Portrait picture of a Circus Clown

Weekly Favorite Portraits Showcase

Hello everyone. How have these first 2 weeks of the New Year been for you? Well, it’s pretty cold here this week, and I am shivering and ready with this week’s featured portraits.

Last week was a very busy week, with lots of things going on! We got emails from many talented photographers, and we also contacted a few and really their work has amazed us. So we are very excited to share their work with our readers and fans.

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Portrait of Girl with Fox
Photographer: Raphaelle Monvoisin | Facebook fanpage | Deviantart Profile

My name is Raphaelle Monvoisin and I’m a 25-years-old self-taught photographer based in Paris, France.

Between dreams and reality, I capture pictures which look like imaginary landscapes, and where onirism flirts with nature and beauty. With a poetic approach, I try to give life to emotion as a dream in a frozen frame.

This picture is part of a series, where I wanted to illustrate a young girl tamed by a wolfpack at the heart of a forest, far away from civilization. I love to question about the human place between nature and wilderness: is he a stranger? a friend? Is he in osmosis or hostile with this wild world?

Wolf is my favorite animal and I love to work with wolf-dogs who can illustrate this wild animal in my pictures. It was the first time I could work with wolf-dog puppies, I was so happy!

This picture was quite hard to take because the young wolf-dog puppies have to be calm and they just wanted to play and run through the forest. We were at the heart of a rocky national park in Picardie, France. It’s a lovely place with rocks, forest, moss, and heather.

The post-processing work consists in light, colors and contrasts adjustments, nothing more :)


Portrait Picture of a Girl with Shooting Star near the Window
Photographer: Diogo Costta | Facebook fanpage | Flickr Profile

Hello, my name is Diogo Costta, I am a male photographer from Brazil. I’ve been working this whole past year on my 52 Weeks Project. This portrait “Scintilla” is one of my favorite from my 52 Weeks Project.
This portrait “Scintilla” was made at home, through our bedroom window, at the beginning of the night. It does have many ways of interpretation but the main idea before shooting was to imagine all the bokeh like stars.

I love it because it portrays imagination among these chaotic and stressful lifestyle from the big cities such as São Paulo (Brazil).

The star was made with styrofoam, glitter, and a small wood-stick. I shoot with a Canon T3i, 50mm 1.8f, and usually use basic Photoshop adjustments and Brenizer method to expand it. A before and after can be found here: Facebook

A Circus Tale

Portrait picture of a Circus Clown
Photographer: Larissa Fischer | Facebook fanpage

This photograph is from the collection “The Circus Tale“. It’s a portrait of circus life. Pierrot clowns are without color. Only the scenery is colorful. Not all clowns are happy.

Photographed in an old amusement park. The photograph was taken with a Nikon D7000 camera. The Shutter speed was 1/100 second, Aperture was F/5.6 with a focal length of 105mm and ISO 1250. The basic edition of colors was made in Lightroom. I created a fog effect also using Adobe Photoshop.

Terka RED

Red Portrait Photograph Girl Picture

Photographer: Martin Zajicek | Deviantart Profile

I’m Martin Zajicek, 24 years old amateur photographer from Czech republic. I like making portrait photos.

The photo was created during one autumn afternoon where we were making some shots for fun. This shot we make with model Terezka Jecminkova in an underground garage under the shopping center at Ostrava city. Under roof were fluorescent tubes with a red color filter. A special red-lightning atmosphere inspired us to make this photograph.

I used Canon 500D with lens Sigma 30/1.4 Art. Light on the shot is only from a fluorescent tube. For post-process, I used Adobe Lightroom 5 and Adobe Photoshop Elements 11.

Guardian of the forest

Mysterious Girl Portrait Picture in Forest Darkness
Photographer: Ron | Deviantart Profile

Hello, my name is Ron and I’m 21 years old from Israel.

The whole idea of this picture was to create some story about a mysterious forest creature, without a face or some specific details – an “Intangible” creature. I almost uploaded it with colors, but when I tried the black & white version it seemed more right.

The picture was taken in a beautiful forest Israel.

I took the picture with Nikon D60.

Les Chats Perches

Portrait picture of Girl in a Blanket on Road
Photographer: Marta Bevacqua | Deviantart Profile

My name is Marta Bevacqua. I am a freelance photographer of 25 years old. I am Italian but based in Paris.

I am basically a fashion photographer but I still go on with my artistic projects.

The above portrait “Les Chats Perches” I did for a new emerging brand “Les Chats Perches“.
The location is the Bois de boulogne (near Paris). The photograph was taken in natural light with a Canon 5d Mark II camera with 50 mm of focal length.


Grey Eyes Portrait Photograph of a Girl
Photographer: Libor Pawlas | Deviantart Profile

Hello, my name is Libor I am a photographer from the Czech Republic.

While photographing people I deal with 2 roky. The photo was taken using Canon 5dmkII and Nikkor 55 / 1.2. Aperture was set to F2.8. Later on, for editing I used Adobe Photoshop PS6.


Portrait of Pink Hair Red Head Girl
Photographer: Filipp | Facebook fanpage

My name is Filipp. I am a Hobbyist photographer from Estonia.

This portrait was taken during the sunset time at my parent’s summerhouse lawn with fresh-cut grass. I really liked how shadows falling on the skin of the model which gave the picture its unusual feeling.
I’ve done almost no retouching to the portrait, only simple Lightroom tools like exposure contrast and color curves were used.


Portrait Picture of Girl in Orange Dress
Photographer: Anastassia | Facebook fanpage | 500PX Profile

My name is Anastassia, I’m 22. A portrait photographer from Estonia. I always loved taking pictures. I started taking it seriously for about 5 years already. I prefer Nikon, but have nothing against Canon. In photography and Photoshop, I’m an autodidact. I always make, if needed, hair and make-up for my models by myself. I am dreaming of becoming a fashion photographer.

This picture was taken in Estonia (where I live) with my Nikon D5200 and 50mm 1.8 Nikkor. The photograph was captured in Natural light. My brother was helping me with her hair. I’ve actually combined 2 pictures to achieve the result with the windy hair. I converted green colors into pink. Retouched skin and played with the curves.


Pink face Maroon lips portrait picture of girl
Photographer: Karolina Glanowska | Deviantart Profile

My name is Karolina Glanowska, I am an artist and photographer from Poland. This photo was taken in my town – Sucha Beskidzka in Poland. The girl is a friend of mine her name is Patrycja. Interesting thing is that this photo was taken on the dump.

I really like this photo because it shows exactly my friend Patrycja. She’s an elegant and beautiful woman. What you can see in this photo.

The photograph was taken with a Sony DSLR-A450 camera. The Shutter speed was 1/640 second, Aperture was F/1.8 with a focal length of 50mm and ISO 200. After that, I edited the photograph using Adobe Photoshop CS6.

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