portrait photography by Juliet Labdien

Beautiful & Creative Portrait Photography by Juliet Labdien

My name is Juliet Labdiën, and I’m a photographer and fashion designer based in Milan, Italy. In 2009 I graduated in fashion and textile design at the European Institute of Design (IED). After some work experience in the fashion and design industry, I decided to follow my real passion, photography, and in 2013 I obtained a degree for a full-time two-year course in professional photography at the Italian Institute of Photography (IIF), in Milan.

The most cherished thing about photography for me is that it is an incredibly powerful instrument of communication and of art creation. With a camera and enough imagination and technique, you can create something unique, you can twist reality, express concepts and capture instants, beauty and time, for everyone to witness.

I started to be enthusiastic about photography at the age of 16. In the beginning, taking snaps and pictures was just a fun thing to do, but with time and practice, it became a calling and a real passion, and it soon became my own way to express myself and to spread my creativity.

Every successful shot of mine feels like am making a gift, allowing others to experience my way of seeing things, and, if it is appreciated, it makes me immensely proud.

Her style of photography

My style mainly spaces from portraits to fashion photography. My previous studies and work in the fashion industry have surely influenced my way of shooting, but it has always been in my nature to seek for infinite beauty and perfection. Nonetheless, I enjoy shooting reportage photography when traveling – not to a professional extent, but rather for a personal passion.

Camera & Equipment Juliet uses:

My gear consists of a Canon 5d mark II and a quiver of different lenses. Of these, my favorite are the Canon 50 mm /1.4 and the Canon 85 mm /1.8, even though I often like to work with the Canon L 37-70 mm. When traveling around the world, I have a combat Canon 550d with an 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 for reportage photography.

Her Inspiration:

When it comes to talking about inspiration, there are usually two things I look at image research and great photographers (the two do not exclude each other).

For the image research and development, i usually spend time searching on Tumblr, Pinterest or similar websites on the internet, since they are effective tools to find inspiration and to see what the trends in photography are, what people love, and generally what the world is looking for. Photography is strongly influenced by the fashion of a determined time point, and by this I mean by everything that ranges from the photographic sphere (artistic or technological) to cinematography, to traditional and modern art, to fashion and music, and also to normal people and their forms of expression. I find both inspiration and a working direction by assimilating clues from these fields.

On the other hand, I look at the work of great photographers, both from the past and the present times, because of their doing the history of photography – the beauty of their works is widely recognized, thus making many of them my secret teachers and idols to look up to. I crave to make wonderful shots, like many of my icons, such as Paolo Roversi, Gianpaolo Sgura, Eugenio Recuenco, Horst Diekgerdes, Alex Sainsbury, Elizaveta Porodina, the JUCO team, Tony Kelly, Julia Hetta and much more.

Her advice to aspiring photographers

My advice is to understand if photography is more than just a game for them: having any type of camera does not make you a professional photographer, therefore more talent and less ego is needed. That being said, the best photography of the world hides behind every corner, in every face, at every time. You understand if you are a true photographer if you are willing to sacrifice your whole life to search for the beauty and of the best shots.

Here are few glimpses of Juliet’s amazing past work for your weekly dose of inspiration.
portrait photography by Juliet Labdien 1

portrait photography by Juliet Labdien 2

portrait photography by Juliet Labdien 3

portrait photography by Juliet Labdien 4

portrait photography by Juliet Labdien 5

portrait photography by Juliet Labdien 6

portrait photography by Juliet Labdien 7

portrait photography by Juliet Labdien 8

portrait photography by Juliet Labdien 9

portrait photography by Juliet Labdien 10

To view more of her amazing work and get the latest update from Juliet you can visiting her website or becoming her Facebook fan.

Her website: http://www.julietlabdien.com


Facebook fan page: https://www.facebook.com/labdienphotography‎


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