Mermaid conceptual portrait photography

MPH Portrait Spotlight – November (2016) Showcase

Every month we come up with a new post in our section “MPH Portrait Spotlight”. We always attempt to hit upon and showcase inspirational and awe-inspiring portrait photographs from photographers all around the world.

In this month’s collection, we are going to showcase some really impressive portraits. Follow these artists and photographers by clicking their work which will redirect you to their social account from where it’s stemming.

So continuing our inspiration drive, let’s take pleasure in this month’s showcase!

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01. Branches

Girl outdoor photoshoot with Branches

Photographer: Rea Vasic | Deviantart Profile

Hello, people out there. I am Rea Vasic. I am a student photographer, specializing in art and fashion photography, currently residing in Serbia, hoping to soon expand internationally.

This particular portrait was taken in Tivat, Montenegro, on a high hill overlooking the coast, in a really quiet, tranquil forest. There’s something magical about the whole series I did with this girl, it all sort of clicked together. The camera used was Nikon D90, lighting was purely natural, it was a nice semi-cloudy day, providing that beautiful natural light, like coming through a softbox. After all, clouds are nature’s softboxes. :)

There wasn’t very much work done in post-processing, if I can remember, everything was done with “Curves” to balance the highlights and shadows, and some of the colors (green, red) saturated a bit more with selective color.

02. Self-Presentation

Conceptual portrait photograph
Photographer: Shimizu Taiki | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Profile

Hello everyone, I am Shimizu Taiki. I am a male photographer from Germany. I’m just a casual guy, my servants put my pants on, just like everyone else.

Every evening I eat the finest human wellington filet. Because Human Flesh makes me immortal and strawberry-milk makes me beautiful. It’s my personal beauty-secret. I like smashing Humans, big explosions, sharp knives, and cuddle with puppies.

If there would be one thing, I could say to the world, it would be:

If you think you’re more evil than me, you should run fast.

03. Mermaid

Mermaid conceptual portrait photography

Photographer: Lisa-Marie McGinn | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Page | Instagram Profile | Twitter Profile

My name is Lisa-Marie McGinn and I am a Scottish-born fashion photographer currently residing in Canada. I started photography when I was in Grade 10 of high school. I needed a class for credits and thought photography would be so easy. Boy was I wrong! I learned that it was a lot of work but the more I was learning the more I realized I loved photography. I finished the advanced class in Grade 11 but still wanted to do photography my graduating year so my teacher created Advanced +1 for me so I would still be able to practice and learn different techniques. I didn’t start taking an interest in fashion photography until the end of my second year of University. My shoots are often inspired by other artists, music, and lately Disney movies, as I love fairytales and building off of the ethereal storyline. I started researching fashion photographers from all over the world to gain inspiration. A few of my photography inspirations would have to be Lara Jade, Emily Soto, and David Benoliel. I love coming up with a concept, putting a team together, and creating something unique. The fairytale types of photoshoots are my favorite to plan, execute, and edit.

Oh boy, I’m going to fall in.” Those were the words that went through my head the entire duration of the shoot. As a fashion and beauty photographer, sometimes we get these wild ideas and can’t wait to execute them but they turn out to be more challenging than we originally thought. I had wanted to do a bathtub shoot for years but I often wondered how do they do that? How do they make it look so good and effortless? I have seen a lot of photographers do bathtub shoots using milk, flowers, rose petals, etc. and I knew I wanted to do something different. “What about glitter?” I remember thinking one day. I spoke to my friend Sheba who is an incredibly talented make-up artist and we went back and forth on ideas. We decided on a bright look for the make-up and then we would sprinkle different coloured glitters into the water. The next thing we needed to figure out was who we were going to get to model our vision. There was a new model Sheba had just met at Western Canada Fashion Week who was starting to get into modeling so we contacted her. For the location, we used my parents’ on-suite bathroom because it has a large bathtub with ledges on each side. On the day of the shoot, I met Katarina the model for the first time. She was so excited! This was her first major photo shoot and she couldn’t wait to see our idea come to life. As Sheba got started on the makeup, my fiancé, who was assisting me for the day, started filling the bathtub. We shot this during our cold winter so I made sure the water was warm. As Kat lay down in the tub, we started sprinkling the glitter all around her. This shoot required me to balance on the edge of the tub above Kat. I used one Elinchrom softbox that was placed directly beside me pointing down at the model. I don’t know how many times I almost fell over or bumped the light trying to balance. We couldn’t stop laughing so I had to ask my fiancé to hold me so I didn’t fall on her or every photographer’s nightmare, drop my Canon 5D Mark III. After we finished, the three of us started looking at the photos on the back of the camera. It turned out even better than we imagined. We were so in love with what we captured! The contrast of the colors between the makeup and the glitter really popped! Clean up, on the other hand, …was not so fun. Post-processing was equally as fun as the shoot itself. I wanted to really make the colours pop so I played around with my hue and saturations, my curves layer, and some personal actions I have created. The entire shoot was definitely one of my favorites this year and was featured in Dreamingless Magazine.

04. Claudio

Outdoor street portrait of a guy in teal tshirt

Photographer: Liene Ratniece | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Page | Twitter Profile

My name is Liene Ratniece, I am 23. I born and raised in Riga but currently studying at Baltic Film and Media School, Tallinn University, Estonia. I started practicing photography since I was 14-15 years old, beginning with a few pixel digital camera till now – a full-frame Nikon D750. Photography has always been my favorite way of expressing myself. The way how I see and feel colors, what they mean to me, enhancing the emotion with the beautiful people surrounding me. I am a big fan of fashion photography, neon, and glitter.

