Une tache - Boy girl portrait with painted faces

Weekly Favorite Portraits Showcase

Hello all. We are back again with this week Portrait Inspirations. Every week we collect 10 to 12 Portraits Photographs from all around the internet for our weekly portrait showcase section but we were on a halt for past few weeks due to some technical issues.

We are always looking for ingenious artists who are photographing and producing narrative portrait photographs. We try to collect photographs from all types of photographers and we always do our best to encourage them.

Take a look what we have collected for this week. Read the story behind these portraits, the technical aspects and read more about the photographer. Don’t forget to share their work in your social circles.

Don’t say good bye

Don't say good bye - Girl Portrait in Sad Face

Photographer: Lola de Lou | Deviantart Profile

I’m Lola, 20 years old girl from Poland. This photo was taken in my hometown, Konin. One day I found that old house and it impressed me immediately. It’s inhabited by an old, kind man, who fortunately let me picture it.

The day the photo was made was warm and sunny, it was august. I wanted to capture melancholic, vintage feeling of this time and place and was really happy to get the shot I dreamed about. The title is from Lana del Reys song “Ride“, which played in my head at that time.

I used Canon 50D and an old Helios lens with focal length 2.0. I enhanced contrast, colors and changed them a little with curves.


Dia - Girl Portrait with Flower

Photographer: Arnold Eszenyi | Deviantart Profile

I’m Arnold Eszenyi, an environmental engineer student from Hungary. Photography is just a hobby for me, but it takes a big part in my life. Most of the time I shoot girls on locations what I recently discovered, but there are some exceptions what we visit usually. This location that you can see in the picture is a suburb of our city, a former vineyard with a loads of abandoned areas where the flowers started to take back the lands. I love the feeling of these abandoned areas, so in my free time we often grab bicycle with the girls (who are not models, just simple girls) to discover the world around us.

On last summer I bought my new camera. I changed from Nikon D300 to a D610 model. This image was born in that happiness, without planning. I used a Samyang 85mm f1.4 lens with manual focus of course, the built-in focus indicator in the D610 is a very good help in the case like this. There was no helper with us, just me and Dia, so no diffusers and flashes used here. I always shoot in RAW, processing the files with Lightroom v5.6 (mostly clarity, highlights, shadows, sharpness, vignette and color corrections) and then I convert the RAW files to .jpeg and load the best ones with Photoshop CS6. The Photoshop is the tricky part of the game; there I can use my saved 15-20 curve settings, 10-15 selective color settings and I use two plugin: Color Effex Pro 4 and Alien Skin Exposure 5. These settings are randomly applied, without a pre-written sequence. I think that the post processing is a very important part of my style, therefore I spend 0.5-1.5 hours with one picture to process it.

Good luck

Good luck - Girl Portrait with Suglasses

Photographer: Jules | Deviantart Profile

Hello, my name is Jules and I am from United States.

I took the photo downtown when I was out with two friends. It was sunny in the late afternoon, so I just relied on the natural lighting. The most obvious post processing I did were the gradients. I added an orange gradient in the top right and a blue one in the bottom left. There was also a fair amount of color correcting and contrast added to the photo.

Christmas Time: Let it Snow

Christmas Time Let it Snow - Girl Portrait in Sweater

Photographer: Nadiya Partsey | Deviantart Profile

Hello my name is Nadiya Partsey, and I am a female photographer from Ukraine.

This portrait was made in the western Ukraine, in a small town Ivano-Frankivsk.

I’m using Canon 5D Mark II camera with lens EF 50mm 1:1.4. The photograph was taken in natural light and I have not used any lightning on this photo session.

For post processing work I used only Adobe Photoshop Lightroom and some of my presets.

I really like this photo because it looks like a Christmas, you know. It is a portrait with so many lights, brightness and happiness. This has made this photograph so appealing. Such things are only a moment of life but we should enjoy it.

Une tache. 2

Une tache - Boy girl portrait with painted faces

Photographer: Léa Fery | Deviantart Profile

My name is Léa Fery and I’m a 23-years photographer based in France.
It was improvised just behind my house, with no flash, no light, no nothing.. I used my Nikon camera D300, and the 50mm f1.4.

