Red head girl conceptual portrait photography

MPH Portrait Spotlight – July (2016) Showcase

Hello everyone. We are back again with yet another showcase in our series “MPH Portrait Spotlight”. We have collected 10 inspirational portrait photographs from different photographers who are producing such amazing work with their talent.

We hope you will love to read the story behind each of these photographs. Also read about these photographers their style of photography, their profile, history, interests, and types of equipment they use, etc.

We heartily congratulate all these artists. They all are great inspirations in the portrait photography world. We are also appreciating all those featured requests that we receive every week.

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01. Orchidee

Red head girl conceptual portrait photography

Photographer: Melanie Arbour | Deviantart Profile

My name is Melanie Arbour, and I am from Canada, in the National Capital Region. I consider myself, an Artist/Photographer – I love developing concepts, costumes, make-up, and editing… that is when I lose myself, in creating that unique piece. I was first introduced to photography in 2010, as a means to communicate my overpowering artistic side.

I was introduced to DeviantArt in 2011, which opened up this whole new world of photography, and began consuming mountains of images that inspired me. Artists such as J.U.D.A.S, Nukuzu, and oO-Rein-Oo, to name a few, really have contributed to my passion.

I love working with textures and red lips are a fixation.

Published in Caprice Magazine (May 2015)
Winner of Le Salon de la photo (2015) salondelaphoto

This portrait “Orchidee” is an extension of my Paint Project. This was shot in my small studio, using water-based paint. It is a one-woman show, meaning I created the concept, hair, makeup, lighting, photography, and am my own subject. It was a messy shoot, but delighted with the results!

02. May Sakaali – Harbor Girl

Girl in a blue dress outdoor portrait photography

Photographer: Fano and May | Deviantart Profile

Hello. We are Fano and May! Photographer and model from México.

We make a lot of teamwork and this is one of them. This time we had a trip to the beach, we wanted to portrait a girl that lives there and she was taking a walk. We use the morning light to give it a soft effect and a very cute outfit to complete the atmosphere.

03. The Museum III

Girl in a museum portrait photography

Photographer: Marion | Deviantart Profile

Hello everyone I am Marion. I’m a photographer currently living in Paris. I’ve always loved photography, but I never thought I could become a photographer until I went to Paris to study visual arts. I met a lot of creative and passionate people there and decided to drop everything and become a freelance photographer.

This is a portrait of my friend Laurielle who is a blogger and a model. She came to Paris a few months ago and after another photographer canceled on her, she called me and said hey, do you have time to shoot now? It turned out that I was supposed to visit the Museum where she was that day, so we decided to shoot there, completely improvised. I brought the dress which I had in my studio and told her to just wander around in the Museum and I followed her and took photos of her.

The location is the Museum of Natural History in Paris, a beautiful and unique place. We had to be careful about the security because you’re not exactly allowed to take this kind of photos there since they rent the place as a photo and video location – so we moved quite fast, and since we were surrounded by other visitors, it was a bit hard to stay concentrated. The light was also an issue since it’s natural light coming from the glass roof, but it was a cloudy and rainy day so it was quite dark. As a result, I spent a lot of time recovering light in Photoshop, and my photos are a bit grainy. I also worked on the colors to create a sort of vintage and mysterious atmosphere to go with the location.

The camera used is an old Canon 5D II, and the lens is a common 50mm 1,8. I needed something small so as not to attract too much attention, and also a great aperture to create a beautiful bokeh to emphasize the feeling of being lost in a strange place – which is basically what I told my model to act like!

04. Return to innocence

Conceptual portrait photography with a picture frame

Photographer: Camelia Baican | Deviantart Profile | Flickr Page

I am Camelia Baican, I’m almost 18 years old and I live in Vălenii de Munte, România. I have always had a crush on photography and I love it. Photography for me is a way to find myself.

This portrait is about us. We all aren’t ready for devotion, for love and feeling. We must be honest with ourselves. We all want freedom. We want innocence.

I used the Canon 1000D + 18-55mm lens, and this photo was edited in Photoshop CS6. The location is my home, the lighting was provided by the window.

05. Dreamy Lilac

Girl playing with flower portrait photography

Photographer: Heather Ann | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Fanpage

My name is Heather Ann, and I am a photographer based in Wyoming, USA. I’ve been in love with craft ever since I first stepped into a dark room.

This photograph was taken at a favorite park in my home town of Las Vegas Nevada in 2015. The model, Lidia, has been my best friend and my muse for almost a decade now. I wanted dreamy and soft photos, with intense eyes from this shoot, which we achieved, despite an incredible amount of laughter. And if I remember correctly, hours of picking blossoms out of her gorgeous hair. I had just been through the hardest time of my life, and this was a trip that provided much-needed healing. So the images from this set are very special to me.

I didn’t actually have my camera or gear on me at the time and was using her Nikon. And to be perfectly honest… I am not entirely sure about the spec on it at the time, as it was a shoot for fun and memories more than the craft itself.

