Environmental Portraits by Cristina Viscu Featured

Amazingly Imaginative Environmental Portraits by Cristina Viscu

I started shooting while I was getting my BFA in Fine Arts. I shot during the weekends and on the days that I had off. Nashville was my base point so I collaborated with local model agencies and makeup artists on shoots. I am originally from Chisinau, Moldova.

Camera and light source Cristina uses on her photography

I shoot digital and have been shooting with Canon equipment for some eight years now. I am definitely a fan of natural light sources but I do not mind shooting with artificial light every now and then.

Thing She likes about Environmental Portrait

I am a fan of being outdoors, scouting locations, depending on weather factors that give spontaneity to my work. I do love minimalistic photography, people shot against a white wall with no props, work that is clean and simple. Though there are days when I strive towards more minimalistic work I find myself always looking for yet another great location.

Her Inspiration

There are plenty of people I admire, and they all have different styles and different qualities to their work. It is hard for me to name a few people because I admire people that shoot fashion editorials, wedding photographers, portrait photographers and all kinds of creatives for different reasons

Her Advice to fellow Portrait Photographers

I always say that practice makes perfect. You will fail if you don’t try, so go out there and try. Believe me, the first time I contacted an NYC model agency I was definitely not feeling like I knew what I was doing.

Here are few glimpses of her amazing past environmental portraits for your weekly dose of inspiration.

To see more Cristina’s work and get the latest update you can visit her website and become a fan of her Facebook page, besides that she also has a website on Lightroom presets so you might wanna check that out as well.

Her Portfolio website: http://.cristinaviscu.com
Lightroom presets website:
Facebook fanpage:

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