Interview with Online Dating Portrait Photographer Saskia Nelson

Interview with Online Dating Photographer Saskia Nelson

Portrait photography Interview with Online Dating Photographer Saskia NelsonLast week we posted a blog post on exposure guide for beginner photographers, Saskia is one great example to learn from. She has won the UK Dating Award 2014. We found her on Plotr blog where she had an awesome interview 10 minutes with a portrait photographer. She answered many interesting questions about herself and her business, like how she’s got into photography and an online dating photography business and much more… So make sure to check that out.

We tried to cover questions that were not covered on Plotr’s blog. So Let’s get started!

About Her

Saskia Nelson is the talent behind Saturday Night’s Alright, the UK’s only dedicated online dating photography business, and is passionate about helping single people to shine online. She specializes in creating gorgeous photos for her clients to help them build winning online dating profiles that help tell the story of who they really are.

You have started an online dating photography business? Tell us about it?

I believe that in order to be a great portrait photographer you have to be authentic to who you are. By this I mean you need to bring your own life experiences, interests, and first-hand knowledge into the mix to add that edge to your portrait work.

People often ask me if I shoot weddings and I think why would I shoot weddings, I have never been married and have never taken an interest in getting married, it wouldn’t really make sense if I was to stay authentic to who I am.

That may change though as I get older obviously and my life experiences change in which case I will then grow the business accordingly.

When I set up the business I looked back over my experiences and realized I could really help people who are looking for love online having been an online dater over a number of years and having experienced a lot of the highs and lows that my clients experience. I recognized that I could bring my own personal knowledge and experiences into the mix as well as my photography skills to provide my clients with the great photos they need to help them find love. It is these personal experiences, which enable me to stand out from the crowd of portrait photographers.

I would suggest that anyone wondering how to take their portrait photography to the next level should look at all the other life experiences they have to offer as this will help them identify their niche in this world. Figuring out what makes you unique – as with all businesses – is the key.

Do you also offer your services outside the UK?

At the moment I offer a UK wide service and have clients who travel from all over the country. I have also had a couple of clients from Europe who booked me in around their business/holiday plans. And I have long-term plans in place to expand in key cities around the globe.

What’s on your gear list?

I use a Canon 5D Mark-II and Canon 7D with a 50mm 1.2 L and an 85mm 1.4L

What software tools do you use for post-production?

I use Lightroom and Photoshop CS6.

How did you land your first client, describe your experience?

My first paying client was a friend of a friend. In fact, my first 10 – 15 clients were mostly friends of friends. I can’t emphasize how important social media is at spreading the word on your behalf. Working with my first paying client was as scary as anything but I had done so many practice sessions I knew I could produce the work. Sometimes you have to just put yourself out there and go for it. The elation you feel afterward when you hear back from your happy clients is one of the best feelings ever.

Your future plans for this year?

My plans this year will include looking at how I grow the business and the brand whilst ensuring fab customer experience. Later this year and early next year, I’m planning on hiring photographers across the UK so my clients won’t need to travel so far and will be looking out for talented outdoor portrait photographers to work with me.

Here are some sample pictures she shot for her past clients:
Online Dating photographer Saskia Nelson 1

Online Dating photographer Saskia Nelson 2

Online Dating photographer Saskia Nelson 3

Online Dating photographer Saskia Nelson 4

Online Dating photographer Saskia Nelson 5

We hope to see her again in our future post. You can get in touch with Saskia by visiting her website or by becoming her Facebook fan.

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