• Self-portrait-photography-by-Lídia-Vives-Featured

    Artistic Self Portrait Photography by Lídia Vives

    I’m Lídia from Lleida (Catalonia) living in Barcelona. Currently studying Fine Arts, I learned photography by myself watching Photoshop tutorials on YouTube. I totally prefer portrait, especially selfies: When you work with someone you have to do understand your idea and still never see as you see…It’s that subjective point that can not be compromised. […]

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  • 12 Tips for Taking Better Self Portraits

    12 Tips for Taking Better Self Portraits

    It has become so important to be active on the social media these days. You need to share about your life, your thoughts and so much more. One of the most important aspects of these social media sites is their visual appeal. People love to share their photographs with others. From here, started the trend […]

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  • 35 Amazing Self Portrait Ideas for Guys

    35 Amazing Self Portrait Ideas for Guys

    In this post we featured 35  most amazing self portrait work of some of the very talented photographers, which can really inspire selfies that includes both introvert & extrovert to CLICK some very awesome portrait of ’em. So take action and start experimenting with your imagination as you are the inspiration of yourself. Also See: 12 […]

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