Indoor conceptual portrait photograph of girl

MPH Portrait Spotlight – September (2016) Showcase

Hello everyone. We are back again with yet another showcase in our series “MPH Portrait Spotlight”. We have collected 10 inspirational portrait photographs from different photographers who are producing such amazing work with their talent.

We hope you will love to read the story behind each of these photographs. Also read about these photographers their style of photography, their profile, history, interests, and types of equipment they use, etc.

We heartily congratulate all these artists. They all are a great inspiration in the portrait photography world. We are also appreciating all those featured requests that we receive every week.

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01. Serena con flores

Girl indoor Portrait with Flowers

Photographer: Mariya Petrova-Existencia | Deviantart Profile | Instagram Profile | Facebook Fanpage

Mariya Petrova-Existencia is inspired by the spirit of Spain and guided by the philosophy of existentialism.

The photograph means freedom achieved through hard work. Her passion for photography was sparked by the knowledge of art acquired throughout life, instilled by parents and teachers of arts, and the influence of her brother Kaloyan Bogdanov-Kalo, a young artist, known for his pictorial wisdom, symbolism and the freedom of his artistic creations. Artistic photography requires patience, deliberation, and a clear idea of the image the artist intends to convey.

02. Untitled

Girl in a blue dress Portrait Photography

Photographer: Todd Steere | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Fanpage

Hello, I am Todd Steere and I am from the United States. I am a traveling photographer in Northwest Arkansas who specializes in capturing ethereal dreamy beauty. I’ve been published several times and look forward to expanding my portfolio on Deviant Art.

This portrait was a parachute dress and was something I had wanted to shoot for a while. The location is just 1/2 a mile from where I live in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and that staircase always looks incredible in the evening. It was shot on a Canon 70D and a Canon 85mm lens f/1.8.

I shot using natural light and did some cross processing and gaussian blur techniques in Photoshop to achieve this look.

03. Take Me To The Ball

Indoor conceptual portrait photograph of girl

Photographer: Melissa | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Fanpage | Twitter Profile | Instagram Profile

Hello, I am Melissa. I live in Edmonton, Canada and I’ve been doing photography for approximately two years. I started my company in March of this year and I primarily lean towards darker alternative themes.

This particular picture is part of a “Fractured Fairytales” series and this set features Cinderella. I came across some amazing stock from DarkMysty-Stock featuring rooms from an abandoned hospital and the concept came together fairly quickly from there. My Cinderella is locked in an asylum with nothing but her imagination. As she sways and twirls around her room, she sees the ballroom, but we see through it. My main goal was to convey the fact she’s crazy; I’m not sure if I accomplished that, but I’m happy with the result nonetheless.

Unfortunately, my equipment isn’t nearly as impressive as some – I use a Nikon D5100 and shot my model with a 35mm lens. I shot her outdoors on her mother’s deck using natural light and did the rest in Photoshop.

04. Glass Skin

Girl conceptual portrait photograph

Photographer: Germaine Persinger | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Fanpage | Instagram Profile

Hello, I am Germaine Persinger. I’m located in NY where I do art photography, floral design, and model.

Glass Skin” is a self-portrait that blurs the line between reality and fantasy. I glued gems to my skin using spirit gum and set up glass containers so that the actual skin would reflect into them.

I used a Nikon D810, a 50mm lens, and an Alien Bee light.

05. A forest fairytale

Girl portrait photography in Forest

Photographer: Anna Belial | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Fanpage | Instagram Profile

Hello, I am Anna Belial from Germany. The photo was taken in the English Garden, which is a part of Tiergarten, the largest park in Berlin. It was the first photoshoot I did with this beautiful girl. It was created on Monday 6 July 2015 at 14:57 (Metadata rules :D). We actually met up to make some test photos and clear up the topic of photographs but she was ready to do some more work on the same day.

Lighting: It was quite a bright day and we used some shadowy place and reflector to create soft light.

Equipment: Nikon cropped frame DSLR with Nikkor 50mm lens, and a silver lastolite reflector, 76 cm (30 inches)

Inspiration: Her long beautiful hair. She was introduced to me as a possible model and when I saw some photos of her, i already had an idea in my mind. And she liked this idea too. Ones more I realized how important such an understanding between a photographer and a model, which leads to great cooperation and good results.

