• Master of Creative Portrait and Fashion photography Miss Aniela

    Master of Creative Portrait & Fashion photography Miss Aniela

    Natalie Dybisz A.K.A “Miss Aniela” is one of the finest names in creative portrait & fashion photography world, also crowned as The Lady Gaga of Flickr photography her mesmerizing surreal work is one-of-a-kind, which prompt surprises and inspirational ideas for many co-photographers. Her flawless composition and expertise in post production work has always been a […]

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  • Self-portrait-photography-by-Lídia-Vives-Featured

    Artistic Self Portrait Photography by Lídia Vives

    I’m Lídia from Lleida (Catalonia) living in Barcelona. Currently studying Fine Arts, I learned photography by myself watching Photoshop tutorials on YouTube. I totally prefer portrait, especially selfies: When you work with someone you have to do understand your idea and still never see as you see…It’s that subjective point that can not be compromised. […]

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