About Us

Welcome to My Portrait Hub as the name suggest our site is solely dedicated to portrait photography. We are a Group of hobbyists who came across this idea of starting this blog by getting inspired by many professional photographers in the field of blogging.

We started this site with a mission to help our readers by updating them with current and Upcoming trends in the portrait photography world. Our main concern is to make this website a platform where from novice to a completely professional all can glean something to enhance their portraiture.

For a first time visitor we advise you to go through our category page to get a little glimpse of familiarity, finally if you are a photography evangelist and have any suggestions or any creative idea related to Portrait photography that can also include a camera review or if you are a photographer and want to get featured on our site, feel free to contact us by sending your message on our contact us page.

Thank you for taking the time to visit this page.