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MPH Portrait Spotlight – February (2016) Showcase

Hello readers we are back again with yet another post in our series of inspirational portrait photographs “MPH Portrait Spotlight”. You will love to read the story behind each of these photographs. Also read about these photographers their style of photography, their profile, history, interests and equipments they use etc.

We are completely overwhelmed with how generous all these photographers were when we contacted them asking to feature their work. Huge thanks to all these artists who made such awesome art and who helped us gathering information for this Portrait spotlight post.

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01. Ancestors legacy

Girl in a Palace Portrait Photography

Photographer: Roman | Deviantart Profile

Hello my name is Roman. I am hobbyist photographer and art lover. I love to draw and taking a picture from my childhood. I found myself at weddings and portraits photography and I love my hobby that makes some profit.

As for the photograph, it was shot cold cloudy winter day. Sun really disappointed me that time because clouds didn’t let the sun to show up. So I decided to shoot with open aperture settings to make more light photos. I didn’t spend too much time for exposition correction because I can fix everything in Adobe Lightroom. Yes I spend lots of hours and coffee during post production. And the first step is the color correction and toning. I recommend everyone to spend more time for color correction and toning because it makes the 70% of success in getting nice and sweet image and other 30% is Photoshop’s work where you can retouch and manipulate the photo. i spend less time in retouching because I’ve made my own retouching scenario and made actions and presets ready for it.

02. She and wolf

Girl Portrait with Animal

Photographer: Ivana | Deviantart Profile | Facebook | 500PX Profile

My name is Ivana, I come from small town in Slovakia and photography is my biggest hobby and also passion since the age of 17. I started as a pure enthusiast, capturing everything everywhere, and gradually focused on portraits, which are prevalent in my work to this day. Besides photography, I love listening to music, taking hikes, watching horror movies and having good chat with friends.

The photo of a girl and a dog is from a series that I’m quite proud of, although the outcome was somehow different from the original idea. I got a vision in my mind of creating photo with dark atmosphere resembling the Victorian era, with a female model and a black dog following her, portraying a kind of danger. Instead of black dog, my friend brought a beautiful Czechoslovakian wolf dog. Colored silver-grey. So the overall look of a photo got more fantastical. It was shot in natural light with Canon EOS 6D, using 50mm lens and during post process, I simply adjusted colors to evoke dream or kind of surrealism. I also retouched the skin of a model and slightly dodged and burned certain areas of the image.

03. L u l l a b y o f w o e

Blonde Girl Winters Photography

Photographer: Silvia Giuli | Deviantart Profile | Facebook | Flickr Page | Instagram Profile

My name is Silvia Giuli, and I am a nerdy-dreamer girl from Italy who really enjoys taking photos.

I like to think about my life as a story between reality and dreams, and that’s what my photography talks about: it tries to show all the worlds that exist inside and out myself.

Lullaby of Woe” wants to show that very little place -in or out our mind- that protects us from all the sorrow that sometimes affects our lives. Indeed, the tiny warm sunlight on the face of the model is the real focal point of this portrait.

I used my beloved Nikon D800 and 70-200mm f/2.8 Sigma lens. The most of the post processing work has been done in Lightroom, along with some skin retouching and dodging and burning corrections in Photoshop.

04. Deep in thoughts…

Girl with a Book Portrait Photography

Photographer: Contagious Reverie | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Fanpage

Hello my name is Eleonora Borodina, I am a fashion model and photographer with international career path starting from 2008.
Real name: Eleonora Borodina
Pseudonym: Dante Heks.

Mostly I engage myself in divergent projects that require a huge dose of creativity, dexterous brain and flexible body. Usually these are projects initiated and brought to life by ‘Contagious Reverie‘ team (It is my team, which I lead together with my fiancee. We work together with close, talented minds), and ideas of some artists embodied in flesh for further artistic use. Of course work in more ordinary fields is still on the list of daily deeds. Broadly speaking I am an intelligent beast – in the purest and most curious meaning – with stable craving for development and amiable will for positive evolving.

About this particular portrait… It is actually interesting because this photo had been made accidentally during the break on one photo session. Though it displays perfectly deep interest and power of imagination which activates, when you touch the words of some book, when mysterious dulcet voice start to make it’s unique narrative available only for you. In such moments you are introvertial, though you can see everything, you are relaxed, yet you are fully ready for any rapid actions. It is just the moment of pure ‘self’ without any social shadows or disguise.

05. Find Your White Rabbit

Girl Riverside Portrait Photograph

Photographer: Mica Herrin | Deviantart Profile | Instagram Profile

Hello I am Mica Herrin, I am 19 and a student at University of Southern Mississippi.
Preferred media: Digital, Film, Disposables, Polaroid
Favorite styles: Expressive, Conceptual, Minimalism

I don’t want to make art that pleases people. I want to make art that stirs them. I enjoy creating images that are striking to the eye and seem uncomfortably out of place such as a wedding dress in the mud or a telephone underwater. In this specific image, a girl is in a white dress on the crumbling cliff above a massively polluted river.

