Girl Portrait with Flower

MPH Portrait Spotlight – December (2015) Showcase

MyPortraitHub always attempt to find out and showcase inspirational and comprehensive portrait photographs from the artists all around the world.

In our chase of presenting something different this time we are here again with some new attention-grabbing portrait photographs and some interesting facts about them like behind the scene of those photographs. We are also appreciating all of the great works which we receive every week.

01. L’animale

Girl Conceptual Portrait Photograph with animal

Photographer: Mathieu Degrotte | Facebook Fanpage | Flickr Page | 500PX Profile | Tumblr Profile

Hello. My name is Mathieu Degrotte and I am a male photographer from France.

I am in love with photography since my childhood, and fell more deeply into it after volunteering for 2 months in Nepal where I could discover people and culture through my lens.

Now I want to create fine art photography that conveys both a strong message making people think, and also an original visual impact.

This portrait is part of my series “Feu Primordial“, bringing a concept about human and nature. You can read more about it on my website This photo was shot outdoors in a French forest during summer, with very hot temperature (around 35 °C). I used real fire torchlights for the mood, and a friend of mine owning Czechoslovakian Wolfdog came with 4 animals. It was quite a challenge to come to the shooting spot with the dogs and have them posing as I wanted with the model naked among branches and leaves. But the model’s face, with the natural and fire light brought something really interesting.

This photograph was captured with Canon EOS 6D with 85mm f/1.4 and the post-processing work was only for colors and light fixing.

02. Jenny Skuse

Girl Close up Face Portrait Photograph

Photographer: Mariano Kjer Guillermo | Facebook Fanpage | Flickr Page

Hello. My name is Mariano Kjer Guillermo and I am a photographer from Netherlands.

The special thing about this Portrait for me is that the model (Jenny Skuse) in the picture came to me with a concept about rebirth (like a phoenix).

Our shoot was based on something I had to create for her afterwards she told me her life story on how she fought Obese, people picking on her from a young age towards her adult life. Insecurities and how she used modeling and art to overcome all of that. She broke down and cried in front of me. This photograph showed that moment.

Camera: Canon 1200D
Lens: EF40mm f/2.8 STM
Fstop: 5.0
Shutterspeed: 1/200
ISO: 200

I used a Fomex D 200 Studio flash with a white umbrella pointed up to the ceiling

I used those settings but in the final result of the picture you probably don’t recognize because of the post process editing.

03. Wanderlust

Conceptual Portrait Photograph of a Traveller Girl with Paper Planes

Photographer: Laura | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Fanpage

My name is Laura. I’m a sixteen-year-old hobbyist photographer from a small but beautiful country called Lithuania.

Whenever I take photos of people, I always try my best to make it not just a casual portrait. Capturing my subject’s soul is my goal. I want my pictures to have an idea or concept behind the expressions of people I work with. Photography is a place where I can express my feelings and thoughts, that is why you can find a little piece of me just by looking in photos I have taken.

This picture was inspired by the whole idea of traveling. That’s why I called it “Wanderlust” which means a very strong impulse to travel. This picture means a lot to me. A desire to be free. A desire to explore the world not like a tourist but like a traveler. But everyone could interpret this photo in their own way. And that is why I love photography. Almost all of my pictures, including this, were taken in nature. I seek to show an interface between human and nature. The setting is simple. Photo was taken with all natural lighting, and edited with Adobe Photoshop.

04. Sadness

Portrait Photograph of sad girl with flowers

Photographer: Anna Sainz | Deviantart Profile | Tumblr Profile Profile

Hello my name is Anna Sainz. I am a female photographer from Mexico.

This photograph titled ‘Sadness‘ was taken with a Canon T5I, using only natural light during a sunny day in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The model is Jessica Blanco and this picture is part of a photography collection based on the beauty of melancholy. I used some of my own Photoshop curves and presets to enhance the ethereal effect.

05. Truth

Finger on Lips Portrait Photograph

Photographer: Aurélie Hudelle | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Fanpage

Hello. My name is Aurélie Hudelle and I am a female photographer from France.

I’m a photographer since 2005. I got the idea of this self-portrait to show that words can really affect your mind and wound you more that you can imagine. I’m pretty obsessed with blood and how it can catch your eyes on a picture.

I used a Canon EOS 7D with a 35mm lens, natural light and a blue filter in Adobe Photoshop.

06. Blind me with your lies

Girl Portrait with Flower

Photographer: Riris | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Fanpage | Flickr Page | 500PX Profile | Tumblr Profile

My name is Riris and I’m an aspiring photographer coming from Yogyakarta, Indonesia. I started taking interest in photography since 2014 and with the help of borrowing my friends’ cameras, I started to learn taking pictures using DSLR.