Funnily enough, this portrait was a test photoshoot of my new camera. After grabbing some lunch, we decided to stay in the ‘creative cityTelliskivi (which you should definitely check out if you happen to be in Tallinn) and take some photos there. As soon as I saw the neon sign reflection on the concrete, I knew it will be the perfect spot. Claudio’s style and looks perfectly shaped the photo, the cold lights, and neon.

As for post-processing – a little bit of contrast, sharpness and turquoise added.

For more upcoming shoots I rather suggest checking my Facebook page: Liene Ratniece Photography

05. Playground

Outdoor portrait of a girl in black dress

Photographer: Paulina Maciejewska | Deviantart Profile | Instagram Profile | Facebook Page

Hello everyone I am Paulina Maciejewska and I’m known as “FairyLady“. I’m a fashion and portrait photographer from Poland. I was born in 1994 in Konin. Photography is my biggest fashion since I was a little child.

My photos were published in magazines all over the world. I take inspiration from nature, the world around me, my imagination, and fashion magazines. My favorite photographers are Tim walker, Marcin Tyszka. Laura Makabresku, Kimber Beck. I’m a big Sia Furler fan. I love to run on the meadows, listen to the birds, and wear floral dresses.

This photograph was published in the editorial “Playground” in BeauNu Magazine. It was taken in Old Zoo in Poznań. The model was Kasia Sowińska, the stylist Jay Sidorowicz, makeup artist, and hairdresser was Zosia Furmann.

It was a really cold day in March, close to sunset. We took this session really fast and this photo was one of the last because of the zoo was opened only to 16 o’clock. That was a great, sunny day :) And I love the team I was working with. I took it with Canon EOS 500D, with an F2.0/ 35 mm lens.

06. Swan Song

Girl outdoor photography in red dress

Photographer: Hélène Rock | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Page | Instagram Profile

I’m Hélène Rock, a french artist, photographer for my job and writer. The historical photography and emotive portrait are my favorites thematics.

This picture “Swan song” was taken in Paris at the Place Des Vosges.

The dress is a handmade creation of the lovely stylist “Volute Corset” (France). This day the rain was falling hard in Paris but we decided to continue the shooting. My model was serene with that and this moment was delicious. My tools for this photography is a Nikon D7100 and a lens Tamron 70/200 f/2.8. Now I work with a 50mm f/1.4 too.

07. Carmen 3255

Blonde girl portrait photograph at beach

Photographer: Dmitry Shevelev | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Page | Instagram Profile | Model Mayhem Profile

My name is Dmitry Shevelev, I’m a 55 years old software engineer and a hobbyist photographer. I was born in Moscow, Russia. During the last 23 years, I live and work in Athens, Greece. As an amateur I have been photographing all my life, last five years I’m devoting much more time to photography trying to do it better.

This picture was taken in 2015 with a wonderful model Carmen Hernandes. There is no special message or idea here. As usually, my only concept is female beauty as I see it. What is funny about this shot: one of my other models recognized here the straw construction that her son and her husband created while visiting the same location sometime before us.

The shot was done with 100% natural light. Technical details: Canon EOS 7D with EF 24-105mm f/4L IS lens, 1/2000 s, F/4.0, Focal Length 58 mm, ISO 160. The picture was slightly edited in Photoshop starting from RAW-file. Nothing special, as far as I remember: lens distortion compensation, framing, color and exposure correction, skin cleaning, blues saturation, vibrancy enhancing, slight vignetting.

08. DSC0833vd

Girl conceptual portrait photograph with bulbs

Photographer: Karen | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Page | 500PX Profile | Tumblr Profile

Hello, my name is Karen, better known as Kathy Chareun, I am from Argentina. Since I was a kid I liked photography, but about 5 years ago I focused more on it. I love all kinds of photography, beauty, and stories expressing. Lately, the greatest passion I find in photography is to be able to portray through surrealism and in a conceptual way as well. This picture is one of them. I did it for a project called “52 weeks” where every week you have to represent through an image some concept. The concept of this image is “LIGHT”. I wanted to represent, the ideas that one can have, and the mental freedom that this causes, that satisfaction, which I think you can see on my face.

As always I use my beloved Nikon D3200 with its 18-55 lens kit. Because despite having standard equipment, I think that there is no way in which it can be limited to imagination and creativity. The post-production I did was very simple since I am not an expert on it.

09. Elena in jeans and black pantyhose

Girl outdoor portrait photograph in blue jeans

Photographer: Alex | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Profile

Hello everyone. I am Alex, a male photographer from Russia. I am 30 years old. I was born in Moscow, Russia. I started taking pictures about 3 years ago. Now I have a Nikon D810 camera with me.

For this photograph “Elena in jeans and black pantyhose” I used Canon 6D DSLR camera using natural light only. Without light discs and others. ISO 250, F/4, 1/1580 secs, focal length 35mm, mode Aperture Priority, no flash. For post-processing work I used Abode Lightroom.

10. Untitled

Girl vignette portrait photography

Photographer: Miriam Viola | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Page | Flickr Profile | Tumblr Profile

I am Miriam Viola, a young Italian photographer, I’m 22 and I live in a little town in North Italy. I study at the Italian Institute of Photography, in Milan, and now I work for an agency in tourist facilities, but sometimes I like to try my hand and experience fashion and portrait photography.

To realize this picture I work with my friend, Giulia Ronzoni. She is also the makeup artist, the stylist and the model of the photo. The picture is part of a project called “Black Widow“, a shooting mainly dominated by dark and gloomy atmospheres.

I work with my Nikon D610 and a 70-200mm. For this photograph, I used natural light and I placed the model on a simple white wall to focus the viewer’s attention on the corsage, made by hand in papier-mache.

I have not spent much time in post-processing. I just settled the lights and added a vignette to give the image a darker mood.

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