebook Fanpage | Vogue

I did not know where was this place, but I had already seen in other photographs on the web and one night I dreamed of waking up there and wander between the silos, so when I could find out where was this place, I went with my friend to try to put in photography what I had dreamed.

There isn’t a great post production, I only adjustment slightly shadows and lights, because the place was already enveloped in a great and beautiful atmosphere. :)

04.No Mans Land 2.0

Hylke Greidanus Photography

Photographer: Hylke Greidanus | Facebook Fanpage | Pinterest

Model: Nadia Dekkers
1) No Mans Land 2.0: She’s like a warrior! love that! The light is so beautiful behind here. Its magical.
2) Camera: Canon 5D mark II50mm 1.8 objective – Natural day light on a location called ‘’t oude meer’’ in the Netherlands – we just freestyled this day.

05.Before the music starts

Amelie Berton Photography

Photographer: Amelie berton | Facebook Fanpage | Flickr Page

My name is Amélie Berton, I am a French fine art photographer living in the multicultural Brussels.
In my pictures, I tend to build an introspective world where characters release free from the mind’s constraints, thus giving voice to their deepest emotions.

I represent our hidden feelings and fantasies deceiving the senses with the use of surreal images, playing with the duality of reality and imagination.

I find inspiration in nature mostly, I find we are ourselves surrounded by natural elements more open to our feelings.

Digital manipulation allows me to translate my imagination and to turn human complex feelings into photographic language, to recreate the magic of a moment, the poetry behind our ordinary lives.

06.Heaven Sent

Donnam Photography
Photographer: Donna Smith | Facebook Fanpage | Flickr page

My name is Donna Smith, I am from the big state of Alaska and enjoy photographing the beautiful land around me! I have been interested in photography since I was 13, and I will be 20 on September1st, I love to see my improvements over the years.

Heaven Sent” is one of my favorite photographs in that it was taken in a country very dear to me. I traveled to Colombia, South America almost every winter since I was 7, and this was taken on a hillside right across from my home in Colombia. My mother and I drove over with the intention of taking a photo. When we arrived we realized it was private property and had a barbed wire fence and horses grazing in the pasture. I wasn’t about to give up that easily though, so I scooted under the fence and proceeded to take this image.

This image was taken with my Nikon D5100, 35mm 1.8D. Taken in Sesquile, Colombia, South America. February 24th 2014. Edited in Lightroom and Photoshop. Post processing was fairly simple, I did the general touch ups and enhancements in saturation, sharpness, lifted the shadows from my face as the sun was hitting from a different direction. Then I took it into photoshop with a cloudy texture that I overlayed, and it was done!


Liat Aharoni Photography

Photographer: Liat Aharoni | Facebook Fanpage | Instagram

It’s about living life in an honest and authentic way. Being able to navigate through anything, through ups and downs, in a meaningful way.

I used a Nikon D700 and a Sigma 35mm lens. I waded through the water (scared that I might fall as the lake floor was very rocky underneath) and then photographed the two girls using just my camera. No lighting equipment was used. The post processing was relatively simple, I composited a few images together and then tweaked the colors to accentuate the blues and yellows to make them pop.


Lautaro Garcia Photography

Photographer: Lautaro Garcia | Facebook Fanpage

This picture was taken at noon with natural light. Because of the harshness of the light at that time and the contrast between the whites and the indoor darkness I’ve made an incidental reading with a hand-held light meter on her skin. Film used was Fuji C200 with no digital post-production.

09.Sugar Skull

Sugar Skull by Luis Chay Photography

Photographer: Luis Chay | Facebook Fanpage

My picture symbolizes the femininity and the youth to keep alive the memory and honor the loved ones that are no longer. I wanted to take a little of the Mexican culture and merged with the throttle valve to create a little surreal atmosphere.

The photo was taken with a Canon EOS Rebel T3i f. 5.0 focal length: 109 mm ISO: 200 taken in Guatemala City.

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