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Sony Alpha SLT-A37 DSLR Camera Review

About the product

The Sony Alpha SLT-A37 is a versatile and beautiful camera that comes with a sleek design. It performs well in all kinds of shooting conditions and presents punchy and vivid colors in the pictures. The detailing of the camera images is really appreciable and so is the sharpness of the pictures. Every object in your frame would stand out clearly in the picture and there would be a lesser picture blur. The 16.1 Megapixel camera comes with Exmore APS sensors from Sony. The autofocus of the camera is also great which is ably supported by the translucent mirror technology.

Sony Alpha SLT-A37 Camera Review

The camera can capture full HD 1080 videos as well. The entry-level camera comes with phase-detection features that are supported by fixed mirrors. As a result, you get a satisfactory image quality without having to go to the ‘manual’ with the image. It is one of the fastest camera models in its class and provides a decent, if not commendable, update to the A35. It comes with a mind-blowing ISO 16000 sensitivity, because of which it becomes really easy to capture pictures in the lowliest lit conditions. For beginners, the SteadyShot INSIDE image stabilization technology would also be useful. The BIONZ image processor gives sharper pictures that are captured with the 15 point autofocus system and 3 cross sensors in the camera.

An additional feature is the beautiful and bright movable 2.7 inch LCD screen. You can order the camera from Amazon where it is available with an 18-55mm lens kit for $497.95. This is a decent 17% saving over the original price of $599.99. At this price point, you would not be able to get a good entry-level camera for sure, except the A37. The camera is eligible for Free Shipping but only in the US. You can also get 2-day free shipping with Amazon Prime.

Product features and specifications

  • 16.1 megapixel camera with CMOS Exmore APS HD sensor from Sony
  • Accelerated autofocus performance with Translucent Mirror Technology
  • ISO 16000 sensitivity for extreme low light image capture
  • Comes with the SteadyShot INSIDE technology for better image stabilization and lesser blur
  • 7 fps high-speed tele-zoom on continuous AF, clear image zoom
  • Accurate and quick Phase Detection on Autofocus mode
  • 2.7 inch bright and movable LCD screen
  • 15 point autofocus system along with 3 cross sensors for sharper images
  • Captures full AVCHD or 1080 HD videos
  • Comes with the BIONZ image processor for low noise and high-speed image processing experience
  • Comes with Dynamic Range Optimizer
  • Sync compatibility with BRAVIA for HDMI output
  • Long battery life, lasts up to 500 shots

Positive Reviews

The A27 has earned a 4.5/5 rating on Amazon. We will start with the design. The camera is small, lightweight, and compact. It comes with an improved grip that has a dedicated groove for your fingers. As a result, shooting in the handheld mode becomes less of a hassle. The users have appreciated the fact that the camera is supplied with a decent 18-55mm lens kit that would help them in shooting in a wide range of conditions with ease. The 16.1 MP resolution works the best with the third generation BIONZ processor. The image quality, therefore, is decent enough for an entry-level camera. As Sony has been an amateur-friendly brand, it delivers well in this camera as well.

The ISO sensitivity has been one of the major reasons why the camera has earned a high rating. With 16000 ISO sensitivity, you can shoot in any low lit environment with ease and the BIONZ processor takes care of the output with ease. Along with this, a 100% viewfinder coverage is what the people like the most. Though it is not a very pronounced feature of the camera, it has become the reason why the A37 has been able to get high ratings from the customers. The camera is really fast to capture images which would make it easier for you to shoot. Users report a 0.2 second focus and shoot time in a good light while 0.3 seconds focus and shoot time in low light conditions.

Negative Reviews

You must not expect stellar image quality like a high-end camera from the A37. The images are good, but not as sharp as you would expect them to be. However, for an entry-level camera, the quality is good enough and there is no point in comparing an entry-level DSLR with the high-end professional-grade cameras. The camera is fast for non-burst photography. It can handle up to 14 fps, but it has been known to slow down after 10 fps. If the burst is too long, the average can come down to 4 fps. Therefore, you need to keep the length of the burst as short as possible to maintain the speed of the camera. The electronic viewfinder might pose a problem for some users. Though, it is definitely a very subjective matter and would differ from user to user.


The Sony Alpha A37 can be called a magnificent entry-level camera for the users. The camera is very beginner-friendly and it would be helping you in learning more about DSLR photography. In principle, it is not true to form DSLR as it comes with an electronic viewfinder. This one features makes it an even better crossover. If you are making a shift from the usual point and shoot digital cameras and are not yet comfortable with the optical viewfinder, then this camera would work really well for you.

A good rating and great customer reviews make this camera an essential for anyone who wishes to capture better pictures. As you learn more, you would be able to find customizable options that would make your pictures perfect with manual settings. The body comes with a beautiful and rounded 18-55mm lens which is practically enough to shoot in a wider range of conditions. If you haven’t thought about buying this camera already, now is the time when you must do so.

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