Most Popular Portrait photography Posts of June 2014

Most Popular Portrait photography Posts of June 2014

At Every beginning of the month we post previous month popular portrait photography posts, so here we back with the most popular posts of June 2014. This time also we are as usual clearing up the dust and bringing you the most popular posts that has been the main limelight of the social world.

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Inspirational Portrait Series

Helene Barbe did a great self-portrait series and talk about how it separates itself from the usual selfies, next is the powerful display of documentary images of slavery taken by photographer Lisa Kristine by Ted followed by another post on child labor on America by Flickr to give tribute to Lewis Hine. Moving away from this subject we have best father photo series by Dave Engledow to dedicate fathers day, followed by this lovely photo-series by Buzzfeed on photographing twins.

Lastly don’t miss this amazing portrait series by Dpreview on David Friedman’s ‘Inventor’ Series.

Inspirational Portrait Projects

Alyson Wyers from Trendhuter featured this amazing project called THE SINGH PROJECT Founded by London-based photographers Amit and Naroop, the crowdfunded concept will show how the beard is more than a hipster style statement, but in some cultures a sign of spiritual deference and discipline. Another project that you need to watch out would be These Two Sisters Photo Project by Crystal Hardin which is a 52 week project on her daughters.

Lastly the Heather Bartholomew, founder of 365 Grateful blog was featured on ivoh blog where they provide little description about the inception of her new blog called which highlights what happens when people unleash the power of gratitude.

Interviews that you might have missed

Diyphotography did a great interview with portrait photographer Ilko allexandroff my favorite question was about her key strength in building her business in a foreign country. Next best interview of last month is interviewed by slrlounge with Sue Bryce who is a great teacher on glamor portraiture so there is interesting things to learn from it.

Interesting Articles on Portrait Photography

500px ISO contributor Dave Brosha did an amazing tutorial on shooting soft and dreamy portraits under the aurora or Northern Lights which we don’t often see. Another great article to read is the use of Gobo in portrait photography by DPS for blocking of unwanted natural lighting to create a natural three-dimensional quality to the lighting of people outside and if you are a bigger and wondering which photography career to start with then you must read this article by photography blogger about 8 interesting career in photography.

If you too often or just thinking of using the American flag in your portrait photography then you must read this post by thelawtog. Finally an awesome article to read by popular photography on tips to save your body from your bag, your gear and yourself.

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