• 5-Cool-Smartphone-Camera-Accessories-Featured

    5 Cool Smartphone Camera Accessories To have fun with

    While we were going through various photography forums we found one trending topic that Will smartphone replace point and shoot camera? In this era of Selfies where the smartphone camera has become a very essential part, also since the inceptions of various smartphone photography competition it is a wise decision to try something innovative with […]

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  • Current Trends in Portrait Photography

    Current Trends In Portrait Photography World

    Portrait photography is one of the most creatively demanding and challenging jobs in the world. Bringing out the best in your subject by taking a different route and photo ensemble each time and carving a different mood for every client is what makes portraiture unique in its own rights. However, just like other things in […]

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  • The-goodbad-and-ugly-selfies-featured

    The Good, the Bad And the Ugly Things About Selfies

    Selfies are a rage. Just like memes, trolls and cats, the internet has made selfies quite popular. These days, the girls next door and your favorite celebrities, all are posing right in front of their cameras and taking candid pictures of themselves. These pictures are then posted on social networking sites and they are becoming […]

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  • 5 Photography Contests You Must Apply ASAP

    5 Photography Contests You Must Apply ASAP

    As a photographer, your need to get a competitive edge over your peers. This can only be possible when you enter contests and find where you stand. These contests don’t only help you in getting the best out of your own creativity and talent but also learn from the skills of other photographers. This year […]

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  • History Of Photography

    History of Photography Timeline

    Since the cave-man period, man wanted to record himself and his surroundings. This is evident if you look at the early cave paintings. In his desire to capture images, his journey of experiments began. They say that necessity is the mother of invention; well they couldn’t have been surer. The idea of a pin-hole camera […]

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