Trapped Girl Hair Portrait Photograph by Isabella

MPH Portrait Spotlight – October (2015) Showcase

Hello audience. MyPortraitHub is always searching for talented photographers who are capturing amazing portrait photographs. With this Portrait spotlight post we’re back again with some new artists who are sharing their favorite portrait photographs with us and some interesting facts about each of those photographs. We also appreciate all the emails and featured requests we have received from all those wonderful artists.

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01.Unleash your inner beast tonight lovelies!! Happy Halloween :-)

Halloween special Girl Portrait by Kimberly

Photographer: Kimberly Patino | Facebook Fanpage | Flickr Page | Instagram Profile

Hello my name is Kimberly Patino. I am a New York based photographer.

This photo was taken when I was at a difficult place in my life. I felt like there was another force inside of me that was trying to tell me what I should do and who I should become. Almost as if my alter ego, the angry voice with conviction was trying to crawl its way out of me and tell me how I should live my life. It was so overpowering – as if it were the master of my own destiny.

This image was in the middle of the forest which is where I love to be, it’s my second home. The fog and mist that day made the landscape more beautiful and in my heart I knew that this was the perfect location. I knew what type of photo I was trying to create so I had to take over 20 shots of me posing in different ways. I didn’t know how the photo would turn out but I knew the message that I wanted to get across. While in post production, the photo just took a hold of itself, it came to be this amazing piece. This is a side of me that is in everyone – but that no one will dare face.


Conceptual Girl Portrait Photograph with pink lips and freckles

Photographer: Olivera Radosavljevic (Klaus von Herz) | Facebook Fanpage | Flickr Page

Hello I am Olivera Radosavljevic and I am the owner of KLAUS Photography.

My favorite portrait so far is definitely this one (Salvation). I’ve made it with two friends of mine, my beautiful sister Jelena and Zlata. We decided to take this photo session in a small town in Serbia, called Curug. Through this town, passes a river called Tisa, and this is where actually this photograph was taken. Those two girls were very inspiring to work with, and we had a lot of fun.

The Model’s name is Jenny Skuse. I used my camera Nikon D5000 with 35 mm F 1.8 lens.

03.I will be waiting at the river for you

Girl Portrait in Red Dress near River by Monica

Photographer: Monica Lazăr | Facebook Fanpage | 500PX Profile

Hello my name is Monica Lazar. I am a photographer curently based in Bucharest, Romania. This photograph “I will be waiting at the river for you” is from my very recent series. This year I started a project that will contain a series of self portraits, all of them telling the story of one character.

In these series I’m trying to create a relation between the character’s emotion, the weather and the landscape. I hope someday all these series will tell a story.

This photograph was taken with my Canon 6D, 85mm f/1.8 near Bucharest, the city where I live. I use only natural light. All my images are edited in Photoshop, where I work mostly on colors.

04.Castles in the air

Boy Portrait Photograph in Sunlight by Ramiro

Photographer: Ramiro Gomez | Flickr Page

Hello I am Ramiro Gomez. I am a photographer based in Cordoba, Argentina.

The title of the image is “I had built castles in the air” it represents what I feel when I am at home, I found my self in the clouds, like I am floating in the sky. This is part of a series that I’m working on during the this year.

I used a Canon XSi (450D) and edited with Adobe Photoshop CC.


Portrait Photograph of a Red head Girl in Forest by Mariana

Photographer: Mariana Dias | Facebook Fanpage | Flickr Page

Hello my name is Mariana Dias. I am a female photographer from Porto, Pourtugal.

Anoesis” (series); I work around identity and portraiture a lot in my works. Usually I hide identity as much as possible for various reasons, but one of them is because a portrait (identity) doesn’t need to show face at all. Also, I like dream-like, odd and strange states/atmosphere. I want the viewer to somewhat enter a new place and linger with it.

