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How to add light leaks effect using free resources and 20 great examples

Light leaks used to be a defect in film photography but nowadays people see it as a cool photo effect. In the digital camera world, we can get this effect with a touch of a button by using either an online photo editor, Photoshop actions, or even a camera apps that can make us feel nostalgic about film photography which still has its own followers.

So in this post, we are covering a few useful tools which you can get online for free to get Light leaks effect and 20 handpicked best examples of light leaks portraits in film photography.

Free online editor for Light leaks:

One of the easiest ways to add light leaks effect on your photograph is by using online editors, here are three of them to choose from,

Pixlr Express:
Light leak pixlr

Hands down it is one of the easiest to use online photo editor it has a huge list of light leaks overlay to try, not only you could change the intensity of the light leak you can also vary the angle of it. Also, you don’t need to sign up for it and it’s totally free to use. So do play with it!

light leak befunky

It’s an alternative for Pixlr but only when their server is down as mostly the features are mostly the same as Pixlr but Pixlr seems to provide more options also the interface is very catchy compare to Befunky. No sign up required. One thing I didn’t like about this site was the no of ads floating around the interface which annoyed me a bit.

Google+ Photo editor

Google-owned Picnik which use to be one of the most popular photo editors. The only downside of using it is you need to have Google+ account and chrome installed.

Photo editing apps for light leaks effect:

If you are a smartphone junkie, you might like to check these three apps.


iLeaker Free iOS only
Create artistic light-leak images with the free effects in this app. If You like it you can also purchase premium creative effects.

XnLight Effect Bokeh & Leak Free Android only

This app offers a variety of traditional light effects. Besides light leaks, you can even try different bokeh, shapes, and colors.

Snapseed Free for Android/ios

Various Traditional photographic effects available at the touch of a button, also photo editing adjustments are available. Easy to use and quick to share.

Free Photoshop Actions for light leaks effect:

You can consider this one a semi-difficult way to add light leaks effect on your images if you don’t know how to install Lightroom presets or Photoshop action. Here are three free Photoshop actions to add light leaks effect.

Light Leak – Photoshop Actions (free) by friabrisa

Action 63 (Light Leak) by by Discopada

Premium Looks Photoshop Actions by pstutorialsws

To Explore more Photoshop actions check out this link!

Additional Free Photoshop light leak texture you can also make use of, also for further reading don’t forget to read this very interesting article from DPS.

So now you know few tools to try out, here are 20 great examples of light leaks portraits in film photography to inspire you!

Week Fifteen by Ruby-sue

light leaks portrait eg 1

730308-R1-20-20 by Emmily Shaw
light leaks portrait eg 2

Untitled by M.Corkill
light leaks portrait eg 3

I Hide My Eyes… by Aubry Aragon
light leaks portrait eg 4

Untitled by Dennis Adelmann
light leaks portrait eg 5

K. Caldwell by Parker Fitzgerald
light leaks portrait eg 6

Untitled by Sara Haas
light leaks portrait eg 7

Untitled by Carles Getty Images
light leaks portrait eg 8

Untitled by Margaret Durow
light leaks portrait eg 9

189/365 by Lena Sophia
light leaks portrait eg 10

Untitled by Laina Briedis
light leaks portrait eg 11

Untitled by by Gustavo Minas
light leaks portrait eg 12

Untitled by Olivia Bidleman
light leaks portrait eg 13

Explored by Stevan Fane
light leaks portrait eg 14

Bute by Nicktassone
light leaks portrait eg 15

Untitled by Stephen Maycock
light leaks portrait eg 16

First Frame (IX) – The Gift by Fabio
light leaks portrait eg 17

Untitled by Honeyuck
light leaks portrait eg 18

I Know I’m Going to Miss You I’ll Forget It and Let it Go by Amanda Mabel
light leaks portrait eg 19

Dreamcatcher by Rebecca Riddle
light leaks portrait eg 20

Stay tuned for our future post where we’ll be posting huge light of some useful Photoshop and Lightroom post-production tutorials. We would love to know what tools do you use for getting the light leaks effect!

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