Winter smile portrait

18 Stunning Close-Up Portraits To Inspire You

Here we showcase the work of some of the most talented photographers who did an excellent job with their subject of taking some decent close-up portrait, these artists are constantly galvanizing the social world to spread their words, as people immensely love their work, thereby sharing becomes obvious.

For capturing a better close-up portrait you can also make use of macro lenses, but before that make sure to read this article first.

So pick up your camera and start taking some Close-Up portrait of your subject, you can introduce your friends, family and even your adorable pet and if some post-processing is needed you can still use some portrait retouching tools like Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop, Portrait Professional, etc. for getting the finishing touch you desire.

Have fun with your camera!

1. My Passive by MartaSyrko

Close shot

2. Winter smile by basistka


3. Lea And Ring Flash by Vladimir Dostalek

close up

4. EVA by Richard Brocken


5. Coldchemistry web by ophelia overdose


6. Lamp of the Body by Aaron Tyree


7. La lumière pas dans tes yeux by Pablo Poulain

head shot

8. Wedding Model by Derekwin

wedding portrait

9. Male Portrait by Yevgen Romanenko


10. First cut by gesell

close up

11. Renesmee by dannie


12. After midnight by Senju-HiMe

close shoot

13. Autoportrait by Thais Correia

close shoot

14. Halo by 8o clock

B&W close portrait

15. No goodbyes needed by haleycage

Close portrait

16. Meshal Al Jaser by Naif AlJaser


17. Gena by Petko Petkov


18. RE by khalis karl

close head shot

It was tough to choose each of these portraits as there were a plethora of talented photographers out there which made it uncertain to figure out which one to pick and which one to leave.

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