• Family Portrait Photography

    Tips for Stunning Family Portrait Photography

    Now is the Showtime. You have a bunch of guests, all nicely dressed up, good lights and good background. Everybody is looking good and they all carry an ear-to-ear smile. The family portrait is awaited. As a photographer, it may make you a little nervous. The family may be big or small or too many […]

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  • Capturing People Portraits from Different Angles

    Capturing People Portraits from Different Angles

    “How do I capture a meritorious people portrait?” This is one question that revolves in the brain of many budding photographers. Generally speaking, you only need a camera and a face to click a good portrait photograph. However, that only remains a ‘good’ portrait not a ‘great’ one. All that a good portrait has is […]

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  • Low light portrait photography

    Capturing Terrific Portraits Shots in Low light

    So all the while we have been talking about magic and drama in a photograph. Certainly, your 4 year old nephew can click pictures with your DSLR. But that doesn’t make him a photographer. He becomes a photographer when he gives some meaning to the picture. When the lights go dim, you definitely have another […]

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  • Kids Portrait Photography

    Tips for Clicking Delightful Kids Portrait

    Often the best job in the world is the most tedious work that offers you a hint of bliss now and then.  Wondering if I am talking about photography? Shooting kid portraits should certainly be called an art. Children are playful, dynamic, full of joy yet troublesome when it comes to clicking their pictures. To […]

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