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Hey people out there MyPortraitHub is back again with this week’s Portrait Inspirations. Every week we gather 10 to 12 Portraits Photographs from all around the web. We are always looking for creative photographers who are capturing and producing narrative portrait photographs.

We try to congregate photographs from all types of photographers; no matter if they are amateur or professional, we always strive to encourage them.

So what you’re waiting for? Take a look at these inspirational portrait photographs and feel the magic of photography. Don’t forget to share this as the work of all these photographers truly deserves to be made public.

Just Pumpkin

Just Pumpkin Girl Portrait
Photographer: Morthen | Facebook fanpage | Flickr profile

I’m not really sure since when I interested in photography, I think since my mom trusted me with one of her snap and shot Fuji film camera when I was a kid, I bought my first DSLR around 2010 and been taking pictures since then with various camera brands.

About my “just pumpkin” image, it was a shot done for the model endorsement tattoo products. the shot session itself was one of my “fastest session” since we do it less than 30 minutes. What I like about this image is the blank expression look by the model, each I time I look at this image I felt like there is an empty blank space in my heart that I don’t know how to fill it or it’s like you feel something in it but you don’t know what exactly what it is :)

As the technical kinds of stuff, I’m using Canon 60d + Vivitar 85/1.4 with available light, the shot itself is taken at a hotel in front of this model house. for the post-processing, I’m using my own preset in Lightroom for the basic stuffs like exposure, contrast, and color tone and then move to Photoshop CC for further editing like fixing the skin tone, sharpening, a bit of curve adjustment and resizing.


Classic Girl Portrait
Photographer: Chantall | Facebook fanpage

Her name is Zuma, which sounds pretty exotic.

She’s my boyfriend’s little sister who I wanted to photograph for a long time now. So when she came over, we made a few pictures.

I wanted to give the pictures a natural look and I think it came out pretty good!
Her first photoshoot and she trusted me completely. Zuma, the girl who’s name is exotic stood before the window in front of the tree with the yellow leaves. Embraced by natural light. With her classic hairstyle and dress.

I like to figure out what frame looks best on a person. Not much the light in the picture or the techniques. I used a Canon 650D camera with a 50mm f1.8 lens in natural light. For editing, I used Adobe Photoshop CS6.


Boy Portrait
Photographer: Miroslava Misova | Facebook fanpage

My name is Miroslava Misova, I’m 22 and I’m from Slovakia. I started with photography about 4 years ago. I don’t have any education about taking pictures, I started with taking pictures of my friends or family, I wanted to “freeze” moments, emotions and express myself, how I see things.

I don’t have a real explanation about this picture I took, because I´d love to let people make their own explanation or have their own feelings about it. It was taken next to the railway station in my hometown ( Lucenec ), we were walking through the place and I´ve seen that beautiful old building ( I love the windows ), so I told him to go there and I took a shot :).

I don’t really have a lot of things to do with editing ( I don’t use any lights or something) I just did a little bit different color and it was done. I took my new camera “for a walk” for the first time, its Canon 5d Mark II, I just wanted to try how it is gonna be with it.) so this was actually one of my first shots with a new camera.


Autumn Girl Portrait
Photographer: Anastasiia Pukhovskaia

My name is Anastasiia Pukhovskaia. I am a Russian 20 years old student at Saint-Petersburg State University, but now I am studying in Seoul as an exchange student.

The model’s name is Marianna.
This portrait was shot by Canon EOS 500D with Canon EF 50mm lens. About location… it is the territory of Korea University. I was working with this model firstly that’s why I can’t say more. I hope people will enjoy seeing this portrait on your website.


Roundabout Girl Portrait
Photographer: Marina Ćorić | Facebook fanpage | Instagram profile | 500PX Profile

That day I had planned a late afternoon shooting in an abandoned building with my model, Nikolina. I was hoping to get subtle warm lighting inside the building but the weather unexpectedly turned bad. It started raining and a cold wind started blowing. The model was freezing and most of my ideas for that shoot couldn’t have been executed because of the harsh wind. I was quite disappointed since nothing went according to plan, so I decided to improvise and maybe use the weather to our advantage. We moved from the original location and walked around the nearby residential complex.

This photo is one of my favorites from this shoot. It’s just a perfect moment. Sun appears through the clouds for that one second, her expression just has so much emotion, her hair, lit by sun rays, is softly floating in the wind and extending to flickering bokeh in the background, there is not a soul around… I just love the feeling, the atmosphere in it.

I took the photo with my Nikon D600 paired with Nikkor 50 mm f/1.4 lens. The camera was handheld, the Aperture was f/2.5, the Shutter speed was 1/4000 second and ISO was 100. Afterward, I edited the photo in Adobe Photoshop CS6 to achieve this, sort of cold atmosphere.

Not Yet

Not Yet Girl Portrait
Photographer: Eralithia | Flickr profile

I’m a lover of nature around me. There is hardly anything that makes me happier than spending time at a nice scenery where I can just walk along. The majority of the photos I take are self-portraits. A lot of them don’t convey a special meaning, but the ones that do are very precious to me. Every time when I take the camera and go outside to take photos it feels like in a different world where nothing else exists than this very location and sometimes the concept I want to capture. It’s distracting me from everything that might bother me on this day and to put all the focus on trying to take a good photograph and sometimes accomplishing it puts a smile on my face and heart.