06. Paul

Tattoo guy portrait photography

Photographer: Bianca Davis | Deviantart Profile

My name is Bianca Davis and I am twenty-eight years old. I was born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The arts have always been a constant in my life, so when I first picked up a camera at the age of fifteen it felt like it was meant to be. Photography has taken me places where I never thought I would go, from New Mexico to Kansas. As my life grew, so did my work.

When I was eighteen I purchased my NikonD80 which is what I shoot with to this very day. Completely self-taught and work only with natural light. Locations have always been a big deal, having to have as much character as the subject I work with.

This picture of Paul is one of my favorite portraits I have taken. He and I went out around six in the morning (which I always shoot early mornings not only for the fact there are fewer people on the street but the light is just amazing) to take pictures for a local clothing line. I edited the picture in Photoshop CS6, only doing the minimal amount of editing.

07. G I R L . I N . R E D

Girl in red dress portrait photography

Photographer: Matteo Olivieri | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Fanpage | Instagram Profile | Flickr Page

My name is Matteo, I’m 24 and I work as a graphic designer in a typography in Imperia, Italy, where I live. It is the most beautiful place on earth, the sea and the mountains a few kilometers away.

The passion for photography has always been in me since I was a child. I Always photographing insects and landscapes when I went to the mountains with my grandparents or my parents. But photography for me has always been a secondary passion and I’ve never spent so much time in this.

The idea of the portrait occurs to my mind photographing my beautiful girlfriend. She was always beautiful in the pictures, but I thought that the photos still need some correction. So, about 2 months ago, I started to study the techniques for skin retouching, color grading, and everything related to this photographic genre.

Technical details

Camera: Canon 6D
Lens: Canon 24-105 mm
Exposure: 1/320
F: 6,3
Focal Lenght: 105mm
ISO: 160
GPS: 43°53’5″ N 8°2’37” E

The photo was taken on the dock of my city Imperia. It was a very strange day, the sky was split in half. Half sky with the sun and a half with rain and clouds, as you can see from the background. I took the photo with natural light, without flash or reflectors,

In post-production I removed the hair from her face, then I correct the imperfections of the skin and I made the eyes more charming. I darkened and brightened some parts of the face to make it deeper with shadows. I have increased the details of some parts such as lips and hair and I adjusted the colors of the background and the skin.

08. 965

Sisters photography idea outdoor portrait

Photographer: Robert Ponomarev | Deviantart Profile

Hello, my name is Robert Ponomarev. I’m a self-taught photographer from Norway, and I’m mostly interested in portrait photography.

My primary camera is Nikon D700, but I also shoot film. This is a portrait of my friends, we were just walking around the city center in Oslo, having fun and taking pictures at various places. For this particular picture, I used some post-processing plug-in, like Alienskin, that gives a film-like effect.

09. Scan20025

Girl Portrait Photography near a lake

Photographer: Tristan Mitchell | Deviantart Profile

My name is Tristan Mitchell, and I am a hobby photographer from Ontario, Canada. I have been taking pictures for a few years now, and my style tends to stick to a more abstract and dark influence, but occasionally deviates.

I like to leave my work open for interpretation and allow people to draw their own message from it. This photograph was taken during a spontaneous road trip one evening using an old Canon AE-1 SLR and Kodak Ultramax 400 ISO film. We found this nice location on the Ontonabee river and decided to do some exploring, as well as taking pictures of course. The lighting here was all-natural as we were traveling quite light, and the sunset provided all we needed anyway. There was no post-processing done either, apart from scanning the print.

10. What’s your dream?

Smiling girl portrait photography

Photographer: Insa Sobzak | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Fanpage

Hello, my name is Insa Sobzak. I was born in the north of Germany nearby the Northern Sea and started very early to take photos. I bought my first “real” am an SLR at the age of 14 and after that, I was fully addicted to photography. As I’m one of the photographers who learned it from scratch I have (thank god) an idea of how things working. I’m started in the analog age and ended up in digital time… gosh, what a gift to work with all these nice things like editing software and brilliant cams now. By the way, I’m now 49 and I still love what I do.

It started with nature photography and it’s still a big part of my work as animals as well but I developed people photography and I love it. That is what keeps me doing the job – working with people! My philosophy is to bring out the best of the people, to show their beauty in a natural way like life is. You need the trust and confidence of the people before they can be relaxed… because they have no idea how they will look like… showing them just to be like they are, is the main work in a shooting.

This particular photo was taken at the very end of a model shooting, as we passed this grassland (we just walked back to our car) and I said “could you do me a favor and just let your hair fly?” and then I said, “do you know, that you are a wonderful gift for me?” I earned this wonderful smile a real smile. That is what I want, real smiles, real joy and real life, trust, and a satisfied customer. Easy, isn’t it?

In general, I shoot in RAW format to have better control in the post-processing. For my kind of portraits, I use my 70-200mm, 2.8 lens. On one hand, it has a wonderful bokeh, on the other hand, I have a good distance between the model and me.

For post-processing I use Lightroom as my main tool because of the easy workflow and the high ability to create light or intensify it. If beauty retouch is necessary I use good old Photoshop but I still try to keep it natural as it can be.

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