Smoke bomb portrait photograph of a girl

MPH Portrait Spotlight – August (2016) Showcase

Hello everyone. We are back again with yet another showcase in our series “MPH Portrait Spotlight”. We have collected 10 inspirational portrait photographs from different photographers who are producing such amazing work with their talent.

We hope you will love to read the story behind each of these photographs. Also read about these photographers their style of photography, their profile, history, interests, and types of equipment they use, etc.

We heartily congratulate all these artists. They all are great inspirations in the portrait photography world. We are also appreciating all those featured requests that we receive every week.

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01. Fog

Girl Portrait photography in Fog

Photographer: Emilija | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Fanpage

My name is Emilija. I’m from Lithuania, the Kaunas city. I’m 22 years old and this year successfully finished studies at Kaunas College. My work was exhibited at various exhibitions. Studies time I was concentrated in analog photography and experimenting with processes but this summer I let myself experiment more with digital photography.

This picture is one of a series of photos that I did for Igne who contacted me on Facebook. She wanted mystical photo sessions with flowers and this to me is a favorite topic. This photo session I specifically prepare my handmade floral crowns and for the first time, I used smoke bombs. Of all the pictures I liked this one because it has a sense of lightness like smoke. The photo session took place in the city center in the oak forest. Everything went in the evening so the lighting was poor and after the photo session started raining heavily so we were lucky. The main work was post-processing with Adobe Photoshop CS6 where I worked mainly with lighting and colors. I took pictures with the Canon 1200D, lens I used 50mm, F/1.8.

02. But I Was Never Silent.

Girl Conceptual Photograph

Photographer: Alex Valone | Deviantart Profile | Instagram Profile

Hello, I am Alex Valone. I am an eighteen-year-old photographer and a sophomore at the Savannah College of Art and Design I have been taking photos every day for about ten years, and I never go anywhere without my camera. My life dream is to be a photographer for Vogue and to someday be in museums.

This photo, But I Was Never Silent is a portrait I took of my younger sister when I was sixteen. I wanted it to look almost like a classic oil painting because of the timeless emotion of repression which is shown in it. We all grow up being told to be a certain way, and this photograph is about the strength to say no.

The hair that she holds is not photoshopped into her hand. It is my own hair which I grew out and cut specifically for the purpose of taking this picture which I had thought of years before. Because I really have no money, the location was my attic and the lights were ones I had gotten on craigslist. Even though I did not have much to work with, everything in this is deliberate.

03. Smoke spirit

Smoke bomb portrait photograph of a girl

Photographer: Sarah Berthe | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Fanpage

“My name is Sarah Berthe and I’m from France. Technically, I’ve always taken photographs but I think there’s a little gap between the butterflies’ pictures from when I was 8 years old and my recent work (at least, I hope so). I started paying more interest in photography 5 years ago with the hope of becoming a professional one day. Nowadays, my favorite subjects are macro pictures taken in the forest (or my garden) and portraits.

This photo is actually 2 years old, I bought some smoke, I went with a friend of mine, Anaëlle, to the local park and I shot some pictures. I only stumbled on these pictures recently and decided to retouch on Lightroom. I used a Nikon D3200 with a 40mm lens. Actually, It was the first time that I used this lens.

I called this picture ‘Smoke spirit’ because the smoke feels like it’s emerging from the earth.
I wanted something harmonious, so I work on the colors. The smoke goes with the clothes and the eyes with nature. I didn’t use any lighting, just the natural one. I didn’t work the frame; because it was one of my first tries so I preferred to privilege the model and the smoke presence.”

04. Peace

Girl Portrait Photograph

Photographer: Nick Sachos | Facebook Fanpage | Instagram Profile | 500PX Profile

Hello there, my name is Nick Sachos, I’m from Greece and I’m a professional photographer. I am a self-taught photographer and I’ve been practicing since 2010. I shoot portraits in a regular base but I’m keen also for conceptual photography.

So, this portrait right here was done for a friend of mine inside her car, and with natural light at the golden hour. There is no specific message about this picture, I was aiming to something emotional though with a free interpretation from the viewers. My camera is a Sony a99, with a 24-70/2.8 lens. The post-process is mainly the colors from camera raw, and then some twitching inside photoshop.

05. Entwined

Conceptual Portrait Photography

Photographer: JF Perron | Deviantart Profile

My name is JF Perron, I’m native of Sherbrooke city in Quebec, Canada. Makes photography since ten years. Started by studying the arts at college and after, film and video production techniques. Interested in digital arts has studied 3D computer drawings, 2D, and special effects.

Using popular makeup imagery of Mexican Day of the Dead (Día de Los Muertos), I wanted to represent female friendship beyond death. Both models are good friends in life which greatly facilitated the intimacy the topic needed. The photos were captured under natural light at sunset in a children’s playground in Sherbrooke, my hometown.

