Girl Portrait with Sun Glare

Weekly Favorite Portraits Showcase

We are back again with some more interesting emerging photographers, who are sharing their favorite portrait photographs and some interesting facts about behind the scene of that portrait. We are also very thankful for the tons of great works that we receive every week.

So what you’re waiting for? Take a look at these inspirational portrait photographs and feel the magic of photography. Don’t forget to share this as the work of all these photographers truly deserves to be made public.

Alina – These pretty pleasures

Alina Girl Portrait
Photographer: Iwona Wojtowicz | Facebook fanpage

Iwona Wojtowicz, a female photographer based in Cracow, Poland, specializing in fashion and portraiture photography. In love with tattoos, piercings, and punk music which always inspires me.

The title is ‘These Pretty Pleasures‘ and it portrays beautiful model Alina stylized by Magda Gorka. It’s a part of the fashion story I did for my portfolio which included a couple of outfit changes. The makeup artist for the shoot was Joanna Piotrowska. All the photos were taken outside with natural light only, this one especially I told the model to stand against the light so I can capture beautiful backlit and the scenery.

This photograph was taken with Canon & a Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens. I processed the lighting back in the models’ silhouette, did the basic retouching, and processed the colors my way, all in my old Photoshop CS3.


Girl Portrait with Sun Glare
Photographer: Anna Koshechkina | Facebook fanpage

This photo was made on a warm spring evening about 3 years ago. My friend Angelica is a model, we’ve already had a lot of photo projects together. The light behind her is natural light, I’m fond of natural things.:) I wanted to do airy and strangely emotional photo. I love when my models breathing on a photo, so Angelica made everything right. The forest location is also charming and with this sunset light it looks more charming then it would look without it. So the most important things for me to have a successful photo are the model, the time for shooting, and the location! Enjoy!

London Town

London Town Girl Portrait
Photographer: Ella Ruth | Facebook Fanpage | Flickr Profile | 500PX Profile

This picture was captured in London during a winter afternoon. The sun had begun to hide away and for a short while a mesmerizing bright orange glow bounced off windows and lit up our hair like fire. The image was composed in much the same way as all of my work – with the aim of filling the frame with a combination color, texture, and pattern which I find to be beautiful. The image comprises of around 9 different shots, expanded like a jigsaw puzzle.


Lilya Portrait
Photographer: Serge Filimonov | Flickr Profile

The photo was made in the fall, in October, there was a very warm day and when we went out with my friend I made some photos, including it. The softness of the photo was given by evening light and reflexes from yellow leaves.

The main counter of the photo, besides the beauty of model use of a tilt-shift and color correction, is with the help Alien Skin Exposure. The photo is made on Canon 5D Mk II

Come and take a walk on the wild side Portrait

Come and take a walk on the wild side Portrait
Photographer: Chris K | Facebook Fanpage

My adventure with photography started a few years ago when I discovered it as something really creative. Capturing the passing time means a lot for me and this is one of the reasons by which photography is taking such an important place in my life.

The most I like to photograph people. There’s a lot of stories that I can tell through the different emotions. One of my inspirations is everything old-fashioned and Lana Del Rey’s music so I always strive to connect my photos with the titles that I choose. When I have no models around I like to make a self-portrait too. Sometimes it helps me to achieve my ideas exactly how I wanted to and it’s always a great feeling when it works. I think my photographs are often nostalgic, melancholy, and even sad, but there is always some story behind it.

It was a very windy day when I had a photoshoot with Kamila so we decided to use one of her airy dresses. I like her strong pose on the picture, the dress cause that Kamila looks a bit innocent and nymphy. All the place where we took photos was like the dark and wild side like the title is saying.

Natural light is the most important to me. I use a Canon EOS 1100D and a 50mm f1.8 lens. For the post-processing in Adobe Photoshop, I usually made a retouch, bring out all the colors, sometimes I have to lighten the photo and works with the curves.

In a field 2

in a field 2 Girl Portrait
Photographer: Carolyn Kate | Facebook Fanpage

I’m Carolyn from Poland, in free moments of my life I take photos and also do graphic designs. I’m not a pro, but I just love it and hope to accomplish something one day.

The light is natural with the only sun. The colors are saturated down to show the peaceful green fields, and it was an important thing for me to show with this portrait – the peaceful feelings.

Among the Trees Girl

Among the Trees Girl Portrait
Photographer: Nathalie | Facebook Fanpage | Instagram Profile

I am Nathalie (I also use a nickname Ea Den Gruesomme) from Ukraine, I’m 24 years old. Photography is my hobby. My serious interest in photography started when I was in high school. I always was (and I still am) very shy and unconfident person, that’s why I was searching the right way to express myself, and I have found it in photography. Obviously portraits are my favorite thing to shoot. I started my photographer’s way from conceptual series, but then I’ve come to a more simple style. Through this style, I try to show the beauty of simple things or moments. I want to make people stop and notice the beauty of the world, to understand that beauty is everywhere. We all think that nature and its beauty is something regular and absolutely normal thing, we don’t appreciate it, we don’t have time to do this, which is sad. I love to combine a human element with nature because human is a part of a big and difficult organism called nature.

This shot is the most recent one. It was one of those wonderful October days when the sun lightly shined through the red and golden leaves. I and my awesome friend decided to make one of those series when the girl with the branches in her hair just walked freely deep in the forest. The idea of this series is to show the unity of humans and nature. This photo was taken in the forest in my city. I used a Nikon D3000 with a Nikkor 50 1.4 lens and natural light with no reflectors etc. As for post-processing, I used curves and dark gradient maps to increase the contrast of the colors here. The main thing I love in this photo is my unique model. It was a big pleasure to shoot with this girl. The mood she has here perfectly matches the mood I wanted to create myself.


Lisa Girl Portrait
Photographer: Sandra | Facebook Fanpage

The portrait was taken on a summer evening, during a wonderful date with a very important friend of mine. She is such a lovely person and a beautiful woman, and all the time I shot her, it was a real pleasure. It was quite hot, the light was perfect to get these shots. I wanted to show some kind of romance, kind of soft ways without getting too much of glamor and stuff like that. I wanted to take it naturally.

The picture has been taken at the Schlachthof – it is one of the most famous locations in Wiesbaden/Germany, where I live. Usually, the location is the first option for concerts and festivals.

For the post-processing I only took out the light, so the picture got a little warmer, to sort the feeling of a summer evening out.


Aneja Girl Portrait
Photographer: Urška Šparemblek | Tumblr Page

I’m a seventeen years old art high school student from Slovenia. Photography has been my hobby since I was twelve. In this photo, there is my classmate and a really good friend Aneja. We went shooting in the nearly garden of one of the abandoned old houses in Ljubljana. I took the photo with Nikon D3100 with lens AF-S NIKKOR 18-105mm 1:3.5-5.6G ED VR, ISO 140, 85mm, f/5,6, 1/100 sec. The light was natural. Later I edited it in Photoshop Lightroom 5 and VSCO film.


Purgatory Girl Portrait
Photographer: Anna

I am a photographer and artist from Moscow, Russia. I’m 18 years old. I am a cinematographer, started working in the photo industry 5 years ago. Shooting portrait outdoor in the majority, but can work in studio too.

The photo was shot at Sony α-77 with a Sony lens 35 mm. The photograph Location was the Russian Federation, Moscow. I used natural sunlight only with reflectors. I have used only cosmetic retouching for post-processing.

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