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How to be Good at Candid Photography

Photography means to show a person’s emotions and actions clearly with the help of images. It is a very interesting field and has various variants. There are many types of photography such as Candid Photography, Portrait Photography, etc. There are different techniques that are employed in various kinds of photography to capture the images in a specific way. Creativity is the main thing required to excel in this particular field. There are many people who are interested in this field of work and take it very seriously. It is a very interesting and creative profession.

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Candid photography is a type of photography that is used widely these days all around the world. This kind of photography is quite different from Portrait photography. In portrait photography, the people are posed in a particular manner so that they can be photographed. Portrait Photography does not showcase a person’s true emotions and feelings. On the other hand, Candid Photography is different and unique from the rest of the others. It is gaining a lot of popularity these days.

Candid Photography means taking pictures of people without making them pose in a specific manner. This type of photography reflects the true emotions and feelings of the people. It is used to capture images of people while they are busy in their own work. There are many examples of candid photography like people traveling to places, friends laughing and enjoying each other’s company, etc. The clear distinctive feature of this photography is to depict the natural emotions of the people.

The people being photographed are sometimes not aware of the fact that their pictures are being taken. It is an informal method of taking photographs of the people around. It is increasingly becoming popular day by day. The photographs of candid photography are quite stunning and great to look at. You can capture some key moments of your life brilliantly using candid photography.

There are some important points that you must surely remember for taking good candid photographs.

Master Your Camera Beforehand

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The first essential thing that you must remember for taking good candid photographs is to use your camera effectively. You must be prepared with the camera most of the time. This will be very useful for you. If you notice some natural moments at a point of time, then you can take photos spontaneously then and there itself. This way you won’t miss any of the interesting moments. You would be able to use your camera effectively and capture photos portraying natural events and reactions.

Make Use of Zoom

Zoom is another useful feature that will help you to take quality candid portrait photographs. You must use this feature of the camera smartly. You must not be close to the subject of photography. Use the long zoom of your camera so that you can take the photographs of the people without making them know them that they are being photographed. If you will be close to the subject of the photograph, then that natural factor will be missing in your photographs. So, it is better that you stay at a distance from the subject. This will help you take fantastic photographs.

Avoid Flash As Much As You Can

Flash is also an important factor that helps in deciding the quality and look of your photographs. Users should make sure that they avoid using flash. This will help to keep and maintain the quality of photographs. If you use flash, then the other person comes to know that he or his activities are being captured. This will result in a loss of naturalness from the photograph. It is best that you avoid flash for taking candid portrait photographs. You have other options as well besides using the camera flash. You can increase the ISO setting for low light conditions, turn on the natural light mode of your camera or adjust other settings so that you can click some great and stunning photographs.

Make Use of Continuous Shoot Mode

Continuous shoots are usually preferred by experts for taking candid portrait photographs. You should not take just one shot. Instead, users should put the camera in continuous shoot mode. This will help you to take more than one picture at a time continuously. Continuous photographs mean that you will surely get a perfect shot among the photographs clicked. Therefore, you should always remember to take continuous photographs so that you can get an almost perfect candid portrait photograph.

Position Yourself Carefully

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Your positioning also matters in the case of candid portrait photography. It is a very important factor and must be kept in mind by the people for taking good candid photographs. You must position yourself and the camera in a good position so that you can capture some terrific shots without any interference. The position must be selected smartly so that you can get a clear view of the activity that you are about to capture. It will enable you to take some fabulous candid photographs with your camera.

Correct Timing Is What Matters The Most

Timing is a crucial and important factor that you must keep in mind for sure. Good Timing means that the photographs you have clicked are perfect and they reflect the emotions or feelings of the people clearly. It should not happen that your photographs contradict the activities that were being captured. This happens mainly due to poor timing. As a result, the photographs don’t really convey the feelings and emotions clearly. So, you must always remember that your timing is just perfect most of the time.

Choose Your Subject Wisely

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Photo by: Suloara Allokendek

The last thing that you must keep in mind is the subject of your photograph. The subject of the photograph must be interesting. You should click photographs that reflect some natural event or the interesting activity clearly. Avoid shooting photographs that are not interesting. Images that show some kind of an event happening are usually quite appealing and look great when captured. Therefore, you should remember that the subject of the photograph is creative and attractive. You should surely avoid capturing boring and uninteresting events.

Candid portrait photography rests heavily on the above-mentioned factors. They are extremely important for capturing natural emotions or activity which forms the basis of candid photography.

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