Red head girl portrait photograph

MPH Portrait Spotlight – April (2016) Showcase

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We hope you will love to read the story behind each of these photographs. Also read about these photographers their style of photography, their Biography, history, interests and photography equipments they use etc.

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01. Turquoise dreams

Girl portrait photograph with turquoise smoke bomb background

Photographer: Lia | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Fanpage | Flickr Page | Instagram Profile

Hello, I’m Lia a 21-year old self-taught photo artist based in Germany. I started my creative journey after I found out what’s possible with Adobe Photoshop in 2012. I created my first compositing.

In November 2014 the photographer Benjamin von Wong was in Germany for an event and did a shooting call. He wanted to do an epic fantasy photoshoot in a stunning cave with an amazing model and breathtaking costumes. I didn’t wait long and signed up as an assistant. Overwhelmed by the set and the possibilities of photography, I decided to try out more epic fantasy and surreal portraits and this has brought me to where I am now.

Technical details:

Camera: Canon 550D
Lens: 50mm 1.8 lens
1/320 – F3.2 – ISO 400
Light: Natural light
Location: Forest; 1 smoke bomb (burning time 1 minute)
Post processing: levels (blue/green a lot), curves and selective color correction mainly. I think I worked 30 minutes on this pic, there wasn’t much to do on it…the model already had soft skin and the smoke worked fine on this frame, there was no need to change-or add some details.

What I like about this photograph is the expression on the models face and how the smoke enfolds her. It looks like she’s coming right out of the smoke and that gives the photo a mystical touch. At least people around the world like this photo very much for some reason! And I think it’s because of my beautiful model and how the blue smoke enfolds her.

02. Spring wings 4

Girl close up portrait photograph

Photographer: Valerie Elash | Deviantart Profile

Hello, my name is Valerie Elash, I’m 22 years old. I’m from Republic of Moldova, a small country in Europe.

Photography is my calling, my profession, and the thing that will undoubtedly drive me insane someday. I don’t photograph subjects. I photograph the way they make me feel. I love the human faces and their emotions and the way they live. Admittedly, it’s a bit of a strange concept. But it’s honest – and it’s the best way to describe my approach to the craft. I wrestle with every image I shoot. I assume perfection is possible and I want to wring it out of every picture. If that’s all you ever know about me, it’s enough to say you know me very, very well.

Every portrait is my conception of the ideal living. I love to playback the human emotions, feelings and the inner beauty. And of course each person whom I take photos. I think that is the most honest Image is portrait, Image is the only thing that can playback indeed per head – human feelings.

I always love to photograph great people and awesome things. My shoots camera is Nikon D90, not the best but I think it depends of the photographer how good the shots are, not only the camera. I love the natural light, especially the sun light. Because the natural glow is very important for me and I think the people are like Lemurs, only a drop of sun and they star to acting and dance like crazy.

I don’t use some special additives (as light or stuff like this) for a good photo, it is only important, the person and time. If time is good to do this, I go out and find something nice. Not really think what certain. For me the great things are simple. The simpler you and your mind is, the better and the clearness are my portraits.

03. At last

Red head girl portrait photograph

Photographer: Ginebra Siddal | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Fanpage

Hello. My name is Ginebra Siddal, I am a female photographer from Spain. I was obsessed with imagery and color from an early age due to premature eye surgery that restored my vision. From an early age I have always been a multidisciplinary artist comprising her career studies in History of arts, Graphology and Photography.

Using various combinations of colors I convey sensations in my images that reach to the audience. I am a lover of conceptuality, tireless adventuress creator; deeply immersed in imagining.

In my own work I tends to be pictorialist though you may find some exceptions in my compositions.

04. Marta

Girl portrait photograph on a couch

Photographer: Emilija Bogdanova | Deviantart Profile

Hello, my name is Emilija Bogdanova. I was born in Liepaja (Latvia) city of winds and music. Here I saw people`s diversity, which I wanted to capture and save in our memories. I started taking pictures 8 years ago since Art College where I got the inspiration and passion for photography. I like to capture the moment and human beauty everywhere – photo shoots, events and of course, weddings. My passion is portrait and fashion photography.

This photo is taken in large antique store in Riga with great team and it was one of the best and exciting places I had photoshoot. Photo is taken in store lighting with Canon 5D MkII + 50mm 1.4. Photo editing and retouching using Adobe Photoshop.

05. Alainn

Girl Portrait photograph in autumn forest

Photographer: Mariana Martins | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Fanpage | 500PX Profile

Hello. I am Mariana Martins, I’m an amateur photographer from Portugal. I’ve done some modeling jobs in the past 3 years, but recently found out my true passion lies with photographing instead of modeling. I’m still building my portfolio, as well as learning how to do both photography and post production.

