Indoor Conceptual portrait of a girl

MPH Portrait Spotlight – December (2016) Showcase

My Portrait Hub always attempts to hit upon and showcase inspirational and breathtaking portrait photographs from photographers all around the world.

In this month’s collection, we are going to showcase some really impressive portrait photographs. Follow these artists and photographers by clicking their work which will redirect you to their social account from where it’s stemming.

So continuing our inspiration drive, let’s take pleasure in this month’s showcase!

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01. Artisane 8

Indoor Conceptual portrait of a girl

Photographer: Silke | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Page | Instagram Profile

My name is Silke, I’m a fashion and portrait photographer based in Germany. I’m self-taught beginning photography as a hobby in 2010. I attained a bachelor’s degree in fashion design in 2014 and started my own business as a fashion photographer right after. Since then I have gained valuable experience by regularly shooting in the fashion capitals of the world such as New York, LA, London, Milan, and Paris.

This portrait and the other pictures from the editorial were shot for JUTE magazine ( I had a team to bring the idea to life. Marejke Schmidt for wardrobe styling and Patrick Susic for Hair and Make-Up. Our model Jessica is from the model agency Brody bookings.

Our shoot was inspired by the amazing location that we got through a connection with Patrick’s. It’s the apartment of an art lover, hence the title of the editorial “Artisane“. We wanted the model’s look to merge with her surroundings, building the styling up to reflect colors and styles. Sometime’s clashing with the paintings in the background to give it a provocative touch. Some of the stylings was even handmade by Marejke, to mirror the individualism of the framed pictures around us.

For this particular image I used a focal length of 35mm and F/4.5 with my Canon 6D and the Canon 24-70 L lens on top. I rented a studio flash with an Octabox to work on location. My post-processing includes selections and quick edits in Lightroom. The main color correction and retouch through dodge & burn and healing happens in Photoshop CS6.

Feel free to contact me and say hello :)

02. Assimilation | Hannibal

Conceptual portrait photography

Photographer: Laura A. Lech | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Page | Instagram Profile

Hello everyone. I am Laura A. Lech. I am a photographer from Poland. I have done a Ph.D. in modern Dutch literature.

This portrait as the whole series was inspired by one episode of NBC Hannibal TV series. My main concept was to combine body parts with medical props like tubes and bandages in a forest/park environment.

The model was my sister’s new friend and my sister didn’t tell her the whole truth about the concept and props so she was a little surprised and reserved when I showed her the tubes (by the way used before for my 19 years old cat kidney infusions).

It was a late August evening and I had to deal with a shortage of light. For a long time (more than a year) files were “sleeping” somewhere on my device because I didn’t feel how to add something special to them but at the same time not too overdosed. When I started to work with a strong grain using this post-processing to other photos I got an idea this action would perfectly fit to my Hannibal story and I was right.

For this photograph, I used a Canon 6D camera with a Chinese cheap equivalent of Canon lens 50mm.

03. Looking for childhood

Girl portrait photograph with a teddy bear

Photographer: Loarwenn | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Page

Hello everyone. I am Loarwenn. I am a 23-year-old photographer from France. According to me, this picture is something that reflects my childhood.

Through this photograph, I wanted to create a Peter Pan concept holding the teddy bear. Although the model in this picture is young enough there is a clear baby’s expression on her face. She doesn’t want to grow old but we can’t escape the ultimate reality of time.

For expressing this despair and sorrow I created this photograph with dark colors with tones of the blue like a ghost child lost in the woods, who is searching for her lost childhood just like me.

04. K MAG #57

Girl portrait photograph inside a train

Photographer: Hania | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Page | Instagram Profile

Hello. My name is Hania, I am 20 years old and I’m from Poland. I’ve been photographing for almost 7 years now (self-taught). Right now I’m studying Pharmacy.

This portrait was made as a part of an editorial for a magazine. It was made in the subway, during the summer holiday in Warsaw. The whole stylization and the combination of style & location were supposed to look eclectic. I used, as always, the natural, existing light.

For this photograph, I used Pentax K-X camera with Shutter speed 1/50 second. Aperture was set to F/2.8. The focal length was 500mm and ISO Speed was 400.

05. Wild

Girl outdoor portrait photograph with an owl

Photographer: Maria Petrova | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Page

Hello, I am Maria Petrova. I live in Russia in the city of Ryazan. I am into photography from the past 2 years. I like to shoot anything unusual or dark.

This photo was taken in an unusual forest called “Dancing forest“, with a real live owl. The specific idea, I was not ready for this shooting, everything was improvised. For post-processing work, I used Photoshop only. I love the cold tone in photos and granularity, as it is possible to see in this photo. Also, I have also applied a couple of textures.

06. Love Makes The World Go Round

Heart shape with hands photography of a girl

Photographer: Jorgi Critelli | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Page | Instagram Profile

Hello everyone, my name is Jorgi Critelli. I’m a 23-year-old portrait and nature photographer based in Kelso, Washington. Photography has always been a way for me to connect with other people and lets me see the world in a light that I wouldn’t have been able to see in any other way. Whenever I am shooting, I feel like the world stops and I see all the little things we so often forget to take the time to appreciate. I am a daydreamer, so I like to put a little bit of my personality in each image and try to capture all my subjects in a way that gives off a bit of a dreamy or magical feel.