Photographed with a camera Sony Nex-F3 equipped with a Soligor 28mm lens, the photos were altered on Photoshop by successive layers of painted textures, films grain accent, and filters created especially for each picture. The textures of each edited pictures had to infect or affect the models every time.

06. En el mercato de la tela

Girl Portrait Photograph

Photographer: Giancarlo | Deviantart Profile

Hello, I am Giancarlo. I am a male photographer from Abruzzo, Italy. I started taking pictures with a Mamiya 6 x 4,5 camera, creating the first portraits in a black and white film. In these years I was shooting portraits, landscapes, architectures, still life, extreme sports, glamour, and more. But my passion remains portraiture and still life. I’m also passionate a lot about digital art, photo manipulation, and treatment with textures.

I like to think of photography as a transposition, a transition from a concretely real situation, synthesized and made unique and unreal by the photographer. Tune in to a place, with a culture, people, different manners, and traditions is simply a matter of emotions. There is a flow of vibration between us and the world around, always, at any time, receive and emit vibrations. The reality, as we perceive it, is the sum of what we express and impressions that receive.

My work “En el mercato de la tela” is one of my many works in recent years do around the portrait. Are shots in the studio or on the street, which I elaborate using especially photoshop, with the management of lights and overlapping of textures to create very emotional and surreal scenes. The work typically requires many hours of application. My most recent works are exhibited here:… and
Best regards!

07. Body of maiden

Village Girl Portrait

Photographer: Tran Hung | Deviantart Profile

Hello, everyone, I am Tran Hung, I am a Male photographer from Vietnam. I’m just a guy with a camera and a passion for beauty. I join every group of photography in my hometown as much as I can, though my duty is only to take a photograph and PR it to public art websites (not really amazing career huh).

I really don’t have words for this photograph as its just a random photograph I clicked. The model in the photograph was free to move and pose the way she likes.

08. July

Girl Portrait Photograph in front of a gate

Photographer: Maria Stoian | Deviantart Profile

My name is Maria Stoian and I’m a 20-year-old Sociology student, living in Romania. For me, photography is one of the ways I keep in touch with my creative side. I mostly enjoy taking portraits – and self-portraits when no one else is around to model for me. I’m also most comfortable before the camera when I’m by myself – just me, my tripod, and my camera.

This self-portrait will always remind me of how happy I was when I took it. It was a hot summer day which quickly turned into a cool, rainy one. I ran around in my backyard, enjoying the fresh air and the smell of the rain. Then I brought out my camera, set it up, and took some simple, effortless self-portraits. It was both a way to seize the moment and really therapeutic.

This was taken with a Canon EOS 1100D and a 50mm f/1.8 lens, using a tripod, self-timer and natural light. I tried keeping the post-processing work minimal – I’ve increased the contrast, sharpened the photo and touched up the highlights and shadows to showcase the details in the image. That’s pretty much it, sometimes less is more!

09. Delilah

Girl Outdoor Portrait Photograph in a Garden

Photographer: Gary Shelly | Deviantart Profile

Hello, I am Gary Shelly from the United States. I have a degree in photojournalism from the University of Memphis and worked at the local newspaper in Memphis for 10 years. Post-processing is strictly forbidden in photojournalism so this type of portrait is just the thing I was trained to do. Delilah is a highly-trained ballet dancer and is my muse, a word I do not use lightly. She is elegant and a natural performer. She also found this location, as she does quite frequently.

This photo is as close to ‘straight out of the camera’ as I get. The light is all-natural, provided by an opening in the canopy. It was shot with a Nikon D7000, a Nikon 35-200 zoom at 120mm, f 5.6, ISO 640 at 1/200 second. During the post, I added a bit of vignette in Adobe Bridge.

10. Alice In Wonderland

Girl portrait with red dress roses

Photographer: Layna Miyazaki | Deviantart Profile

My name is Layna Miyazaki and I’m a 16-year-old student who is passionate about photography. I was born in England, grew up in Hong Kong and Japan, and now live in England. I love to tell a story through photography and express my emotions and thoughts. When I take portraits, I want to capture their personality and reflect their beauty through art. I get inspiration from my environment such as light, music, friends, facial expressions and more. I post a lot of my work on Tumblr and now that I’ve started using DeviantArt, I think it’s a great way to share my pictures.

For this portrait, I chose the theme of Alice In Wonderland. I captured this with my Canon 1100D camera. I wanted to make it look creative and get people to see Wonderland. I love the book so I wanted to express it in this photo. I went to a field behind my house to capture this image because it was the perfect location.

For the editing process, I used the paint tool on Adobe Photoshop to change the bushes from green to red to make the surroundings look enchanting. I love the bold red colour in the picture because it’s very powerful and beautiful.

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