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The Good, the Bad And the Ugly Things About Selfies

selfies portraitsSelfies are a rage. Just like memes, trolls, and cats, the internet has made selfies quite popular. These days, the girls next door and your favorite celebrities, all are posing right in front of their cameras and taking candid pictures of themselves.

These pictures are then posted on social networking sites and they are becoming all the more popular by the day.

Possibly, you too would have started to take these pictures of the self. These pictures must have already spammed your social media timelines by now.

We are casting a deep look at the anatomy of the selfie so that we can present the good, the bad, and the ugly things that surround this online phenomenon.

The Good:

  • The candid ‘it’s my life’ pose that just rolls out in every other selfie. In fact, it is the very basis of taking a cute self-portrait. These pictures are generally taken by people in their everyday life where they freeze to snapshot one of their daily activities. Sounds really fun and is really good to look at too.
  • The planned selfies are equally good. There is no need to settle down with a cellphone camera. Take a DSLR and get ready to make the perfect environment, set the timer, and just sit there to be photographed. These pictures are really cool and they come with a lot better composition as well.
  • The creative selfies get a thumbs up too. Taken from various unconventional angles, these pictures can focus on one of your body parts like your hands, your legs, or even your toes or they can simply be taken with a different perspective like a fisheye lens. The effects are great in the end. No matter how much we click around, these are the kind of selfies that make you look unique.
  • Random selfies are in vogue. Just go and capture any moment of your life without a warning and see the beautiful effects. The smiles are warmer, the emotions are more pronounced and the memories are more beautiful.

The Bad:

  • The just out of bed look was popularized by celebrities. It is also known as a bedhead. The hair is generally very messy but we don’t really gulp the fact that their faces are too fresh with the makeup on. Just out of bed? Really?
  • The bathroom selfie is what makes most of us roll our eyes to the ceiling, then to the ground and back to our screens. If bathrooms were the best place to take a picture, everyone would form a crowd. These pictures are so insanely popular that they have changed the meaning of a selfie to a bathroom pic.
  • Photo bombers lie on the edge of bad and funny. For the person being photographed, they are a nightmare and for the onlookers, it is simply funny. The choice is entirely yours. We would suggest you avoid photobombers, but they become inevitable in public spaces.

The Ugly:

  • Duck faces! Yes, we all know someone or the other who pouts their lips in an excessively grotesque manner and makes a victory sign with their fingers to take a selfie.
  • The cross-eye mania can also baffle you to a limit. These selfies can present the craziest side of you but are not really good to look at.
  • Pretending that a selfie was taken by someone else is something that you would really not like to do. However, some people really like this to happen because of which the whole experience is destroyed within seconds. You can be honest, they are just pictures.

Thinking about taking selfies? Make sure that you avoid the pitfalls and look your best. If you like the post don’t forget to share it, also if you like to share your thoughts with us you’re most welcome to comment below.

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