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Elegant Black and White Portrait Photography by Céline Pinget

My name is Céline Pinget, I was born in Brazil and I grew up in France. I have always loved art and I began to be interested in photography when I got my first camera at the age of 15 years. I studied during three years of photography.

I had a lot of internships with photographers. It helps me a lot to find my own style and understand how it difficult to be a photographer today, but not impossible. After graduated, I moved to Vancouver, Canada, where I live now. I love portraits and documentary.

I love photography because I can capture forever people I love, precious instants that will be gone just after taking a picture… And I love sharing my own vision that I have of what I can see.

Camera & Equipment Céline uses:

I have a Canon 60D with three lenses 24mm, 50mm, and 18-135mm. But usually, I use the 50mm.

Things she likes about black and white photography

I love black and white because you can see the most part, you don’t have colors that bothers you.

Her Inspiration

I love art in general, painting (Frida Khalo), movies (Gus Van Sant), and of course photographers like Robert Doisneau, Nan Godlin, or Sebastiao Salgado. But I think my first inspiration is my life, people around me.

Here are few glimpses of her amazing past work for your weekly dose of inspiration!

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