15 Most Famous Photographers of All Times and their Self Portrait

15 Most Famous Photographers of All Times and their Self Portrait

Photography is followed like a cult in most parts of the world. There are thousands of aspiring and promising photographers around the globe who continue to amaze us with their creative vision, unique perspectives, and excellent photographs. However, there have been a few of us who have been popular for their style, their passion for photography, and the works that they presented to the world. We would talk about 15 of the most famous photographers in the world so that you can get a hint of inspiration for your works as well.

Here are 15 Most Famous Photographers Of All Times & their Self Portrait:

1. Art Wolfe

Famous photographers Art Wolfe
One of the most popular faces on television, he is a nature photographer and a TV presenter. He is known for bringing a very diverse range of wildlife and popular landscapes in his pictures because of which he is a part of our list.

2. Edward Weston

Famous photographers Edward Weston
If you like still life pictures, then you would find nothing better than Weston’s works. His nude stills, landscapes, and thoroughly detailed large-format pictures have been an inspiration for many.

3. Mario Testino

Famous photographers MARIO TESTINO
He photographs some of the most beautiful women in the world and works for brands like Dolce & Cabana and Gucci. His works are laden with glamor, style, and carry a very smooth, subtle, and flattering portrayal of beauty that instantly deliver their message and leave a lingering impact on you.

4. Ansel Adams

Famous photographers Ansel Adams
One of the best landscape photography works can be found in the pictures clicked by Adams. His art is definitive and his work is unparalleled in this era. His works include some high-level contrasts that cannot be achieved in the era of digital photography. He was one of the masters of creative artwork in the darkroom which made his photographs too attractive to forget.

5. Yousuf Karsh

Famous photographers Yousuf Karsh
Have you been looking for clues and hidden messages everywhere? If not, then take a close look at the works by Yousuf Karsh. His pictures portray his subjects in a very mysterious light. The gleam and the subtle light create an interesting canvas because of which every object and subject is ready to speak volumes in his pictures. His works would also appeal to the photographers who like to take candid shots of people. The emotions captured by him are quite real and stunning.

6. Robert Capa

Famous photographers Robert Capa
Wartime photographs have invoked a million emotions in each one of us. If you have been one of the wartime picture fans, then you must have certainly seen the works by Robert Capa. Actually, the photos were taken by Endre Friedman, but they were marketed and marked as Robert Capa. He participated in 5 wars and used to photograph soldiers in their trenches. This is why the photos are real and very natural as well.

7. Jay Maisel

Famous photographers Jay Maisel
A modern photographer who doesn’t use too much lighting, big and fancy cameras, Maisel is one of the most influential photographers of this time. The pictures are simple and portray a very subtle appeal that cannot be obtained with people and objects in the studio. He steps out to take pictures of lights and different interesting shapes which make his pictures quite unique amongst his peers.

8. W. Eugene Smith

Famous photographers W. Eugene Smith
If you like black and white stills and are interested in this kind of printing, then you must draw inspiration from Smith. He was known to be obsessed with his work, so much so that his photographs became intense, powerful, and striking on their own. He is also one of the best

9. Guy Bourdin

Famous photographers Guy Bourdin
He is one of the most controversial names in the world of photography. No matter what views you have about his works, you can’t ignore his dexterity in this art. Bourdin is known for his fashion photography breakthrough and is imitated by many fashion photographers today. His works are bold, erotic, and even destructive to some extent.

10. Irving Penn

Famous photographers Irving Penn real
He is one of the most popular portrait photographers of all time. In fact, most of the concepts that modern portrait photography boasts of owing gracious dues to Penn. His works are mostly celebrated in American Vogue magazine but you can see quite a lot of photographs by him depicting better still life than any other of his peers. Consequently, most of us use Irving Penn as a synonym to great still life pictures.

11. Jerry Uelsmann

Famous photographers Jerry Uelsmann
A creative genius, Uelsman said no to the digital photographs and worked his magic in the darkroom. His works mostly included some splendid composite pictures that portray different realms of life in the same picture.

12. Dorothea Lange

Famous photographers Dorothea Lange
If you have seen the famous photograph titled ‘the migrant mother’, you have known the artistry of one of the most iconic photographs in the modern world. The photographer was Dorothea Lange who has been capturing some vivid imagery through her lens. However, the emotions of sadness, grief, confusion, and even anxiousness are bolder and quite pronounced in some of her best-known pictures. This is mostly because most of her work comes from the times of the Great Depression.

13. Henri Cartier Bresson

Famous photographers Henri Cartier Bresson
He is known for excellent black and white photography. He also popularized the usage of the 35mm film and is called one of the greatest influences on modern photography.

14. Richard Avedon

Famous photographers Richard Avedon
Do you like dramatic pictures? You must check out the works by Avedon. His pictures are striking, simple but have a flair of theatrical influence at the same time. His black and white pictures are quite popular.

15. Elliott Erwitt

Famous photographers Elliott Erwitt
People photography can be difficult and meaningful at the same time. Find some of the best emotions and candid moments captured by Erwitt. The pictures are quite beautiful because of their different perspectives. Nobody captures the everyday life of people in such dramatic and striking poses like Erwitt.
These were the 15 most popular photographers of all time. Their influence of photography has been huge and they have given us some real masterpieces to boast about. As a budding photographer, their works can serve as the right dose of inspiration for you.


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