Editing: It’s an important part of my artistic vision. In my private works, I’m trying to show not only the beauty of the person on it but something more. So sometimes I can play with the colours and light a lot, like on this picture :)

Normally I try to keep the natural look but sometimes I go with the openly photoshopped look.

06. Tania

Portrait Photograph os a Girl with spectacles

Photographer: Pavel Parubochiy | Deviantart Profile

Hello, I am Pavel Parubochiy. I’m 27 years old located in Ukraine. I am a professional photographer and my hobby is making some wooden accessories (with selling on eBay).

As for this picture, I was just walking with my friend and I was trying to capture some good shots with the glasses she was wearing that time because I made them.

07. Nadia

Girl senset portrait photograph in red dress

Photographer: Dezant Grayman | Deviantart Profile

I am Dezant Grayman a photographer from Indonesia.

I live in beautiful country New Zealand. I really like taking portrait and how I love taking people expression, my style is a more moodier, expressive fashion style. I love shooting backlight or against the sun will give you a dramatic mood in the picture. I use Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CS6 to edit all my pictures.

08. Untitled

Girl black and white conceptual photograph

Photographer: Abigail | Facebook Fanpage | Flickr Page | Tumblr Profile

Hello, I am Abigail. I am a 22-year-old self-taught photographer from North Dakota. Photography is a hobby for me and a way to express myself and release my creativity.

The selected photo was inspired by the idea of being a sort of “blinded” by fate. I used my Canon Rebel T2i with my 28mm lens at f/2.2 ISO 100. I use mostly a blank wall by my patio window in my apartment as I love natural light. For post-processing I really only played with colors, muting everything but red.

09. Pregnancy 4

Pregnancy outdoor portrait photography

Photographer: Natalia Ciobanu | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Fanpage | Instagram Profile

Hi! My name is Natalia Ciobanu and I am a portrait and travel photographer from Moldova. I have started photography in 2008.

My photos are published on different book covers in Europe, also I have had some personal exhibitions in Italy, Ukraine, Romania, and Moldova. My main prizes in international photo contests are 3’rd place at Nikon Photo Contest 2012-2013 and 2 golden medals at Trieneberg Super Circuit (Austria).

This portrait of a pregnant woman is very special for me because the model is a close friend of mine. In addition, I like so much the relationship between the subject and the beginning of a new life around her, as this blossoming apple trees. Her calm and deep mood is also very important in this photo.

As about technical details, the portrait was done on Canon EOS 5D Mark II with Canon 100 mm 2.8 lens, in the sunset light of the spring. The processing was very simple, as usual. I have used just curves, to add some contrast in the RGB channel and Blue channel to mix the colors.

10. Voda (Ot Kholada Do Tepla)

Conceptual Portrait Photograph of a boy

Photographer: BriarRose & Alessandro | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Fanpage | Instagram Profile | Twitter Profile

Hello, I am Alessandro. I am a male photographer from Italy. I’ve been involved with photography for exactly ten years – my “First photoshoot” was in October 2006. For the first couple of years I’ve mostly experimented with self-portraiture and modeling using a compact camera; then I purchased my first reflex and moved mostly behind the lens. Ever since, I’ve been exploring photography as a form of emotional catharsis and a communicative medium to project my inner world through, constantly trying to push my boundaries and explore new territories.

This portrait is part of a larger project which I did jointly with my dearest friend, BriarRose, who is my favorite model and also a talented photographer herself. It’s based on two “twin” albums by Russian band Theodor Bastard, each featuring a different rendition of the same songs; similarly, we took different photos – she took portraits of me and I took portraits of her – based on our own interpretation of the lyrics and the feelings the melodies evoked in us. Interestingly, despite my longer projects taking forever to complete, this one was shot within a single afternoon.

This is a portrait of me by BriarRose, and this is its companion picture I took of her; the basic idea is a transition from cold to warmth, leaving uncertainty behind and following inner guidance, certain that our consciousness in one with the world around us and won’t fail us. The photo and the whole series were taken in a park in Nichelino, near Turin, on an early December afternoon with natural light, which varied between soft, grazing sunlight and diffuse, cloudy light. BriarRose used her Nikon D80, while I used my Canon 5D (yes, we’re a Canon and a Nikon pair who actually get along!). The postproduction is quite minimal, especially on the photos which BriarRose shot, and it’s mostly meant to enhance the natural autumn colours we were blessed with.

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