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Zebra a new iPhone App Lets You Turn Your Photo to Custom products with a Tap

Zebra is an awesome free iPhone app it lets anyone with an iPhone select a picture from the photo album or social networks, place it on a product, and order it. Products include iPhone and iPad cases, coasters, mugs, prints, apparel, and much more. Zebra transforms its passion for art and tech into simple and inspired solutions for mobile, web, and the worlds beyond. Zebra runs in Venice Beach, California.

Get creative with your photos and turn them into custom products with a tap

How it works:

Choose a photo from your library and tap the Shop button to preview your image on products. You can tap a product to get more info or edit the image for the perfect fit. To buy the product, just press the Buy Now or Add to Cart button. Your order will get delivered in 5-9 business days. Items start at $6.
product pricing

Store Features:

  • Turns images into personalized products in one tap
  • Easy ordering & fast delivery
  • 100% happiness guarantee or money back

Photo Editor Features:

  • Gorgeous photo effects and frames
  •  One­tap auto-enhance
  •  Tons of fun stickers & tons of other great features

Zebra for Brands

Zebra’s turnkey private label mobile image merchandising solution allows brands to turn their users’ mobile & social photos into cash by either launching their own branded iPhone (and soon Android) photo app or integrating the Zebra store into their existing apps.

Zebra offers wholesale pricing on more than 250 products. Clients can set their own prices and start selling merchandise through our app in under one month.

Products are manufactured at a factory in Miami, Florida, and are shipped in the US and internationally.

How it works:

Zebra can either customize its popular Rock Your Photos photo app with client’s branding or integrate its store into the client’s existing app. Zebra makes money by taking 10%
from sales and licensing its platform.

Key points:

  • Brands can use their own branding throughout the app and packaging, including colors,
    icons and text
  • Branding and custom messaging can be applied to photos shared through the app
  • Compatible with iPhone/iPad devices running iOS version 7 or later
  • Can integrate into existing iOS, Android or web apps
  • Support for Android will be added in Spring 2014
  • Wholesale pricing with over 250 product available
  • Brands can set their own prices with an average 70% margin

Zebra apps will be launched today 27th of March at MacWorld 2014 in SF.  Anton Pereiaslavtsev CEO of Zebra App provided us the promo code for free custom iPhone cases i.e MACWORLD. To avail this code order using this app. Shipping is $5.95 within the US. Offer is valid Mar. 27-29. To download this app go to their official site Runzebra.com

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