Popular Portrait photography Posts of February 2014
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Most Popular Portrait photography Posts of February 2014

It’s difficult to get the most popular post on same place, so we have created this post to help you find some popular post of February 2014. We have divided the post into four sections which are inspiration, interviews, articles, and infographics to get them organized. So enjoyed the post and tell us what you think about it.

Inspirational Portrait Series

India’s Holy Men In Powerful Portraits By New York-Based Photographer Joey L

Brooklyn-based photographer Joey L took some really stunning photographs of monks and spiritualists. These pictures are powerful and unique which will intrigue you to learn more about him.

Best Portrait Post Feb 2014
Aghori sadhus cover themselves with human ash, which is the last rite of the material body. Varanasi, India
Best Portrait Post Feb 2014 2
Batuk Students, Varanasi, India

Annie Leibovitz’s Celebrity Disney Dream Portraits

American portrait photographer Annie Leibovitz is also known as the first woman to photograph Joan Armatrading for an album has been capturing Disney portraits of many celebrities including Scarlett Johansson, Beyonce, Jennifer Lopez, and many more famous celebrities.

Her new subject Jessica Chastain as Merida from Brave see more of her astonishing portrait on My Modern Met

Best Portrait Post Feb 2014 3
Jessica Chastain as Merida from Brave
Best Portrait Post Feb 2014 4
Queen Latifah as Ursula from The Little Mermaid

One Man’s Quest to Save a Haunting 5,000-Portrait Archive from the Clutches of Time

Petapixel via TIME LightBox posted this really amazing find 5,000 glass plate negatives and several hundred prints — a visual history of the Romanian people and a culture of Costica Ascinte who was the only professional photographer left after the world war I.

One man, Cezar Popescu, is determined to rescue whatever is still salvageable and is well on his way to digitizing the entire archive even as it gets vanished.

Best Portrait Post Feb 2014 5
Best Portrait Post Feb 2014 6

This Street Photographer’s Adorable Dog Portraits Will Make Your Day

Conz Preti of Buzzfeed curated 31 portraits some very cute and adorable dogs from various Instagram accounts. For all the dog lovers this one is a real delight.
Best Portrait Post Feb 2014 7
Best Portrait Post Feb 2014 8

RAW Beauty Talks Photographs Real Women Without Makeup or Editing

Trend hunter via RAW Beauty Talks discussed this topic which people seldomly want to talk. RAW Beauty Talks website which was launched on January 14, 2014, got views about 15,000 on that day, also over 100 women from across North America have already posed for this website.
Best Portrait Post Feb 2014 9

Best Portrait Post Feb 2014 10

Young people swap clothes with grandparents and parents for charming, fascinating photos

Twenty Two Words featured this strange yet amazing project where young people swaps clothes with their grandparents and parents. Cool isn’t it! You’ll see lots more on their site.
Best Portrait Post Feb 2014 11
Best Portrait Post Feb 2014 12

‘I photograph people who don’t have a voice’: Jim Mortram’s Norfolk portraits

The Guardian featured this unique project of Jim Mortram where he has documented the lives of a growing cast of individuals in and around the market town of Dereham, Norfolk. Since its beginnings in 2006.

Best Portrait Post Feb 2014 13
Anglia Square Photograph: JA Mortram
Best Portrait Post Feb 2014 14
David at home, December 2012 Photograph: JA Mortram

Philip Seymour Hoffman’s Final Portrait Is One Of A Breathtaking Series Of Celebrity Photographs

A Display of one the greatest celebrity portraits taken by photographer Victoria Will. Philip Seymour Hoffman who was one of the person who was also in this series, he passed away on Feb 2014 making it a series to remember forever.
Best Portrait Post Feb 2014 15
Best Portrait Post Feb 2014 16

The 2014 Sony World Photography Awards

It’s a winner gallery of winner of the world’s most renowned photography competitions. These heart touching portraits will really motivate you.

Best Portrait Post Feb 2014 17
The White Weapon Wounded by Jimmy Javier Alvarado with his girlfriend
Best Portrait Post Feb 2014 18
Jorge Herrera prepares for several months leading up to a fight.

Seeing Themselves: Photographers’ Self-Portraits

The New Yorker posted some portrait of famous photographers selfies. Which gives you ideas on some unique ways of taking self-portraits which was not that easy.

Best Portrait Post Feb 2014 19
Nobuyoshi Araki, from “Grand Photomaniac Diary” (1990-1999)
Best Portrait Post Feb 2014 20
Youssef Nabil, “Funfair, Self-Portrait, Paris” (2005)

All Love Is Equal

Braden Summers @kickstarter run this unique project ALL LOVE IS EQUAL where he captured images of LGBTQ community which in a way is a great tribute to valentine day.

Best Portrait Post Feb 2014 21
Best Portrait Post Feb 2014 22

Interviews that you might have missed

Exclusive Interview with ’300: Rise Of An Empire’ Photographer Clay Enos

As the title suggested it doesn’t need any introduction to not to check out this Interview.
Best Portrait Post Feb 2014 23
Best Portrait Post Feb 2014 24

Interview: Photographer Sheds Light on ‘Inner Face’ of Bangladesh’s Gay Community

Tahiat Mahboob of Asia society interviewed Bangladeshi photographer Gazi Nafis Ahmed on his latest series ‘Inner Face’ which revolves around Bangladesh’s gay community. This one is one hell of an interview session you wanna know more about.
Best Portrait Post Feb 2014 25
Best Portrait Post Feb 2014 26

An Interview With Helena Price, a Photographer Turned Brazilian Internet Meme

New York Times interviewed Helena Price a San Francisco freelance photographer who was confused with a famous soap star in Brazil. Her photo was Photoshopped on the cover of tabloid magazines and she has been profiled in dozens of Portuguese-language websites.
Best Portrait Post Feb 2014 27

Interesting Articles on Portrait Photography

Garry Chung wedding photographer and portrait photographer based in Hong Kong at DPS shared his tips on how to uses street lights for portrait photography.

Lewis Bush at featureshoot contributed an interesting article. He shared the views of different photographers like Jim Mortram, Dave Jordano,Philip-Lorca diCorcia, etc. on whether to pay or not pay people for taking their portrait.

Jmeyer at Digital camera world enlightened some habits that separate you from an ordinary portrait photographer to a highly successful portrait photographer.

If you still suck at photoshop for your post-production work then you would love to read this article Essential portrait photography photoshop techniques

Coolest Infographics

Lifehack on their post The Ultimate Photography Cheat Sheet Every Photography Lover Needs has curated some very useful inforgraphs like camera basic setting cheatsheet, white balance photography cheatsheet, types of camera cheatsheet, and much more.

Petapixel with the help of an inforgraph courtesy of hastalosmegapixeles.com have posted some good insight on what is the most popular cameras amongst the photographers from World Press Photo.

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