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Tips for Clicking Delightful Kids Portrait

Often the best job in the world is the most tedious work that offers you a hint of bliss now and then.  Wondering if I am talking about photography?

Shooting kid portraits should certainly be called an art. Children are playful, dynamic, full of joy yet troublesome when it comes to clicking their pictures. To a kid, a camera might either be an extraterrestrial being or an object of curiosity. Either way, you will face problems while clicking their pictures.
So, how to go about this task? Well, it should certainly be the most frivolous work in your entire photography career.

Here are a few tips:

Tip 1 – Be a child. Remember those days of carefree walks and solitary thoughts of being too small in the world of giants.

Tip 2 – Before you click the picture make sure you know a little about the child. Every child is blessed with a personality. Some may be quiet; some may be adventurous and so on. Then try to create similar environments where the child feels the most comfortable. It can either be a garden or his small rocking chair.

Tip 3 – Be friendly with the child. Not all children are welcoming, some may take their time. Have patience. Try to blend in the surroundings of the child and do not bother him by any means. A person with a huge DSLR in his hands might look scary to a young child. Relax and let him play. Once he gets lost in his world of pebbles and toys, take numerous pictures. You cannot click one picture when the subject is not steady or if he does not really wish to be photographed.

Tip 4 – Take pictures of various emotions. The child may make a face when he doesn’t get to catch the butterfly or his face may instantly become radiant with joy if he successfully completes a puzzle. Make it look as natural as possible.

Tip 5 – Children are hardly at rest. They keep moving and may change the whole meaning, expression, and environment of the picture before you get to click. Take multiple shots. This may help a lot.

Clicking Kids Portraits

Tip 6 – Never ever make the child sit in front of the camera and ask him to smile. This produces some of the worst kid portraits. The smile would either be forced or the child may start crying and feeling uncomfortable.

Tip 7 – If possible, do not use a tripod. A handheld camera gives you more freedom and movement for clicking a child portrait. Also, try a high ISO film so that you don’t miss any action.

Tip 8 – Some children actually like being photographed. So you may be lucky enough to provide them a few props like a hat or a ball and picture them with ease. They may even strike a pose and want to be clicked. Even at this time, place the child’s preference first.

Kids Portrait Photography

Tip 9 – Shoot at the eye level. This makes the child prominent and the various expressions of the child’s face look better this way. A high or low angle shot will only create a lot of drama that is intently avoided in child portraits. A kid’s face is generally enough to create magic.

Tip 10 – Engage the child in some activity. This gives better results than simply the child looking at the camera. Tell him something, make some noise, and distract him. In fact, anything that evokes a child’s curiosity or emotions is welcome. It will make your picture look fantastic.

A child portrait is certainly the most cherishable picture for parents and a beautiful memory for the child. Use these tricks and make them look as good as possible.

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