I used KODAK Color Plus 200 and Canon AE-1 as the camera, with 50mm lenses. I mostly (if not only) work with natural lightning. This photo is part of a series named “Anoesis” and they took place in a greenhouse nearby where I live (I am from Porto, Portugal). There’s no postprocessing work as I get the photos developed and I usually accept the way they come out; that’s part of the beauty of analog. Whenever I want to change the outcome, I try new film brands and see what I can get. It’s beautiful.

06.The lady of Shalott

Blurry Desaturated Portrait Photograph of a Girl

Photographer: Roberta Breda | Facebook Fanpage | Flickr Page | Tumblr Profile

Hello my name is Roberta Brenda.

This is my Favorite Portrait/Self-portrait, because it’s perfectly represent my situation at the moment. I don’t know who I am and what I want. I’m feel like a ghost, with no body and dreams.

To make this portrait I used a black cloth, Digital camera and a ruler in front of the camera to make the kaleidoscope effect.

I do not use much post-production if not for counter and desaturate the image.

07.It Is Written In The Songs

A Boy Black and white Portrait Photograph with Hat by Maren

Photographer: Maren Klemp | Facebook Fanpage | Flickr Page | Instagram Profile

Hello, my name is Maren Klemp. I am a fine art photographer based in Oslo, Norway.

This is one of my favorite portraits, and it is called “It Is Written In The Songs“. The theme of the photograph plays around with destiny, and that the story of our lives is already written. The boy in the photograph is my son, Benjamin, and I think that his expressions goes well together with the theme of the image.

For this photograph I used a Canon 5D mark ii together with my Petzval 85 mm lens. This lens is my favorite piece of equipment because it gives such a beautiful bokeh and a dreamlike look to my images. I also used a low ISO and a large aperture together with natural light.The image was taken close to my home in Oslo, Norway. This particular place is my favorite place to shoot because of the amazing light and scenery.

In post production I converted the image to black and white, cropped it a bit, and adjusted the contrast.


Respect blurry portrait photograph of a Girl by Batsceba

Photographer: Batsceba Hardy | Facebook Fanpage | Flickr Page | 500PX Profile

Hello my name is Batsceba Hardy, I am a photographer from Germany.

Respect is part of a project of human narratives. The glass box in which the protagonist is closed makes her free in front of the lens, so you can understand her secrets.”

I love taking pictures of people in the Coffee Houses, as an ethnographic study of this City.

Camera Model: NIKON D7000
Shutter Speed: 1/80 second
Aperture: F/4.5
Focal Length: 25 mm
ISO Speed: 400
Date Taken: Aug 26, 2014, 11:50:59 AM
Retouching Software: Adobe Photoshop CS4 Macintosh


Glendalough a Girl portrait photograph in a lake by Kevin

Photographer: Kevin Collins | Facebook Fanpage | Flickr Page

Hello my name is Kevin Collins. I am a photographer based in Dublin, Ireland.

This portrait was taken on an especially rainy day in beautiful Glendalough Ireland. The model is Shannon Walsh. It was taken with my Canon 700D with the Tamron 24-70mm f/2.8. There were 3 of us standing in the lake in the lashing rain. I had a lighting assistant holding a softbox on camera right with a Yongnuo 568 ex ii speedlight. I processed the photo in Adobe Photoshop using the Nik Silver Effex Pro Plugin. I just love the results from Silver Effex Pro.


Trapped Girl Hair Portrait Photograph by Isabella

Photographer: Isabella Bubola | Facebook Fanpage | Flickr Page | Tumblr Profile

Hello my name is Isabella Bubola. I am a female photographer from Croatia, Europe.

I’m very interested in the thought process of human beings and how sometimes we can get trapped by our own thoughts. What I love about this photo is the fact that viewers interpret it in many different ways and everyone can see something in it the others can’t; they instantly feel connected to it.

The setting is very simple; the only light I’ve used was natural light coming from the window, enhancing the skin and the eyes. It was shot with my Canon EOS 600D and an analog lens that I use. In post, I’ve adjusted the strands of hair (each one had to be taken in a new shot, since I have a short haircut), played a tiny bit with colors and slightly added the contrast.

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