For the post-production work, I only added a little bit of contrast.


Chill - Girl Portrait

Photographer: Katarína Molnárová | Deviantart Profile

Hello, I am Katarína Molnárová, I am a female photographer from Slovakia.

This photograph is interesting because of how it was made. I make it really quick.
Do you know those pictures which were made because photographer was bored?
This is one of those. Back light was table lamp nothing special nothing professional. It is so fun to make in unprofessional but still good without any expensive tools.

I finished it by editing eyes to match with orbs around to make photo look like I am part of it.


07 Girl Portrait with flower

Photographer: Ivanova Dasha | Facebook fanpage | Flickr Profile | Deviantart Profile | 500PX Profile

My name is Dasha Ivanova. I’m 25 years old. I live in Russia in the city of Kaluga. I became interested in photography in 2008. It all started with the processing of other people’s photos. And then I decided, why not handle their pictures.

I have accumulated on the camera, and so it all began. Now I am on the Canon 5d Mark II and using lenses Canon 50mm f/1.2, Canon 24-70mm f/2.8, Canon TS-E 45 mm. My favorite lens is the Canon 50mm f/1.2, I use it more often.

I love natural light and nature. Very rarely use flash and other elements of artificial lighting. When shooting at least try to use additional attributes, and more try to show the natural beauty of nature and woman.

When processing the photos, I try not to overdo it with color, like warm shades. Recently often rented for film camera, perhaps in the future will move only on film.

Autumn Witch

Autumn Witch - Girl Portrait

Photographer: Juℓie | Tumblr Profile | Deviantart Profile

Hello my name is Juℓie, and I am a female photographer from France.

The shoot I did with the beautiful Cassandra, who is my sister-in-law. It was a shoot I’ve waited for a long time. I’ve seen her 4 times in my life, and the last one we had this shoot done. I just took my Fujifilm X-E2 with me, she just put on her dress and her flower crown and well… here we are! I just had to tell her “yeah just sit there we’ll try something!” and we knew each other what we were capable of. She’s really a good model, she inspires me a lot to do photography work, and we didn’t even thought about big stuff to have a wonderful work done – in fact we both were just as natural as possible, and it kinda turned out great!

Living with the Sun

Living with the Sun - Girl Portrait

Photographer: Taya | Deviantart Profile

Hello, my name is Taya.

This portrait was taken in a very special place I will probably never have the chance to visit again. Golden hour was revealing all of its shining glory and I decided to dance around and create a few spontaneous shots which is how this photo was created. I used to spend a lot of my time photographing nature and myself there. I’d go to that magical garden every day at golden hour after school and shoot until my battery would die. Back then I had no idea that those golden hours wouldn’t last long which is why I treasure this portrait so much.

I took this with a Canon 60D and a 50mm 1.8 lens. The editing process was very, very simple; I used one Photoshop curve.

The elven lover

The elven lover -Girl Portrait with Sun Glare

Photographer: Gianluca Quinto | Facebook fanpage | Tumblr Profile | Deviantart Profile

Hi everybody! My name is Gianluca Quinto and I’m 28, from Italy. I’m not a professional photograph because I think that there are still many tips to learn.

However with my camera (Canon EOS 1100D, lens EF-S 55-250) I enjoy to take a lot of pics, especially portrait, influenced by my love for drawing portraits.

I’m working with my girlfriend (Alevblack), that is my model, muse and art director, at a lot of projects fantasy and romantic based; our team has two make up artists/prop makers too, so they can help us with a lot of beautiful ideas!

About this photo I can tell you that Alevblack wanted to suggest an idea of peace, some kind of magic, like an ancient celtic woman kissed by the sun in a fairy location. When I took this pic I just thought at our inspiration, for example P.J Lynch and other great illustrators.

For this photo I used only natural light. My post processing (with Photoshop CC) was very simple: first of all I decided to revive the make up with the high pass filter, than to smooth skin and intensify the light/shadow. The place was Parco di Monza, in North Italy.

I want to thank once again Neminziel for the great work with the make up and Alevblack for believing in me and in my skills.

Neminziel’s page: https://www.facebook.com/neminziel
AlevBlack’s page: https://www.facebook.com/alevblackmodel

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