The photo above, “Love Makes the World Go Round” is of my cousin and was shot on Christmas day. I love this photo because I feel it reflects her lighthearted personality. This was shot in a dirt field torn up for upcoming construction. While some might find that plain, I am a strong believer that you can find the beauty in any situation.

This was taken in natural light using a Canon 5D Mark III with a 24-70mm F4 lens. I used Lightroom to touch up using split toning to slightly add yellow to the highlights and purple to the shadows as well as using curves to add some more depth to the image.

07.Walking on thoughts

Conceptual portrait of a girl with textured background

Photographer: Laetitia Van Der Kelen | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Page

Hello, my name is Laetitia Van Der Kelen. I am a 26-year-old female photographer from Belgium. I have a master’s in Archaeology, a diploma to teach to teenagers and I’m currently studying to become a teacher for children. I did photography for two reasons: first of all, since some years now, I like to immerse myself in a dreamy world (it can be sweet or creepier sometimes). I also like to capture beautiful things; light, objects, clothing, etc.

The second reason is to provide some stock to artists because artists can immerge me into their world and I like that so much.

The idea was to combine sweetness of an inner dreamy world and a moment we can call “Back to the reality“. It’s the time between this dream and the moment when we woke up, in some kind of combination feelings: happy to dream of such beautiful and peaceful things but also sad to be again there, in the usual world.

08. Julia5web

Winter outdoor girl portrait in black dress

Photographer: Nordine Berarma | Deviantart Profile

Hello, I am Nordine Berarma. I was born in Nancy in France in 1974. I am the leader of a music group called Nordine Le Nordec and I am also passionate about photography and especially portraits. I won the first prize in the first photo competition I attended and which I visited in South Africa.

This photograph was taken in autumn in the forest of Haye and represents a very urban woman who discovers or rediscovers nature and who is amazed. All the surprising, the beautiful colors of the trees contrast with the gray cities in which she is used to evolve. The Space also impresses her, she is a little frightened because out of are natural environment but at the same time, she feels wonderfully well.

This photograph was captured by a Canon 5D camera with only natural light without any flash. The model is Julia Gay actress and stage director. I used a Tamron 70/300 F/4.0 lens. As for digital processing, I developed with Lightroom then transferred to Photoshop to complete the settings.

09. From darkness to light…it burns!

Girl outdoor portrait in teal red dress

Photographer: Lari | Deviantart Profile | Facebook Profile

Hello everyone, I am Lari. I am a female photographer from Romania. I have been in love with photography ever since I got my first point and shoot camera, 7 years ago and since then I have been traveling through life with this passion, developing constant wonder about the human soul. At the moment I own a Nikon D90 body, 18-105mm, 35mm, and 8mm lenses. My philosophy is based on using the gear just as a tool that helps connect mind to the soul; is my way to express emotions, ideas, desires, thoughts, and opinions, to place a balance of my own inner depths in the exterior environment.

The selected image represents a metaphorical game of light and shadows symbolizing dark, long periods in someone’s life followed by a sudden enlightening moment of happiness and hope. When someone is used to living in a dark room with no windows, the exit filled with light can be a bit traumatizing and take a little time to adjust to different conditions, like someone’s destroyed hope which needs time to be built up again. The photograph was taken in natural light and environment (Poenari Fortress-Arges County-Romania) and also its a self-portrait.

As post processing technique I cannot tell much because besides converting a raw file to jpeg and playing with contrast a bit, I didn’t do anything else. I always carry a tripod, remote control, and a dress just in case. ;)

10. A free ride

Girl outdoor portrait photograph with car

Photographer: Otavio | Deviantart Profile

My name is Otavio, I am a film student from Brazil and since I was a child I loved to spend hours thinking about stories, little movies inside my head. However, it was only when I lived for 6 months in Minnesota, USA that I brought this amateur camera along and discovered the power of imagery. I used to spend a lot of time trying to frame the best-as-possible shot to tell some short plot.

This portrait was taken at a really cozy farm-like hostel in a small town called Sao Bras do Suacui in Brazil. We found this awesome beetle vehicle parked and we asked the owner if we could take some pictures with my Nikon D3200 (no full-frame yet). It took some time to figure out how I was going to compensate for the strong sunlight. I ended up using the beetle as some kind of lit background/reflector and metered for the model. The whites and highlights went way overboard and I had almost to reduce them completely, losing some contrast. Then I decided to add a tint of blue to the shadows to recover all the contrast that’s been lost. Then, I made all the blacks a bit washed out, to give a bit of an old film feel mixed with a more contemporary feeling (the model’s clothes, hairstyle, and so on).

The thing I like about this photograph is this blasé gaze the model delivers to the camera but at the same time inviting the viewer to hop in the car. Imagination is always a free ride.

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