This portrait is a part of my second photoshoot ever. I had the chance to work with a gorgeous model and friend and I’m very fond of every picture I took of her. I’ve been trying to mix nature, candidness and glamour, and I think this shot portrays that really well.

I use a Canon 600D. This was taken in Sintra, Portugal, in the late afternoon/sunset. So far I’m only using Photoshop CS4 to edit my photos, and I mostly work on simple aspects such as lighting and color. I like my photos to look as natural as possible; to make them look like they are not retouched at all, but at the same time a little magical and ethereal.

06. Iga

Girl portrait photograph on railway track with hat

Photographer: Aleksandra | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Fanpage

My name is Aleksandra. I am 23 years old student from Poland. When I got my first camera – it changed my life completely. I found my hobby and my passion. Now I have my third camera and still feel the magic.

This portrait was taken in my hometown Koszalin in Poland. In the picture is Iga, fashion blogger. I took this picture with my old, but gold Nikon D90 with Nikkor 50 mm f. 1.8. I always take photos in raw. This is the best way to make your pictures look good. I remember that day weather was bad, but anyway we made some good portraits there.

07. Marianela 3.

Girl portrait photograph with red pink flowers

Photographer: Mario Sanchez | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Fanpage

My name is Mario Sánchez and I am a 22 years old apprentice photographer from Costa Rica. I have been fascinated by the art of photography since I was only a child but I began to take it more seriously in 2013. In this year I started to learn the techniques in order to take better and I would say professional shots. It has all started in the heart of my home, where I have been inspired by many subjects in my garden.

Not a long time ago, my attention got captured by the portrait photography: in my opinion it is able to show everybody’s deepest feeling through the eyes and the facial expressions. Moreover I simply love working with people, because it is a chance for me to improve first as a person and then as a photographer. Portrait photography is able to communicate people’s spontaneity and I love to see the contrast between them and the environment they are in. For these reasons portrait photography has become my favorite genre. I have something to say and I chose photography to express it.

I used natural light with strong colors in background (my garden). I used Lightroom 5. I prefer to modify photos only a little because I don’t want to lose their nature. I took the portraits with my Canon EOS 600D and with Canon 50 mm F/1.4 usm, ISO100, a F/1.8, 50mm, 1/100 sec.

08. Kate

Girl portrait photograph at river bank

Photographer: Yuri | Deviantart Profile

My Name is Yuri, I’m 25 years old, live in little city in Ukraine called Illintsi. I’m photographing for about 3 years now, and it’s only my hobby.

On the photo is my friend Kate, it was taken near my hometown river, using only natural light. Love the naturalness of the sun, wind and water here. Kate also looks natural, just like in real life.

My gear: Pentax K-30 + Nikorr 105/2.5 sonnar
Processing: Light, colors and other stuff in LR + retouch in Adobe Photoshop.

09. Night Portrait guy

Black and white boy street portrait photograph

Photographer: Molika | Deviantart Profile

Hello, I’m Molika the Photographer. I’m from Tyumen, Russia. I prefer weddings and walking photo sessions on the nature.

This shot was taken before the New Year, it is photo of my beloved. There was a heavy snow and I thought if I use the streetlight right way, I can do a very beautiful shot.

I use Nikon D610 and 50mm lens 1.4F.

10. Autumn Dryad

Autumn Girl portrait photograph

Photographer: Adrian | Facebook Fanpage

My name is Adrian, a Sydney-based photographer specializing in portrait and fashion. I developed my style and technique with the help of Sydney’s cosplay community. The image of the Autumn Dryad was a project I collaborated with the Sydney cosplayer riemicho08. It was inspired through an art that I saw a couple of years back. I’ve always wanted to shoot a similar concept to that since then, but never had the resources to do so. When I sent out a call, riemicho08 offered to make the dress and model for it. We were finally able to do it 2 weeks ago and I am glad we did.

The photograph was taken under natural lighting, just as the sun was fading. We didn’t have much time and, frankly, I didn’t know that this will work out post process, but I went for it anyways. I took a photo of her with the model’s hind against the tree and asked her to lean as far as she could. After I had a satisfactory shot, I shot the tree without her to help in post processing. The location was Mount Wilson, a popular location for autumn leaves, but frankly, this particular shot can be done anywhere.

The post processing is the bulk of the work. I adjusted the colours of the green background foliage to orange and blended her into the tree crudely. After I had my composition I make sure the blending was as smooth as it can be as well as add the finishing touches such as the leaves.

More of my work can be seen at or

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