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Most Popular Portrait photography Posts of April 2014

Every beginning of the month, we post previous month popular portrait photography posts, so here we are back with the most popular posts of April 2014. This time also we are as usual clearing up the dust and bringing you the most popular posts that have been the main limelight of the social world.

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Inspirational Portrait Series


Every photographer from a newbie to a veteran seek for inspiration, 500px has been a hub for many professional photographers and so Dani Diamond of Fstoppers cleverly put together top 48 photographers to follow on 500px and if you feel that was not enough then make sure to follow these 101 photo industry professionals follow twitter, moving forward if you are serious about your photography business then you might wanna have a proper website Nancy young of photodoto curated some really beautiful fashion photography portfolios.

These days when DSLR cameras are getting more and more advance whilst their prices are rising to the sky-high but that doesn’t seem to bother Oleg Oprisco who takes extraordinary surreal photos with a $50 old film camera, speaking of surreal we often see photographers using a smoke bomb hence we found some really cool images on smoke bomb photography so do check it.

Interesting photography projects


Photographer An-Sofie Kesteleyn for her series My First Rifle visited America and approaches stranger to ask them to photograph their children holding guns, she got this idea after hearing a news story about a boy from Kentucky who killed his 2-year-old sister with his practice rifle.

Photographer Annalisa Hartlaub in her project “Counter // Culture,” 16-year-old captures all the mainstream and countercultural movements that have defined the last 10 decades. According to PolicyMic for this project she herself poses like a model, taking clothes she already owned and employing filters that would have matched the technology of each era.

Jennifer Still of hellogiggles featured this photo project by Duke University’s LGBT group called “You Don’t Say” to raise awareness among students of the abusive language they are using and becoming the norm in their age group. Duke photographed students holding signs with words they find offensive which can be problematic to those who are unaware of it.

Feeling overwhelmed by reading so many projects and thinking of starting your own then you might consider reading this article on How To Start a Photography Project You’ll Love by photodoto.

Interviews that you might have missed


Last month we added Katerina Plotnikova to our inspiration list this month again we are featuring her interview with Klassy Goldberg on 500px to those who want to learn more about her, including behind the scene. Moving away from the surreal world read this amazing interview with Jim mortram by DPS there’s always something interesting to learn from these interviews.

If you ready to spend some $$ then you would love this interview section of jointhebreed with Australian fashion photographer Christian Blanchard. Lastly, you should follow this interview by Andrew Kavanagh with Serge Ramelli who is Photographer & Photoshop Instructor visit YouTube channel at

Interesting Articles on Portrait Photography


Last month there were some really useful articles like this one from themoderntog on Cost To Start a Photography Business, thinking about cost then these two articles from Scottkelby and slrlounge gelled up quite well. Back to portrait photography post by lightstalking on How to Use Continuous Lighting for Basic Portraiture worth reading along with the use of macro lens in candid portrait photography by digitalcameraworld.

Bonus post: 19 Beauty Tips That’ll Transform Your Routine by womenshealthmag and 37 Impossibly Fun Best Friend Photography Ideas by buzzfeed

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