Popular portrait photography Posts of July 2014
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Most Popular Portrait photography Posts of July 2014

Popular portrait photography Posts of July 2014
Every beginning of the month we post previous month popular portrait photography posts, so here we back with the most popular posts of July 2014. This time also we are as usual clearing up the dust and bringing you the most popular posts that have been the main limelight of the social world.

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Inspirational Portrait Series

If you have been bored by seeing the same old selfie poses then you must watch these 45 scenic self-portrait by adventurous photographers who captured themselves in the most mind-blowing views. Next check out maidan portraits black square by Anastasia Taylor where she captures the portraits of the protesters who are against the pro-Russian president in a hastily erected studio in the square and lastly check out the amazing gallery of outdoors photography contest winners.

Inspirational Portrait Projects

If you like pinhole camera then you must check our this do-it-yourself pinhole camera kit by Kelly Angood on Kickstarter which take 30 minutes to make and uses 35mm film to capture your portraits and if you really enjoy film photography then make sure to check out Lomo’instant by Lomography world most creative instant camera on Kickstarter.

Interviews that you might have missed

There have been some really amazing interviews held last month starting with the staff team of Leica blog who did a great interview session with Drew Gurian who is a well-known portrait photographer whose clients include some of the biggest brands like Citibank, VH1, Macy’s, The Ad Council, Coachella, Rolling Stone Middle East, Pocket Wizard, ILFORD and The Associated Press.

If you enjoy video interview then make sure to check out this interview session of 500px co-founder and Chief Product Officer Evgeny Tchebotarev with Toronto based portrait and fashion photographer Michael Woloszynowicz.

And finally, don’t forget to check out this amazing interview of Phlearn with the most talented conceptual portrait photographer Adrian Sommeling from the Netherlands along with a great interview session of photofocus with a makeup artist on how to enhance your shoot.

Interesting Articles on Portrait Photography

Taking images near the beach has always been a fun thing, but before going out for beach photography you might wanna consider some of these basic things to make it a more pleasing experience along with some more tips to get more creative. If you don’t like to carry your DSLR or if you are an Instagram junkie then you would be pleased to read this article on taking better smartphone photography.

If you like to read an in-depth article then you’ll definitely enjoy this blog post from Zhang Jingna where she talks about her workflow for shooting her clients. Finally, some core portrait photography posts you don’t wanna miss from DPS and picturecorrect on one light portraits and for choosing a great portrait location.

Bonus: Natural light retouching portrait photo tutorial by 500px and composition to create powerful portraits by DPS.

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