During my studies, I had a flat in the middle of a big city and mostly came home over the weekends to my family’s house. When Sunday evening came along I somehow didn’t want to go back to the for me seemingly gray and sad surroundings. I wanted to stay at the house with the brook and fields next to it. To step out of the front door and see green. Being in a city I just felt like missing out on the seasons and all the little things I would’ve seen at home. Every Sunday evening I didn’t wanted to go back to the city..not yet.

About the technical aspects, I hardly can say anything professional.
I use a Canon EOS 1100D and a 50mm f1.4 lens. The photo is taken in Lower Austria close to my home.

Street moment

Street moment Girl Portrait
Photographer: Shakilov Neel | Facebook Profile

Most portraits that I shoot are non-commercial, just for fun. This photograph was not planned for a long time, I have been returning from my mountain backpack trip, and have few hours between trains in Kyiv. I was walking on its streets, and noticed a huge commercial billboard with Mila, a friend of mine, on a leading role. I called her on the phone, and she was not so busy as always, and we decided to shoot some photographs.

I don’t have my favorite portrait lens 85 1.8 but have Canon 100-400, which is not so bad at all. This guy riding on the bike was really helpful for creating the composition. In post-processing, I have nerfed highlights, done toning, and added some blur. That’s the short story of creation :)

Glass house

Glass house Portrait of Girl
Photographer: Julia Trotti | Facebook fanpage | Tumblr Page | Instagram profile

I am Julia Trotti, a fashion photographer based in Sydney, Australia. I love shooting fashion portraits with natural light, focusing on the moments in-between, the unnoticed, and the unconventional. My style leads me to shoot campaigns for fashion labels and brands, as well as magazine covers and editorials. My work has been published on the cover and pages of White Magazine, Peppermint Magazine, La Luna Magazine, and many more.

The photograph Glass House was photographed early one morning in a greenhouse on the South Coast of NSW, Australia. I wanted to shoot a soft and delicate editorial, so I chose this location for the beautiful greenery we could photograph with. I think the combination of the model, clothes, and location the image gives a sense of delicacy and almost nostalgia. This image was taken on a Canon 5D Mark 3 with a 50mm f1.2 lens. I used natural light which was diffused by the thick glass of the greenhouse, giving the image a soft hazy look. With editing, I only color edited the photo with my Hush River preset available through my Photoshop Actions and Lightroom Presets shop There was absolutely no retouching done in Photoshop, something that I am hoping to do with all my work in the near future. I think in turn with my natural style of photography, a totally natural and un-altered picture will suit my aesthetics.

193 / 365

193-365 Boy Portrait
Photographer: Olivia Rose Edvalson | Facebook fanpage | Flickr profile

This image was taken at The Wild One’s Workshop at the Arnold Arboretum in Boston back in July this year. The story behind it is kind of funny — my friend Nick (featured in this image) randomly offered to model for me and gave me permission to do whatever I wanted with him. My eyes immediately went over to the nearby creek — I saw mud — lots of it! I had no idea that he would be so willing to get down in the water for me, let alone let me cover him in all of the mud too — especially since we had only met each other a few hours before! It was a spur-of-the-moment idea that ended up producing one of my favorite images of all time. The lighting, positioning, composition…everything all came into place all at once. I couldn’t have asked for better conditions. The other photographers crowded around and watched me get down and dirty to get this image, and I think it inspired a few others to make use of the muddy environment too!

As for post-processing, minimal edits were made. I sharpened his face up a bit and added a bit of saturation to the leaves, and increased some of the highlights in his hair, eyes, and shirt.

I think what makes this one of my favorite images I’ve created is the fact whenever I look at it, I remember how awkward and yet fun it was to create it. Now Nick and I are great friends! I love how photography brings people closer together.

Young Traveler

Young Traveler Boy Portrait
Photographer: Frances Bukovsky

I am Frances Bukovsky, an illustration major with a passion for photography. I currently attend Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Florida, however, I am originally from a small town in upstate New York. Through my work, I try to capture the essence of humanity and show its diversity as well as its common core.

In this portrait, I captured my brother sitting and reading a travel magazine while waiting patiently to get going for the day. He looked so mature beyond his years, sitting and reading through the travel magazine in the hotel room that it inspired me to pick up the camera and shoot a few shots. No special lighting was used, just the sunlight coming through the open hotel room door.

I shot this piece with a Fujifilm Finepix S3200, my primary camera, and used an Aperture of F/4.0 in the hotel room I shared with my mother, grandmother, and brother during our visit to Sarasota, Florida in April 2014. My post-processing work included fiddling a little with levels in photoshop to bring out some of the red tones and soften the scene. I also employed a slight vignette to focus the shot more on the figure. I’ve always been drawn most to the rule of thirds composition style, and this can be found within this photograph.

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