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Most Popular Portrait photography Posts of May 2014

Every beginning of the month we post previous month popular portrait photography posts, so here we back with the most popular posts of May 2014. This time also we are as usual clearing up the dust and bringing you the most popular posts that have been the main limelight of the social world.

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Inspirational Portrait Series


Seeing photo gallery of other photographers has always been a good source of inspiration especially if it is from a well-known source as PDN photo annual 2014 and My Modern Met where they talk about 10 mesmerizing photographers whom you must follow. Inspiration not always comes from the photographer they can even come from soldier don’t believe me, see this post by PBS on how a soldier documents fields battle experience in Afghanistan in tintype photographs.

Also check out this article about multi-talented Lewis Carroll’s Photographs of Alice Liddell, the inspiration for Alice in Wonderland, and our Railway photo-shoot series. Lastly one very interesting article “The Toughest Lovers” by Slate worth reading and “30 women photographers under 30” by Telegraph.

Inspirational Portrait Projects


Married couples and photographers travel around the world and capture people portraits with their daily diets in front of them also they calculated their calories according to their daily diet intake. It was surprising to see how much data they have collected during their journey.

Also, check out these two photography projects featured on Petapixel called Weapon of Choice and Lonely Outdoor Portraits Superheroes. Lastly, all wells that end well, so to end your photography project well check out this great article by photodoto.

Interviews that you might have missed


Heather Broster of bestmirrorlesscamerareviews did a fantastic interview with Brian Smith who is a famous celebrity portrait photographer in wherein Brain shared some of his experience and views which I think makes it worth reading. To continue reading last month’s post about running photography business here is a video interview with Peter Hurley you should follow. And when it comes to entrepreneurship Tim Ferriss needs no introduction, check out his podcast session with Chase Jarvis master photographer and CEO of CreativeLIVE.com. Lastly Overcoming Self-Doubt: An Interview with Photographer Marissa Gifford by slrlounge.

Interesting Articles on Portrait Photography


And the most interesting and disturbing news post award goes to an article by Techdirt where they reveal how Amazon owns the patent of photography against a white background which according to Times it’s bye-bye wannabe models. Continuing our portrait photography post this one by 1x was one of my favorites about the staged portrait.

There is always something interesting going on DPS, last month they posted an article on beginner tips for posing people with confidence which I think is the vital step for a good portrait, also for further reading you can also check out this article by Neilan on Posing tips pose hands asymmetry. And for Lightroom fans here is a helpful shortcut by lightroomkillertips.

Bonus: Premium coarse on DIY fashion and editorial photography by Amanda Diaz and an amazing article by Photoventure on 15 ways to improve your photography without buying new gear.

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