White Rabbit‘ is a ploy off of Lewis Carroll’s book Alice in Wonderland, but this specific image is about the metaphor behind that symbol. “Find Your White Rabbit” is about giving into childish curiosity and seeking out more of what genuinely interests us, despite the opposite direction society tends to push us. We are all searching for something, but sometimes what you need to find is yourself.

Technical Aspects:
Camera: Nikon V1 14mm
Editing: Meitu
Location: Bank of the Leaf River
Lighting: Natural, Sunset offered soft golden tone

06. Dalia.

Girl Close up Portrait on Bed

Photographer: Aleksandra Adamczuk | Deviantart Profile

Hi, my name is Aleksandra Adamczuk. I am an eighteen years old photographer from the small town Tomaszów Lubelski in Poland.

Photography is my greatest passion. Thanks to it I met many wonderful people, including beautiful Dalia Dec, who you can see in the picture above. We wanted this photoshoot to be very delicate and girly. I hope that we achieved the desired effect. The photos were taken with Sony a58 and 50mm/1.4 lens. All my images are edited in Photoshop CS3.

07. Zaria

Lady Portrait Photograph

Photographer: Alma Black | Deviantart Profile | Tumblr Profile | Facebook Fanpage

My name is Elodie, aka Alma Black. I am a french freelancer photographer based in London. I studied art, photography, and then history of Art in France. This different skills give at my photo work, some pre-raphaelite or baroque portrait inspiration.

My photography style? I like the idea that I take photo of witches, queens, fairies, lost princesses. I have a world between Sofia Coppola movies and the gothic culture. That wants to mean, I give prominence to the decor and background, and to the stylism. I am also fashion designer, and this takes a important place in my photography process.
I am a young photographer, and hopefully I will continue to refine my techniques and be always more creative.

About my portrait “Zaria“, I met this Polish girl, and I decided to do some portraits of her, using her culture. Zara is the name of the goddess of beauty in Slavic paganism. I wanted something modern, fashionable, and a bit magic using this white toque and makeup.

I used my Nikon D7000 for this shoot, with the usual Nikon 18-105mm DX VR Lens. I took this photograph in London, at Holland Park, a really romantic place. So, I used the pale natural light of this day.

My post work is always on Photoshop CS6. For this portrait, I worked on the light with a faded effect. Her face, re-working and pushing the makeup, smoothing the skin, which creates a dreaming beauty face.

08. Pale

Black and white Outdoor Portrait of a Boy

Photographer: Volkan Colak | Deviantart Profile | Instagram Profile

Hello. My name is Volkan Colak, an amateur photographer from Turkey, who is trying to travel the world and capture the moments of daily life

I started photography with my grandfathers Yashica Electro-35 and still following my passion with Sony A7X series and Sigma SD series. Since travelling is my other passion, I am trying to merge my two passions. Currently I am trying to work on gypsies before losing this wonderful culture.

I don’t post process my works, I always capture in color and convert to B/W with any software I find. I don’t believe in post processing in street photography since the photo should be as is, like it was in film 35mm camera. I am not an educated photographer, I don’t think so much while taking a photo when something seems sincere I capture it. I only want to reflect that sincerity without any play, manipulation or perception. That’s why I never take a photo without a person in it or a person out of daily life.

I usually carry two prime lens mounted cameras with me. 35mm, 50mm and 85mm are my primary angles. Nowadays my bag consists of Sony A7, Sony A7R, Zeiss 55mm f1.8, Zeiss 35mm f2.8, Canon FD 50mm f1.2 and Canon 85mm f1.8.

This photo was captured in Macedonia, in Šuto Orizari (Shutka) a gypsy town near Skopje.

Exif information is as below:
Camera: Sony A7R
Lens: FE 55mm F1.8 ZA Carl Zeiss Sonnar T*
Aperture: F1.8
Shutter Speed: 1/2500
ISO: 100

09. A friend

Portrait Photograph of a Guy with Beard

Photographer: Khalis Yunus | Deviantart Profile

Hello, My name is Khalis Yunus. I am from Malaysia and currently pursuing my master in Mechanical Engineering

I am in love with photography since I was a little and feel more enthusiastic when I was studying marine engineering in St Petersburg, Russia and continuing to do so until now. I love taking portraits since it is my way to express feelings and conveys some messages to other people who see my artworks.

This portrait of my friend was taken outdoors using my Nikon 90 with 50mm lens at the park near at my hometown. As we were walking around the park, I saw a good spot for the shot. This photo was taken purely using natural light. No lighting equipments were used as the weather condition during that time is cloudy and it was perfect!

For photo processing, i currently usingCS6 and the Editing was very simple. A basic retouch on the skin with saturating and contrast all over the face and adjusting the tones for the photos. Basically i use my own photoshop action that i have developed from the scratch for this photo.

10. Beauty

Girl Portrait Photography in a Bathing Tub

Photographer: Melissa | Deviantart Profile | Instagram Profile

Hello my name is Melisa, I am a photographer in Spain .

I have always loved photography, the creative side of it and how I can express myself through the pictures. I am just starting and I already love it. The photograph is made with a canon camera EOS 1200D. The model is a friend .The picture transmits the innocence and the sad loneliness.

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