Weekly Portrait Showcase I

Weekly Favorite Portraits Showcase

Due to lack of time as every week we are getting more and more feature requests from many talented photographers, we’ve decided to showcase favorite portraits of multiple photographers on a weekly basis. These photographers will also share their thoughts about their favorite portrait along with the camera setting & the equipment they have used for it.

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Simone Lorusso Photography
This is my favorite shot, because it’s the union of two opposite worlds. Elegant and sporty outfits create a unique character. The photo was taken in a historical building in Milan and I used Canon 7D with natural light.

Photographer: Simone Lorusso | Facebook Page

Azeez Khan Photography
This woman has been in the family since my mom was a little girl. She’s seen my mom growing up. She’s looked after me throughout my childhood, and now even though she’s too old to do heavy housework, she’ll still come in on an odd day just to do some chores here and there and say hello to all of us. Sabera khala’s energy and humor never fails to entertain me.

Canon 1100D, 18-55mm (stock lens), Adobe Lightroom. Adjustments made to contrast, and clarity has been used for this portrait.

Note: Sad pictures don’t always have the saddest stories.

Photographer: Azeezur R. Khan

Sensi Lorente Photography

The thing I like most in this portrait is the strength and pride sensation that gives the model, like a tribal queen, thanks in large part to the low angle shot and the use of light.

Canon 1100D, Canon 50 mm 1.8, Lightning Yongnuo YN 460 II has been used for this portrait.

Photographer: Sensi Lorente | Her Blog

Sollena fotografie
The model name is Sarah and the picture was taken in Wiesbaden, Germany in a little park. there is no story, just a lot of love and from the middle of my heart done.

I used a Nikon D5100 and the 50mm of Nikkor. I modified the picture with Photoshop cs6.
Photographer: Sollena Fotografie | Facebook Page

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