As the title says, my picture tells about lies. Even when lie is not a “good” thing to begin with, it is more often “nicer” and “prettier” and sometimes even more believable than the truth. Hence I choose the flowers to symbolize the lies. They’re just too pretty that one begins to hope they’re the truth and unconsciously “asking” to be blinded by them, refusing to acknowledge the truth because it is harsh and isn’t as hopeful sounding as the lies.

I used my friend’s Canon EOS 650D and 50mm f.14 lens for this picture. No lighting equipment was used. This picture was taken at afternoon with natural light. The post processing was very simple. I did the general retouch for the face and used my own curve to create the tone that I wanted.

07. Bones

Conceptual Portrait of Photographer Artist

Photographer: Ryan Pracy | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Fanpage

Hello. My name is Ryan Pracy ans I am a male photographer from Australia. Music and Photography are my 2 biggest hobbies. With this photo/series I bring both of them together and created this series to accompany the album My band “Forecast Tomorrow” created. The album is based on the book “The man who mistook his wife for a hat”, a man with Visual Agnosia and the unraveling of the mind associated with it. The music is available to listen to here –

The photo was taken at a beach side location, Bombo Quarry (the same location they shot The Power Rangers movie). I used a Nikon D7000 with a kit lens and natural lighting. Post processing was all done in Lightroom as I had shot in the golden hour and only needed adjustments to contrast, shadow, highlight etc.

08. Horse Whisperer IV

Girl Portrait Photograph with Horse

Photographer: Nadja Berberovic | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Fanpage

My name is Nadja Berberovic-Dizdarevic and I’m a freelance fashion and portrait photographer from Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. My interest in photography began in high school. Before that, I used to draw and paint a lot, and I was pretty good at it. However, as soon as I discovered photography, it became a new passion of mine. My first camera was an old analogue Minolta I borrowed from a friend. I mostly shot with black and white film and developed my own photographs in the darkroom. It took me a year to finally get myself a digital camera and start experimenting with editing software

This portrait is from a series called “The Horse Whisperer”. The model on the photograph is my friend Ena, who has been horseback riding for years. She loves nature and animals, especially horses, so I tried to capture this special bond in this photo series

In post processing, I did some basic skin retouching, a bit of dodging and burning and color correction. Since Ena has great skin, retouching took me only about 10 minutes. My favorite part of editing photographs is playing with colors, since they create the mood and the “feeling” of the image. I achieved this effect by applying a gradient map layer with purple and orange tones and setting the blending mode to Lighten and setting the opacity to around 30%.

09. Me voy

Girl Portrait Photograph in Forest

Photographer: Yolanda García | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Fanpage

My name is Yolanda, and I am a conceptual photographer based in Madrid, Spain.

I like to tell stories in each of my photographs, and in them, overturning many times my fears, worries, joys and emotions. Not just the beautiful photograph, I want the sad, the heartbreaking. That makes you stay staring at a photograph.

This photograph is in particular a self portrait. I am usually model for many of my photographs, because many times I only know how represent that particular feeling. It is titled “Me voy” (I’m out of here) and refers to the moment in which desire to flee and leave everything behind, charges and joys. And flee the fog dancing, a little crazy and happy for the future that awaits you.

A curiosity; it was edited a day had a fever. In the park was cold, but no real fog. So I edited with analog textures, simulating a moment frozen in time.

10. Limitation

Portrait Photograph of Girl in Blue Overcoat

Photographer: Juliya | Deviantart Profile

Hello my name is Juliya. I live in Kyiv, Ukraine. Photography has been a hobby for me for a long time. I alway put a little story inside every of my shots.

Limitation”. Have you ever recognized that we are not living today? Waiting for the future and continuing doing things we don’t actually like to do? Telling ourselves “I’m going to do it tomorrow, not today” about the things we want to do but still waiting for the special moment to start. We look back and think “I should have done that earlier…I’ll surely start tomorrow”. And still we go on. Don’t realizing that there is no past, it lives only in memories. There is no future, only hopes that should guide us. We don’t realize the invisible chains of time. But who knows how much sand left?

I always use my 50mm 1.4 lens. There was no artificial light (even if I have had it would probably just got broken under such rain) Here is the camera data for this photo:
Camera: Nikon D60
The Shutter Speed: 1/50 second
Aperture: F/2.2
ISO Speed: 200

I love the colors, they are natural. Actually I didn’t edit the photo a lot. I use Lightroom and Nikon ColorEfex for color or contrast correction. And I had to edit the edges of the coat. I cropped it to square shape so there is nothing redundant left on shot.

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