Weekly Portraits showcase II

Weekly Favorite Portraits Showcase

This is our second week and we are back again with some more interesting photographers, who are sharing their favorite images and some behind the scene of that image.

Few of them are also successfully running their 365 project on Flickr so make sure to follow them!

Handy Andy Pandy Photography

So I’m a pretty oddball and fun guy and I don’t like to be thought of as “normal”. I had this crazy idea to cover an entire room in the newspaper and do some other crazy things and call it “I Tried Being Normal, but it Wasn’t Really My Thing.” To do the shot, I grabbed piles and piles of old newspapers and set about covering the entire floor, walls, and ceiling of my bedroom in a newspaper, which took about 4 or so hours.

I then got my girlfriend to help make a newspaper suit for me to wear, I put a lampshade over my head and sat down to read the newspaper in my newspaper room. I added a few extra things in Photoshop such as floating spotlights and floating wall paintings.

The most fun part of all was tearing all the newspaper down though. There’s nothing more fun than ripping open a birthday or Christmas present… Well, imagine getting to unwrap an entire room, tearing newspaper down from the ceiling. Such fun!

Photographer: Handy Andy Pandy | Facebook Fanpage | Google+ | Twitter

Sasha O Photography
This self-portrait is from my vegetable series. I like that it’s so expressive and all series is bright, colorful, funny and catchy. All vegetables were real, makeup was done in post-processing. You can see before/after on my Facebook page.

It was made with natural light and a reflector. Camera Canon 5D Mark III + 50mm 1.4.

Photographer: Sasha O | Facebook Fanpage

Hans Hassler Photography
The idea was born on a Saturday morning and I had awakened with many energies and wanted to translate it into an image and transmit that through eneriga photo And that is how this idea was born in which I try to say that I enjoy every time I make a picture.

And as I did this picture?

First photograph me repeatedly jumping and with the help of a friend to do me the photo, trying and testing many times until you have enough to edit material and with camera in manual to maintain Expocision and a tripod to take the same scene. And to finish the editing performed in Photoshop and I choose the photo of the scene and an image of jumping and I go to give effect to the image to use brushes and curves.

Personally I prefer to shoot on clear days, and at noon to make the most of natural light.

Photographer: Hans Hassler | Facebook Fanpage

Isabella Tan Photography


This image is one of my favorites from my recent series “Stardust” which is an exploration of the human soul and bodies and skin and bones and all things beautiful. This image represents the need for connection. It was photographed in a studio in New York City with only one softbox and a lot of trust and laughter between the models and myself.

Photographer: Isabella Tan | Facebook Fanpage

Chiara Cianniello Photography

The above image is a part of a series that I started a year ago and thinks it will go on for much longer, a series of portraits inspired by the baudlerian spleen, that strange sense of disgust for everyone and everything without a reason.

I was tired of doing pure aesthetics and I started photographing subjects with whom I had developed an emotional connection, wanted to pull out of this feeling, so started to retract my boyfriend, then my sister, then my best friend ever and acquaintances with whom I had established a particular emotional attraction.

I love using symbolism, my works are full of them, dedicate most of my time thinking about different themes and ideas, I let myself be influenced by many things easily, literature in particular. I’m a hopeless romantic book lover and this is another reason why I started this project.

I’ve used a Canon 550d and the warm tones of the penultimate hour of the day are dominant in my works, it’s a moment that I find extremely poetic and it has always fascinated me. I prefer portraits in natural light with vibrant colors.

It’s rare for me to use the b&w and when I do I’m always conveying an emotion surely not positive (as in this case). Colors for me are the reality of everyday life, the natural beauty or ugliness, the black, and white is an interpretation, a mental abstraction of the photographer.

Photographer: Chiara Cianniello | Facebook Fanpage

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