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Portrait Professional Studio Review

The Portrait Professional Studio is one of the best photo editing tools for portrait photographers. It comes with various tools that would help the photographers in enhancing all their digital portrait images and get high-quality prints as well. This software can remove the grease, sweat, light shines, highlights, and even wrinkles from the skin of the subject. As a portrait shot holds the subject in great detail, it is very important for the photographers to make sure that everything looks perfect and the clients like the great results.

Portrait Professional Studio Software

The users would be able to reshape any feature of the face. Apart from the usual red-eye correction and pimple correction features, this tool can be used for removing blemishes from the skin and makes it look more supple, soft, and attractive. Almost all imperfections in the portrait picture can be easily hidden or removed with the help of this tool.

The tool can even be used in conjunction with Photoshop, where it can be added as a plug-in. It would automatically help you in correcting the features and even modify the features and the color of the portrait so that it can be made to look more attractive than ever. Additionally, it can also be used as a plug-in for Lightroom and Aperture, making it an even more flexible and desirable tool for every photographer. The original price of the product is $139.95. It is also available for FREE shipping within the United States. In fact, it can even be shipped within two days anywhere in the country.

The product works the best with newer versions of Windows as well as Mac OS X. Even if you don’t wish to go too much into photographic detailing, you would be glad to find that the tool already makes a lot of adjustments to your portraits, leaving very little space for hours of hard work and toil. If simple adjustments were what you intended to make, this is the right tool for you.

The tool is available in the form of a CD-ROM and uses the Clear Skin technology (Applied for patent) which helps it in becoming one of the best used software tools used by professional photographers, amateurs as well as consumers.

Product features and specifications

  • Clear Skin technology (patent applied for)
  • Clears spot and blemishes from the skin
  • Clears greases and unnecessary lighting
  • Subtle airbrushing tool for perfect pictures
  • Automatically makes adjustments to the pictures
  • Can be used as a plug-in for Photoshop, Aperture, and Lightroom.
  • Can read camera RAW files
  • Available as a convenient CD-ROM pack
  • Easy slider action to control the photo metrics
  • Calibrated color settings with different color profiles
  • Accurate colors available with support for 16 bits per color sample
  • Accurate feature and face detection for better automatic photo effects
  • Works with Windows XP and later or Intel Macs with OS X 10.5 or later

Positive Reviews

This software tool has a rating of 3.7 out of 5 stars which makes it one of the best tools for photo editing by both professional and amateur photographers. It has been popular because of its accurate time-saving techniques. The software automatically detects face and features in the portrait shots. Plus, it makes a lot of automatic adjustments to the pictures as well.

The software follows a two-step process for editing images because of which it becomes quite easy for the users to edit the images as per their choice. The users of this software have suggested that this slider-based approach to the image editing process makes it easier for them to convert hours of works into a matter of minutes.

The face and feature detection feature of the tool has also been appreciated a lot by the users. The skin processing abilities of the software are terrific and it makes sure that there are no visible spots or blemishes that make the portrait look imperfect. The users have also found it simple to use which saves them a lot of time.

Finally, its plug-in compatibility with Lightroom, Aperture, and Photoshop makes it an even better software to use. You would be able to import RAW images directly from the camera which would help you in saving more time and effort.

Negative Reviews

Though Portrait Professional Studio offers a lot when it comes to face detection, the software also finds it quite difficult to identify the jawline of the personal property which has created a few problems for some users.

However, it is quite easy to select the blue boundary and make the program accurately detect the face and the jawline, because of which it is not much of a hassle. The users have also reported issues in going for export and import of presents between the studio version and the standalone version.

However, one of the biggest problems reported by the users for this software was the anti-piracy system. The users who have the system installed on two systems usually have a problem in updating the software. Usually, the token key or the activation key that is used in one of the systems does not let the user update the second system.

This has created many hassles for the users and some users even had to go for a system restore in order to make the activation key work again. Therefore, the anti-piracy policy issues need to be taken care of. Still, if you have it installed on only one machine, you would not have any issues with the software.


Overall, Portrait Professional Studio is one of the best software that you can find around town when it comes to making great adjustments to your pictures and making sure that you have received only the best. The results that the product provides are excellent and make working on portrait photographs and easier and more wonderful experience for the photographers. As it can also be used as a plug-in, it can either become a great utility tool for your main photo editing tool or can even be used as a standalone application.

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